This was written for the stargateland challenge Any Where but Here. It was one of the first challenges but I must have forgot to share.

I do not own Stargate Atlantis.

They were thankful, a downed DHD and they just happened to have Radek on their team for the off-world mission. Except Cadman was entertaining them with her version of "rather be any where" stories and there were only so many ways that she could "blow the shit" out of something. And he had his own "rather be."

"C'mon, ya baby. It's not gonna hurt." Mike egged him. They had limited shore leave overlapping and no one could blame them that most of it had been spent right where they were. Lazing in bed, windows open facing the sea. The cool breeze blowing off the water kept the thin sheet wrapped around them, but Mike's weight across Jason's body kept him warm enough.

Jason rolled his eyes. "I'm not nineteen any more, so that isn't going to work." He smirked at his partner, but Mike's own look of determination did not falter.

"I let you do me." Jason's eyes traveled down Mike's chest to where the freshly inked (home-inked at that) tattoo stood out on his left pecs. They had been drunk the night before when Mike had stumbled across India Ink and convinced Jason to put his initials there. The "JS" stood out and Jason did feel a surge of desire seeing them there.

"We were drunk and you know it's a bad idea. And anyways you don't even know how old that ink is. I could get some sort of–"

"This is my Mother's," Mike said indignantly, "she does this all the time."

"Good for your mom. She grew up in the sixties." Jason grinned, he loved Mike's mom but it wasn't going to convince him.

Mike leaned down and kissed his neck. "Please? This way when I have to go back to my separate corner of the Earth in two days we'll have a way to remember each other."

Jason groaned, "Damn you, Mike." He looked at his initials again. "Fine, but if you mess up your ass is mine for the rest of leave." It was worth the ridiculously happy face Mike gave him.

Thirty long minutes later after Mike had painfully taken his time to ink the two letters perfectly he sat back and admired his work. "Perfect." Jason ran a finger along the side, feeling the tender flesh.

"Not bad," he teased. "What are you going to tell people if they ask?"

Mike grinned, "I'll tell them it's for my girl waiting at home. Jane Smith." They laughed. "What about you?"

Jason smirked, "I'll tell everyone it's for Markham's Mom." Before Mike could react Jason flipped them over and penned him to the bed–

"Stack?" Cadman's voice broke into his memories. Stackhouse snapped his eyes up from where he'd been staring a hole into the ground. "What about you, got any tales to entertain us for a while?"

He looked around at his team. "Um, no. Not really." Jason went back to staring at the ground, his hand absently rubbing over his left pecs, right over his heart.