Chapter 1: Back to Camp

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Percy's POV

We were flowing with time.

This time however, I knew we wouldn't take too long to reach our destination. I am only two years away from my rightful place in time, instead of three thousand. We had our eyes shut because the golden light was too bright but we knew we were close to one another because Rachel insisted in holding my hand.

Suddenly, the lights disappeared and we hit the floor.

Rachel and I groaned and move to stand up. And what we saw… surprised me.

We were in the big house in Camp Half-Blood, and all the cabin leader were staring at us. Chiron was there too along with three demigods that weren't supposed to be there: Thalia, Bianca and Nico. Annabeth was close to the stairs that lead to the attic with her eyes widen.

And I was there too wide eyed.

"Oh great," I said with sarcasm.

Then I snapped my fingers and after the usual blue wave, the Percy from this time was lifted in the air and head toward me.

"Not again!" He yelled as I fused with the younger version of myself again.

I sighed.

"Hello everybody," I said with a smile. "It seems my time calculations were wrong," I added.

"You are the Percy from the future," The Stoll brothers said in awe.

I nodded.

The other cabin leader that still hadn't seen the future me, were also very surprised.

"Percy," Chiron said nervously. "Shouldn't you make a spell to go to the future as soon as possible before you mess even more with the timeline?" He asked.

"I am afraid it doesn't work that way," I said. "I need to recharge for at least a week before launching this spell again, I explained.

Then I paused and looked at around more closely.

"Let me guess in what time I am," I said, "The cabin leaders are here, Annabeth is in the stairs, and my younger self looked almost fifteen years old," I pointed out. "We are here to discuss what to do with the quest of the Daedalus labyrinth, right?" I asked.

Everyone nodded slowly.

I looked around again and saw Daedalus in the table under the alias of Quintus. I frowned. I was sure that if I reveal his identity, he won't help us. So I should keep my mouth shut about it for the time being.

"Okay, then I supposed I will have to repeat the quest since I absorbed the Percy from this time," I guessed. "But first, let's see if I mess around with time so much that the prophecy for Annabeth was changed," I said and looked at everyone in front of me.

"Its lines were: You shall delve the darkness of the endless maze," I started.

They nodded.

"The dead, the traitor, and the lost one raise," I continued.

More nods.

"You should rise or fall by the ghost king's hand, the child of Athena's final stand," I added.

Mores slow nods.

"Destroy with a hero's final breath and… I think that's it," I said when I looked at Annabeth's mortified expression.

"Percy, what is the last line?" Chiron asked impatient.

"Look, if Annabeth would have wanted to tell you she would have done it by now," I stated. "The last line... very personal for her," I assured.

Annabeth looked at me grateful.

Chiron sighed.

"Well, if you know the outcomes of the quest it will be better if you go," He realized.

"Yeah and right now I want to make some demands for the quest," I declared.

The centaur raised an eyebrow.

"What demands?" He asked.

"Demands that could tip the scale of the war in our favor," I claimed. "First of all I want Rachel to come along in the quest because the labyrinth won't fool her since she can see through the mist," I said. "As a matter of fact, that is what we did the first time," I informed.

Annabeth looked sore but she didn't say anything.

"Anything else?" Chiron asked.

"Yes," I continued. "Aside from Grover, Tyson, Annabeth, Rachel, and me, I want Bianca, Thalia and Nico in the quest," I demanded.

There were a few gasps in the room.

"Percy," Chiron said slowly. "That will break the rules by 5 members and it could bring consequences," He said.

"Maybe but I am not wasting this rare opportunity," I said.

"What opportunity?" Clarisse asked.

"The fact that during the quest we will have a lot of time in which we won't fight or do relevant things," I said. "So, I will help you three in that free time."

"Help us with what?" Bianca asked.

I grinned.

"I will train you three in my branch of magic."

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