Final Author Note

As the title suggests, this will be for all intents and purposes, my last Author Note/chapter for Time Chronicles Part 3. Here comes the reason:

Truth be told, this is something I had known was coming for a long while now, I just didn't know what to do about it until recently. You see, while it sounded fun at first, I regret now the decision to include the Romans and Giants in my story. Part 3 was meant to be shorter but I added new elements I didn't quite understood yet simply because the Heroes of Olympus Series isn't done. Then I just kept adding fillers and new elements because I went off my area of expertice (the first series) along with my AU and original plans. But seriously, Part 3 was meant to be way different.

So, a few days ago I recovered my inspiration in a flash. However, it wasn't aimed towards Part 3. I was struck by many plans to fix my plot situations I can't seem to find solution for. In what way? The form a reboot, for lack of better word, that is still related to the Time Chronicles. It's the same story I already informed about in the previous author note/chapter. However, the name it has right now, Time Chronicles Mini-series: The Return of the Ancient One might be changed if only to delete the Mini-series part.

I know that the reboot idea can be considered by most definitions as a complete start-over of a fictional work but I assure you not all elements of Part 3 are being dropped like if they didn't matter because they do matter. I may get rid of most elements from the Heroes of Olympus Series but the new story could still be considered a sequel to Part 3 and after reading up to chapter 3 you will find out why. And technically, the events of my new story still start after Time Chronicles Part 3's last official chapter.

I know all this sounds kind of abrupt but this new plotline didn't just made me find missing muse. Much more importantly, I think it gave me a chance to rebuild. Even if I were to finish Part 3 some day I keep growing more unhappy with the results by the chapter. I am aware I have plot twists that need answer so I have been thinking situations to interconect them these last few days and I have definitely cleared most of my problems. Now, some things would need go especially stuff from The Heroes of Olympus series. But that's the beauty of it, I think i have found a way to make a decent reboot/sequel for Part 3 while at the same time keeping it connected for the things I still have use for.

So, as of right now, Time Chronicles Part 3 is officially over and the storyline continues in the new one you can find in my profile. I want to thank you all for your support for the last 3 years. You guys are great. And to every Percy/Zoë that is reading this, I got good news: Had I decided to continue figuring out how to advance into writing Part 3, it probably would have taken at least until next year to get to the part for Zoë to return the way I originally planned. But now that I thought of many solutions to those kind of problems, I think you will be happy with what I got so far on my reboot/sequel. Stay tuned guys and I really hope to read your reviews soon enough.