Basic Summary: As the Sinnoh Dex Holders meet their senior and learn to work together and strengthen intergenerational friendship, a new evil team plans to take over the world while another plans to destroy it.

Basic Explanation: This is a story based on Pokémon Special, the manga. It is set 1 year after Platinum arc. The time between some of the arcs have been compressed to keep the overall age gap minimal (Red to Platinum, for example)

The main pairings that occur eventually are as follows: Green & Blue, Gold & Crystal, Ruby & Sapphire, and Diamond & Platinum.

There will be some attempts at humor here and there… do laugh. There will also be some… 'references' to other video games and movies and etc. See if you can find them all (for fun).

Dex Holder ages, at end of year, Crystal as basis:
Red, Green, Blue: +4
Yellow, Gold, Silver: +1
Ruby, Sapphire: -1
Emerald: -2
Diamond, Pearl, Platinum: -3


Chapter 1: The Package

New Bark Town, Johto…

Gold took a deep breath and stared at the pool table in front of him. He needed full focus, as his next shot would determine whether he broke his personal record or not. He calculated his options after moving around the table to examine different angles. Having found the perfect angle, he took aim and holding his breath, he prepared to take the shot…

Suddenly, he heard something smash with a loud thud, causing him to jump in surprise, accidently hitting the cue ball in the process. Gold watched in horror as his shot completely missed and fell pointlessly into the hole in the corner. Clenching his teeth, he adjusted his cap, gripped the billiard cue tight and jumped through the open windows to see what that smashing sound was about.

Outside, he saw his fence smashed, and someone was lying among the mess with a giant box on top of him. Upon closer inspection, he realized that the person was the youngster Joey.

"Hey, what are you doing?!" Gold yelled, running over to him.

"Oh, hi Gold…" the youngster said as he moved the box off of him. He quickly got up and after a brief scan around him, gave Gold an apologetic look. "I'm sorry about the fence; it was an accident."

Gold stuck his billiard cue in the ground, grabbed Joey by the collar of his shirt and began to shake him furiously. "Why you! Do you realize what you've done?!"

"I'm sorry for the fence! It… it was a nice fence!" 'And probably expensive too…'

"I was about to beat my own record, damn it!" Gold yelled. "I had the shot lined perfectly, but you made me blow it!"

"Huh? … Oh, in pool? Uh… I'm sorry?"

Joey watched in horror as Gold pulled his cue out from the ground with a deadly glare. That cue was indestructible, and if it was to be used as a weapon…

"H – Honestly, it was an accident! I was just helping someone move in, and the box was just a little too heavy for me! It made me lose balance… blame the owner of the box, not me!"

Gold's deadly glare disappeared, although he kept his grip on Joey's collar. "You're right; it's not your fault that you're frail. So where is he? He's going to have to pay for that perfect shot!"

At that time, Gold's Pokégear started to ring. Upon checking, he recognized the caller's number as Crystal's.

"Hey, Super Serious Gal! What's up?" As he listened, his expression and tone changed to 'complaining' (which he knew Crystal didn't like). "Oh, come on, Super Serious Gal! All the way to Olivine? … … Whoa, whoa, okay! Take it easy! Fine, I'll be there when I get there. … … Alright, alright! If it's such an emergency!" Gold hung up and shook his head. He turned to glare at Joey. "You're paying for that perfect shot when I return! … And the fence, too."

Once Gold left on his Mantine, Joey checked the damage of the fence. "What kind of fence smashes this easily?" he grumbled.

Upon closer inspection, he realized that the fence had already been broken and was barely standing in place before he crashed into it. He sighed and shook his head. It wasn't his fault that the fence smashed, but Gold probably wouldn't believe him…

Meanwhile, Berlitz Mansion, Sandgem Town, Sinnoh…

Sebastian, carrying a plate full of refreshments, approached the door of the room where the Lady and her father were. Before he could even open the door, he heard something shocking inside.

"WHAT?!" he yelled as he barged into the room.

Lady Platinum Berlitz and Sir Berlitz both looked up at the old butler, confused for a brief moment. The heiress took another sip of tea and placed the cup on the table.

"I said, grandpa, that I shall be leaving on a journey to Kanto in a few minutes," she said calmly.

"All by yourself, my Lady? Without Sir Diamond or Sir Pearl?" asked the butler.

"Yes. They are probably busy and I do not wish to be a bother to them again." Platinum sighed. "I… have already tried to contact them, but they were not home."

"You're leaving on another perilous journey…" the butler muttered sadly. "Why, may I ask?"

The heiress smiled at the old butler's reaction. "Professor Rowan has granted me the task of collecting data of Pokémon in other regions to assist in his ongoing research. The professor suggested that I start with Kanto, and I shall." She looked at her Pokétch and realized that it was time for her to go. She grabbed her bag and got ready to leave.

"Well, have fun and be careful," said Sir Berlitz as he watched his daughter prepare to leave.

Platinum bowed to her father good-bye and headed outside. The old butler frantically tried to stall her for a while longer, but to no avail. After taking a deep breath of fresh air, the heiress stepped outside her mansion's boundaries. Since she was no longer in a cold environment, she had removed her winter attire.

After sending out her Rapidash, she gently jumped on and headed towards Canalave City, where she would take the ferry to Vermillion City. Although she was glad to get out of the mansion and travel again, she couldn't help but feel a little lonely, as she would be completely alone this time…

However, there was one thing she did look forward to. She had suspected that there was some hidden motive behind Professor Rowan's suggestion for her to collect data on Pokémon in other regions. She recalled hearing about someone else successfully gathering data on almost every Pokémon in the other regions, so it was rather pointless for her to do it again. So she figured that the real reason behind the professor's suggestion was hidden, and she hoped that upon arriving at Kanto, she would find out what.

Also, she recalled the Canalave Gym Leader Byron saying something about someone gathering all 8 Gym Badges within 80 days, and Platinum hoped that she would meet him while traveling through Kanto. Although Byron didn't specify what region (or anything about the person), the heiress knew that she would eventually gain information and be able to meet the person.

Upon arriving at the Canalave harbor next day (spent a night in Jubilife hotel), she purchased her ticket and searched for the ship that would take her to Vermillion City.

"SS Anne…" she muttered, looking at her ticket.

Before long, she found the ship she was looking for. It was a luxurious ship, and eager to explore it, she quickly boarded. Upon finding her cabin and ensuring that it was in good condition, she began to explore the ship.

Two days later…

The ship arrived in Vermillion City harbor and the heiress eagerly got off the ship and took a long look around. The environment of Kanto was certainly different than Sinnoh. The first thing she noticed was that the sun was a little too bright.

"Whew… it is much hotter here than Sinnoh." She loosened her scarf a little, and wondered whether she should have brought a parasol or something. She was going to send out her Rapidash, but decided to wait until she knew where she was going. From her bag, she pulled out a map book of Kanto that was provided to her by Professor Rowan to aid her in her travels. "There is a research center in Pallet Town. I should go there first…" she muttered. "According to this map, the shortest path would be to take the Diglett's Cave… I do wonder where this cave is…"

She flipped to the page with details on Vermillion City and examined the layout. Looking at the map carefully, she began to walk towards what she believed was east. She looked up to match the map with her surroundings just in time to see that she bumped into someone. Surprised, she quickly looked at the person she walked into. It was a girl several years older than her, and she seemed equally surprised.

"I – I am terribly sorry," the heiress said quickly.

The older girl simply looked at her. She seemed to examine her from head to toe, somewhat making her feel a little nervous. Upon meeting her gaze, the older girl smiled.

"It's okay," she said warmly.

"Um… Do you know where the Diglett's Cave is?" the heiress asked politely. "I seem to be lost…"

"The Diglett's Cave? Where do you plan to go? Viridian City?"

"Actually, I am going to Pallet Town. If there is another shortcut, I would highly appreciate it if you would tell me."

The older girl stared at her. "Pallet Town? Why? Are you going to meet Professor Oak?"

Platinum nodded. She didn't fully trust the older girl so she remained on guard.

"Are you Platinum Berlitz?"

"How do you know my name?" Platinum asked, steadily reaching for her Empoleon's Pokéball (should anything go wrong).

"Your father apparently didn't want to take any risks with you, so he urged Professor Rowan to urge Professor Oak to send me and… wherever he is… to find you and escort you safely to Pallet Town."

The heiress didn't lower her guard. "Prove it, please."

The older girl reached into her bag and began looking for something.

"Yo, Super Serious Gal, did you find the one we're looking for?" came someone's voice from behind.

The heiress turned around and saw an older boy on a skateboard and carrying what appeared to be a billiard cue. Platinum firmly grasped her Empoleon's Pokéball and prepared herself. The older girl sighed in exasperation.

"Yes, I found her. No thanks to you!" The older girl pulled out a Pokégear and called someone. "Hello? Professor Oak? The package is here. I found the girl you were waiting for." With a smile, she looked at Platinum and gave her the Pokégear. "He wants to talk to you."

"Hello?" the heiress said to the Pokégear's receiver.

"Ah, you must be Platinum Berlitz," came the professor's familiar voice. "Welcome to Kanto."

Platinum had listened to the professor's radio talk shows a few times, and with her father, listened to discussions between the Kanto professor and Professor Rowan. As a result, despite the fact that she had never seen him in person, the heiress recognized the professor's voice. She smiled and dropped her guard.

"Hello, Professor Oak. It is an honor to finally speak with you."

"It's nice to hear from you too. Now, if you're able, then why not come visit my lab? I'd like to meet you in person."

"Of course, professor. I shall head to Pallet Town at once."

"Good. The two that I've sent will accompany you. They are your seniors, Platinum. Johto Dex Holders."

"They are?" the heiress exclaimed in shock. She glanced at her seniors (who were arguing with each other) with newfound respect.

"Yes. Talk to them. Get to know them. I'm sure it'll be a great new experience for you."

"I understand professor. Thank you very much."

Platinum returned the Pokégear to the older girl and bowed. Her two seniors stared at her in confusion.

"What's she doing?" said the older boy with the skateboard.

"I have heard from Professor Oak that you two are my seniors," Platinum said politely. "It is an honor to finally meet you. I am awfully sorry that I doubted you."

"Right, you're a Dex Holder too," said the older boy. "I forgot about that."

Platinum smiled. "I need something to address you by. Name, codename, anything is fine, so may I please know them?"

The older boy grinned. "Well then, I'll introduce myself. My name is Gold, from New Bark Town," he said. He pointed at the girl beside him. "This Super Serious Gal is Crystal."

Crystal smacked Gold in the back of the head. "First Ruby and Sapphire, and now Platinum…"

"Whoa, easy there, Super Serious Gal. You're too violent!"

Crystal grumbled as she turned to face Platinum. "Anyways, my name is Crystal, or in short, Crys."

The heiress smiled. "Understood. My name is Platinum Berlitz. I am an assistant to the authority on Pokémon evolution research, Professor Rowan, along with my father, and also a trainer of the Sinnoh region. And it is an honor to meet you, seniors Gold and Crystal."

"Nice to meet you too," Gold replied. "Anyways, let's get going. Faster we get to Pallet Town the better. I have stuff to do back home, you know."

Meanwhile, Viridian City Gym…


"Oh come on! It'll be fun!"

"… No… Why are you even here? Shouldn't you be with your long-lost parents, at your house, not in my Gym?"

"Well, I felt bored, so I just thought that you and I could do something fun."

"Just because you're bored, it doesn't mean I am. If you didn't notice, I'm busy at the moment. Besides, if you're bored, you could either train like Red, or just sleep like Yellow. DON'T bother others. Furthermore, what exactly makes you think that I'd have fun by going with you?"

"At least I'll be having fun."

"And that's supposed to motivate me?"

"Well, think of it this way. The longer you resist, less time you'll have on… whatever you're doing."

"… You win… … Pesky girl…"

"Alright then! Red's birthday is tomorrow, so I say we go shopping! According to my sources, he'll finish training in Mt. Silver later today, so he should be back tomorrow."

"Don't tell me you're planning the birthday party…"

"You bet! Red wanted me to do it!"

One week earlier…

Blue carefully landed on the grass after jumping off of her Wigglytuff outside Red's house. It was 3 am, so everyone was asleep. With an evil grin, she used Ditto to unlock the front door. But the door wasn't fully unlocked yet. There was another locking mechanism that could only be opened from the inside.

"Hmm… he learned…" Blue muttered. She sent her Ditto inside the house through a small gap in the door so it could open the door from the inside. "But he still has much to learn."

Once the door was fully open, she crept inside, using the modified Silph Scope to see in the dark. She slowly crept to the living room and spotted a pile of invitation cards that were placed on the table; just what she was looking for. The cards were nothing special; a plain white card (or piece of paper, rather) with the guest's name on it, with a short message from Red, inviting the guest to his birthday party. The party had been Yellow's idea to begin with. Red just wanted to spend his birthday training. As a result, though he was inviting everyone, he really didn't have a reason to make the invitations fancy or whatever.

"Boys…" Blue muttered silently with a sigh, scanning through the boring invitation cards. Upon finding hers, she quickly removed it from the pile and hid it in her bag.

Now that she did what she came to do, she quietly left the house and shut the door. After using Ditto to lock the door from the inside so it appeared as if she never came, she used Wigglytuff to fly away.


Unaware of what happened earlier, Red came downstairs in his house after getting ready for the day. As Blue expected, he picked up the pile of invitation cards, and without double-checking them, headed for the door to mail the cards to the various recipients. But before he reached the door, someone rang the doorbell. He opened the door to find Blue outside, with a big smile.

"Hey, Blue… what's up?" Red asked.

"Well, I was just nearby and I was just wondering if you were doing anything…" Blue started with an innocent look. "… Hey, what are those?"

"These are just…" Red started when Blue snatched the pile of cards from him. "… Invitation cards…"

"Oh, for your birthday? Let me see…" Blue smiled and she began scanning through the pile. "Professor Oak, Green, Gold, Yellow, Brock, Misty… …" She frowned when she scanned through the entire pile but didn't find hers. She scanned through the pile again, but didn't find her name again. "Hey… you're… not inviting me?"

"Huh? I thought I did…" Red said. He took the pile from Blue and scanned through them himself. He was shocked to find out that Blue was NOT one of the recipients… "Uh…"

"You're… not going to invite me to your birthday?" Blue asked with a hurt expression. "After all these years… I thought we were friends…"

Before Red could reply, Blue turned away, unable to suppress the oncoming tears.

"I – I'm sorry, I must've lost the card or something… I made sure that I made one for you…"

"You're lying …"

"I'm sorry, but I really did invite you… I just don't know what happened…" Blue turned to face him with tears in her eyes. "I… err… … uh… … this is awkward… uh…" He rubbed the back of his neck, not knowing what to do.

"At least tell me what you planned for the birthday…"

"Nothing much, really… It's just dinner with lots of other people…"

"That's it? … And you didn't invite me to that? … … Would you mind if I planned your birthday party? Or do you not want me to do that either?"

"Well… uh… if it makes you feel better, then sure. You can plan the party."

"Thanks. That makes me feel much better. So… I'll see you in a few days, then…"

"Uh… yeah… See you then."

Blue turned away from Red and sent out her Wigglytuff. She waved a good-bye to Red and hopped on, flying back home to the Sevii Islands. Once Pallet Town was out of range, she burst into laughter. She almost couldn't do it, but in the end, she got exactly what she wanted… Even better, she got the perfect birthday gift for Red… But after the laughter, she sighed. She felt guilty for tricking one of her best friends again…

Meanwhile, Red mailed all of the invitation cards to various people all around and headed back home with a strange feeling. "Hmm… why do I get the feeling that I've been tricked?"

Green looked at Blue with his eyes narrowed. There was no way that Red would willingly let her plan a party… Red had been a victim to several of her tricks, so Green figured that he got fooled again. How odd. He thought she had stopped with the tricks. She hadn't tricked anyone in over a year…

"I wonder why I doubt you…" he said with a sigh.

Green rose to his feet and checked that he had Machamp's Pokéball. Machamp was mandatory if he went shopping with Blue and didn't want sore arms.

Meanwhile, unknown location…

A man stopped walking a hundred meters away from a certain tall building. He pulled out a piece of paper and checked the address and directions written on it. Satisfied that he was going the right direction, he checked around himself to make sure that wasn't being followed. Satisfied again, he walked towards the tall building.

However, unbeknownst to him, there was a person sitting on a Starmie, floating high above his head, watching his every move…

There. First chapter is done. How is it? Awesome? Great? Good? Meh? Bad? Crap? Sh*t? Since this is just the beginning, expect more. Please review your questions, comments, and suggestions. For those who have read/followed Special Events, expect some familiar events some time later.

By the way, youngster Joey is the very first non-rival trainer you fight in GSC, and in Pokémon Special, the assistant to Professor Elm. This is the same guy who Gold blamed for moving his satellite dish while listening to DJ Mary.

And yes, Starmies fly.

What Could Have Been (1 of 2):

Platinum slowly headed towards Canalave City on her Rapidash. She looked around the empty streets of Jubilife City, wondering where everyone was. She then looked at her bag and wondered about the package she was given. Professor Rowan had given her the package and said that it was very important, and that Professor Oak of Kanto was sending two people to make sure nothing happens to it.

Suddenly, her Rapidash was hit by a Sludge Bomb, knocking it down to the ground and poisoning it. Platinum quickly checked on her Pokémon, wondering what happened. She could see another Sludge Bomb aimed towards her and quickly sent her Empoleon to block the attack. The Empoleon was immune to Poison types and the heiress used the time to look at where the attackers were. To her surprise, the empty streets of Jubilife City were filled with rough looking people and their Pokémon, all looking at her.

Realizing that she couldn't possibly fight so many people, Platinum returned Rapidash to its Pokéball and began to run away. But before she got far, she tripped over something along with her Empoleon, and soon realized that it was Grass Knot. The heiress quickly returned her Empoleon to its Pokéball and tried to run again. Her knee hurt from the fall, but she kept running anyways.

She turned a corner and instantly felt someone's hand on her throat. Platinum realized that she ran into the boss of the attacking group, since this guy had a distinct looking white mask. The boss lifted the heiress by her throat and pushed her against a wall of a building. With the other hand, he took her bag.

Platinum tried to loosen the grip the boss had over her throat, but to no avail. Suddenly, a Pokéball flying at high speeds hit the wall right beside her head and bounced into the face of the boss, with enough power to shatter the plastic mask. From the Pokéball, a Typhlosion popped out and forcefully pushed the boss away from Platinum. The heiress took the time to quickly snatch her bag back and retreated behind the Typhlosion.

"Explotaro, Blast Burn!" came a voice from above…

(2 of 2)

Platinum flipped to the page with details on Vermillion City and examined the layout. Looking at the map carefully, she began to walk towards what she believed was east. She looked up to match the map with her surroundings just in time to see that she bumped into someone. Surprised, she quickly looked at the person she walked into. It was a girl several years older than her, and she seemed equally surprised. The older girl was wearing a white hat with a blue top and a red skirt.

"I – I am terribly sorry," the heiress said quickly.

The older girl simply looked at her, examining her from head to toe. The heiress felt a little nervous, and maybe she was imagining, but the older girl seemed to have an envious look on her face. Upon meeting her gaze, the older girl smiled.

"It's okay."

"Um… Do you know where the Diglett's Cave is?" the heiress asked politely. "I seem to be lost…"

"The Diglett's Cave? Where do you plan to go? Viridian City?"

"Actually, I am going to Pallet Town. If there is another shortcut, I would highly appreciate it if you would tell me."

The older girl stared at her. "Pallet Town? Okay, well…" She pointed to the right. "The Diglett's Cave is over there, but if you want to get to Pallet Town, maybe I can give you a lift."

She tossed a Pokéball into the air and a Wigglytuff came out from it. The Wigglytuff inflated itself and the older girl hopped on. Platinum stared at her, wondering whether she could trust her…