July 7, 2014 Update:

This "chapter" had been deleted and re-uploaded for one purpose only. Advertisement of SA2. It's live. But not by me, as I have said.

Since a lot of you follow (or HAVE followed) SA but not DE (where the first ad was dropped), I have "updated" SA just to send out the alert. Otherwise, only a tiny portion of you will know that the sequel exists. It is my obligation to drop ads. Now that you are here and are reading this:

Go to my Tumblr blog to find the links to SA2 and its creator. Now that SA2 is live, ALL other permissions regarding SA or SA2 are revoked so that its continuity is not screwed with.

And for the record, I approve SA2, and I have NO idea what'll happen in it as I don't want any spoilers (so don't ask, if that was your intention). I don't know whether the Primal Hoenn Legendaries will have the same background as the ones in ORAS (speaking of which: I f*cking called it! Primal Legendaries!), but it shall be interesting to find out.

Below is the original document of SA2 Preview. I believe all the events mentioned will occur in SA2, but that can be changed.

After much contemplation, I decided to… not make SA2. No decisions were changed. Ahahahahahaha…

Ahem. Anyways, I did, however, decide to post a preview of what SA2 would feature, should it suddenly exist. Very short, and of course, doesn't show all that's going to happen. That'd make it a summary. Quote based, in no particular order. Since this is merely a preview, it will not be counted as a chapter. So this is not SA #038: SA2 Preview. This is… well, nothing. And as such, this will have no impact whatsoever to the statistics section on my profile.

There has been a very important update on my profile page. Check under "Alternate Communications". Long story short, I now have a Tumblr account/blog. Yay.

SA2 Preview:

Green-recording: "Sorry, Crystal. In order to have all the fallen Dex Holders revived, I had to sacrifice myself. My death is timed to be on my birthday. Which is why I had to leave before then. Crystal, you are now the leader of the Dex Holders. Take care of yourself. Apologize to sis for me. I can't be at her wedding. And take good care of my grandfather and… Blue."

Silver: "Sis! … Sis!"
Blue: "… You talking to me?"
Silver: "Sis! I finally found you!"
Blue: "What are you talking about?"
Silver: "… So it's true…"
Blue: "Wait… … I… I saw you somewhere… before… … S… Sil… … No, that's crazy! Sorry, I must've mistaken you for someone else."

Blue: "What's going on?! I – I've never seen any of you before! But… But how do I know you?!"

Crystal: "… Primal Groudon? Do you mean Groudon has reverted back to the time when it created continents and feuded with Kyogre all those millennia ago? Wait… and Primal Kyogre and Primal Rayquaza? Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald! Can you do something about them?"
Ruby: "… We can't! Sapphire and I no longer have the Orbs' powers inside us!"

Ruby: "It's gone. Lilycove City is completely destroyed by Primal Groudon."
Sapphire: "Sootopolis is gone too. Primal Kyogre is way too strong."
Emerald: "Pacifidlog and Slateport have been obliterated by Primal Rayquaza. Sorry, Crystal. We tried, but they're far stronger than they were during the Arceus event."
Black: "Icirrus City is destroyed! Kyurem… it's back to its full strength! Before Reshiram and Zekrom split off from it! It destroyed the entire city with one Dragon Pulse…"
Crystal: "So we currently have the complete Kyurem wreaking havoc in Unova, a young Regigigas pulling cities out of the ground in Sinnoh, Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, and Primal Rayquaza destroying Hoenn, and a living resurrected swarm of Genesect in Johto…"

Red: "You're ready for this, Crys. Green trusted you."
Crystal: "But… after what happened last time…"
Red: "That wasn't your fault."

Blue: "Hey, you! … Hey!"
Red: "… Me?"
Blue: "Yes. Please. Tell me… … Who am I?! What happened to me?!"
Red: "Platinum? Bring that notepad of yours and give it to Blue."
Platinum: "Yes senior."
Red: "Blue, listen. You… used to be one of us. Everything you've done until the hellacious event a few months ago is written on the notepad. And since then… it's a long story."

Crystal: "Green! I'm so sorry… I should've gotten over Gold's death like you told me… like Red told me. Because of me… because I kept mourning… you… sacrificed yourself? Green, how could you leave us like this?"

Red: "Blue! You're back!"
Blue: "… Red, is it over? ShadowNet… the other enemy…"
Red: "Yes. It's over. We're currently in another mess, but ShadowNet and Storc are no more."
Blue: "… … If I've been revived… what about my parents?"
Red: "… Sorry, Blue."
Blue: "… And Green?"
Red: "…"
Blue: "Red?"
Red: "… He loved you, Blue. That's the important thing…"
Blue: "… Where is he? What happened?"

Mark my words. I will never make SA2.