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Bella awoke for the first morning in a while it felt like she had gotten a good night's sleep and was feeling like herself. Edward had left her in bed with him and she had gotten the rejuvenating sleep she had been missing in the loving arms of the man she married. This morning seemed different and Bella was hoping that maybe they could discuss last night. She wanted an ultimatum. Both of them were wrong, Edward was more extreme, but over reactions seemed to be a passed time of his. She also realized how much Edward liked it. This was his fetish and Bella began to think of a way to use that to her advantage. Not long after that thought Edward walked in.

"Morning Beautiful, I was thinking that perhaps you might like to go ashore to the main land and get breakfast on shore. I've got a bath started and a light sundress for you to wear, so it's time to get up. Ok?"

Bella nodded as she pushed herself up so she was sitting up and then moved towards him. Edward met her halfway leaning over to pick her up and leading her to the bathroom for her morning bath. Bella was a little damp but not wet, Edward figured more than likely it was from arousal. As soon as they got to the bathroom, Bella spoke.

"Edward, can we make an agreement? An ultimatum of sorts?" Bella asked nervously. Edward looked at her with obvious appraisal but began to think about the way things have been.

"Depends on what you're offering. I'm certain we can find a way to balance all everything out. I admit to being a bit harsh over this and perhaps took this a little too far so at breakfast we can discuss the details, but for now I think its best you relax and we get you ready. We've got 30 minutes to an hour ride to shore and I want my girl to get to eat at a decent time. I promise we'll discuss it though."

Bella relaxed at those words and enjoyed the hot bubble bath that for once was not filled with toys. Edward was giving her a little more relaxed time and a lot less baby time. The bath was much more sensual and intimate then the ones that she had been getting twice a day for a week or so. She knew the key to getting Edward to let this go was giving some to him. Apparently Edward had a daddy fetish that he never bothered to mention. No matter, Bella now had a piece of the puzzle now she needed to find out the rest of it, like Carlisle's role in this punishment. "Edward, what role did Carlisle play in this?" Bella asked gesturing to the well made up room next door.

"He really just explained the punishment to me, I told him of your temper tantrums and the misbehavior, then told him of a remedy I found. He told me that he didn't know that it solved anything because they've only started recently and that it may be cause of frustration rather than a need for attention but it could be possible since you never got to be a child that you may be wanting attention from me. He said that it was possible but very unlikely. When I got that call from Alice I decided it was worth a try. I warned Carlisle that I was going through with it and set everything up both here and at home. I knew you wouldn't lay down easy so it was better to be prepared." Edward said simply as he continued to wash Bella gently.

Bella nodded, seeing how all the pieces had fallen into place. Alice had bothered him enough to think about it, he connected some similarities and then decided to try it, reading that the best way to do it is be firm. He then used Carlisle to confirm the process and proceedings to him. Bella figured it out easily. Now it was time to plan a way out. She would agree to endure one full week of this if he insists on it but hopefully she could play his fetish off enough that it wouldn't be necessary as well as figure out how to get Alice back. She missed Rose and Emmett even Jasper so something needed to be done. She got dressed quickly ensuring that she made wise choices in her clothes for the day. She put on a midnight blue halter styled sun dress with matching stiletto heels in order to get the appearance needed. Edward smiled at her and took her arm. "Let's go Darling." He said gently kissing her cheek. While they made their journey back to the shore of the mainland, Carlisle was making his own journey to fixing the mess his son had gotten him in.

"Enough, Esme! Our son asked me the mechanics of the punishment and the statistical results involving behavior improvement. I told him that it wasn't guaranteed success and especially for someone like Bella. Please stop acting like this. Edward is going to have to realize this on his own. He feels like he should protect the way a father does a child and he will soon see that this will not work. Bella is a strong woman and must stay that way. I'm willing to wager she is giving him a run for his money right now that most people would never be able to fix. He is never going to let her have her independence if he isn't forced to accept the fact she will never turn into the quiet 'Yes, dear' wife you see in the old movies. This by no means had anything to do with making her suffer or teaching her a lesson, but it will teach Edward one." Carlisle said seriously feeling sorry for the woman that Edward was holding accountable. Especially after Alice, he had made Jasper act after her messing with her because this all her fault in a way. He hoped that after this they could one day have their friendship but Alice would have a hard time fixing this mistake after the pain everyone suffered. With her punishment now Esme had gone out and bough designer clothes for herself and Rose shopped right alongside her. Both ensuring she suffered. Yet that didn't stop Esme from making rude, unnecessary comments about my part in Edward's behavior. I finally heard from him yesterday only to find that Bella was standing strong and my brilliant son couldn't understand her anger had driven her to fight back. He said they were staying there for a month and his cell phone had been untraceable on purpose since he had come up with this. After finding this out Esme has become even less tolerable. I loved her but I will not continue to suffer her snarky remarks and little faces for explaining things to my child. "You didn't think it was enough with Edward." She snapped.

"I finally had it. Esme, do not make me prove to you that I am capable of being cold hearted because one more accusation and I will have to teach you the difference. You are an extremely beautiful woman and a very strong feminist but that does not change the fact that you are becoming unreasonable. You're seeing out of blinded goggles and I refuse to continue to take your abuse. Be angry with those who did not heed my warnings and did not use their gifts properly not the doctor in me explaining crucial aspects that could have gotten her injured or caused her to suffer from malnutrition. I told him he was going overboard but since he refused that, I forced him to see the flaws. I told him that the correct way was to completely treat her the way he's trying but that was extremely impractical and seriously harmful to her human self. I informed him the correct way to do this so she won't suffer any long term physical side effects. Now stop with this. I'm not proud of him nor do I agree with his cause. Now be angry with Alice and Edward, make them suffer for what they've done but do not continue to try to force me to make up for mistakes that I have not made."

Esme starred at him realizing that he was telling the truth and that she was taking it out on someone who would never intentionally do something to harm someone else. She hated him for his part in helping Edward understand but then again Edward could have read certain ways of doing this that could have harmed her such as using minor sedative and other drugs to help induce childish behavior manners. Carlisle was trying to insure that he couldn't harm her physically and Esme had refused to accept that in believing he had betrayed her and letting the hurt and anger fog up the glasses that would tell her the truth. Now she had to come to terms with the others' behavior and they're reasoning if that was possible.

Once they reached the sure line, Edward tied the boat up, got out and then helped Bella. Bella was unsteady in those shoes in something moved underneath her so she knew getting out on her own is asking for one of two things: one, she break her neck or two. She takes an unintended swim in the very deep aqua green water below. Neither sounded like a good choice so she decided she would wait. Edward seemed pleased with her choice and kissed her full lips lightly. Bella shivered with anticipation as they walked into the very crowded square to the dark café that was called Island Flavor. They were seated almost immediately and placed their orders so once the drinks were brought they could talk peacefully. Edward smiled at her simply astounded look on her face. She loved the little place.

"Bella, Darling. I believe there was something you wanted to discuss." He said lightly. Chuckling as he watched Bella whirl back around to face him before focusing on the matter at hand.

"Yes. Edward I want to adjust this punishment situation. I think something that has occurred to me is that there is something more to this then just punishing me for acting like a spoiled child. I admit to behaving in the manner and to its wrong doing but I also think that you just happen to have a fetish for playing daddy. I want to make a deal with you. I'm not proposing getting rid of my punishment all together, but instead incorporating it into everyday life with some major adjustments. I will not be a baby. However, I can play Daddy's little girl very well and am willing to be punished like the naughty little girl I tend to be at the end of every day for any indiscretions that occur. However, I get my freedom outside our home to behave normally until we are home and I will keep a running journal of my behavior and actions throughout the day.

"If I break any major rules after they are agreed upon then I am to receive one week of full baby behavior or more but the limit is 3 weeks. For obvious reasons of course, you have to realize that I am going to have a say in the rules because I am going to understand fully the rule and reasoning behind it. If it is only justified with the words 'because I said so' then it is not automatically implemented. I believe these are fair things to request and it allows us to return to a moderate version of normal life style. I am willing to listen to your arguments and comments on anything I have spoken of but once again please sure to at least have reasonable justification for such arguments as I have and can make for mine." Bella said simply being very serious as she implemented a confident air about her. She was going to fight for this despite the odds. Edward listened carefully to her proposal and found much of what she said quite reasonable. However there was some room for correction on a few issues.

"Most of that sounds very reasonable but there are some adjustments to be made. Perhaps you are right about the fetish comment; however, should you misbehave because you can and feel like this is a game then this conversation will not continue. I'm not playing games with you Isabella. However, the rules that must be followed can and will be discussed reasonably. I like the concept of you keeping a journal for your behavior and your daily doings. However, I would like it very much if you would keep a journal on your thoughts and feelings as well so perhaps I get a better perspective of why you have done what you did should the question of whether you should be punished arrive. Now punishments will change should we limit nursery time to major breaks then, grounding and spanking both will play a bigger part of your punishments and anything is at my discretion should I feel that its necessary to take away.

"Now I would like you to continue calling me Daddy or Papa or any other variation of the word while we're alone. When we get back to the island we will iron out the rules and then enjoy the rest of the week vacationing and return home to deal with the rest of the family. However, for now let's enjoy breakfast and see what the main land has to offer before we return home. Does that fair Darling?"

Bella nodded as they enjoyed the rest of their meal and then went wandering around the mainland for the better part of the day shopping and enjoying what the beautiful little city had to offer. After lunch they began their long journey home so that they would complete the contract and return the hot and loving couple everyone had knew them as. Once they returned they went to the study and spent three hours justifying and agreeing upon a schedule and rules that were fair. The rules are as follows:

The finished routine must be followed and as long as slips are very occasional with no common pattern will not punished. Otherwise lack of which deserves a minor punishment.

Respect is to be shown to all involved. Neither bratty attitudes nor misbehavior will be tolerated and each situation will be looked into at the fullest capability before a punishment decision. After two reprimands of minor degree, it will be treated as major break and punishment will be enforced.

All matters are to be handled inside the home and will not be brought up to any other individuals unless approved by both individuals and is absolutely necessary. Private matters are not to be exposed out of revenge or anger done by another.

All matters that are proposed must be handled appropriately. Running off or other childish behavior will only delay and cause for alternative action if it should be required.

Punishment will only be and remain as those previously listed and no changes can be made without agreement of both parties.

Once the agreement they printed it out and signed in assurance that should anything ever happen there could never be a disagreement in which one of them could say "I never agreed to that." With the new rules in place both of them cuddled up, put a movie in while they got lost in a happy ending in which they believed that once again could be a part of their lives. Bella cuddled closely as she dreamed of their life now and how things could be and was looking forward to tomorrow.