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Chapter 1: Forget-Me-Not

I stand here looking at this pice of shit I'm gonna have to call my home untill I can move again. But those chances are so slim because I just don't have the money. I don't even know what was going through my head when I left my job sold my flat in the city, and moved here. To a farm that hasn't been touched in over 20 years. And if the house isn't bad you should see the feild. I have no idea how I'm gonna clear that. But as soon I get the money I'm off. And back home.

"Excuse me! Your not supposed to be on this residence we have a farmer taking it over and he should be here soon!" I turned to see a short man, dressed in all red.

"HE!" I exclaimed.

"Well yes h- oh right your the new farmer. My apologies."

I nodded. I didn't like this man.

"Well this looks er.. nice?"

"Don't try it. It's awful." I said sharply. I wanted to cut the crap and get on with the day and hopefully I would wake up and this is all just some stupid dream. He nodded in agreement.

"Okay well I'll get the woodcuter, Gotz, to come and clean up your house for you tomorrow. So if you want you can either stay at the inn or you can sleep here. If you really want to."

I thought about it well the inn may cost money so I better just stay here scince I have about 500g to live of. Untill I get my farm sorted so I can start making money.

"I'll just stay here."

"Okay well I'll be here every day at 5pm to collect your shipments. But not on holidays. And the shipment box is over there by that log cabin." He started to walk away before turing and saying; "Oh, by the way whats your name?"

"Jill" I called. He nodded and walked off.

I groaned. This is gonna be good. I opened the door and stepped inside. There was a small bed in the corner of the room with a bookshelf standing next to it. There was a small shelf to put CD's on and beside it a telephone. But one of those really old ones where you have to turn the dial and with the spiral coards.

But apart from that nothing! I sighed, took of my rucksack, let my hair fall just past my sholders and lay down on the bed, my bed. I was so tired as soon my head hit the pillow I drifted of into a deep sleep.

"taddaaaa!" The woman with the green hair sang.

"shut up! I'm sick of your singing! -jibberish-" The witch chanted.

There was a flash and the green haired woman turned to stone.

"What have you done!" The orange short elf like person exclaimed.

"I didn't mean to do that! I was only meant to stop her from saying Taddaaaa! All the time!"

She sighed.

"Give me a sec. -jibberish-" There was another flash. And she dissapeared."oops"

"Look what you've done! Where did she go?" The taller red elf person said.

"To the next world" The witch admitted.

"What!" The elf people shouted.

"Yeah were gonna have to go to the next world and get her."

"Well you put her there you get her back!"

"No! You should she means everything to you!"

"But you put her there!"

"Tough! -Jibberish-" Another flash and they all disappeared.

The witch turned to see a young farmer watching.

"You saw what happened right? Now your gonna have to work hard on that farm to get them back. I'm counting on you. Ok?"

The farmer nods and walks off.

I sat up in bed.

"Wow what a weird dream." I muttered to myself.

"No dream" A voice said. Huh? I turned to my left to see a woman with long blonde hair and feirce red eyes. It was the witch from my dream.


"Yeah, I put that sence in your dream so you could see what happened. Except I added the bit where you agree to help. But that dosen't matter 'cause you will help, right?"

"What do you mean help?"

"Well you no. Getback101harvestsprites."


She sighed. "Get back 101 harvest sprites."

"Your kidding right?"

"Erm... no."

My eyes buldged. "All 101?"

"Erm... yes."

I sat and thought about it there must be something behind it. "What's the catch?"

She raised an eyebrow "A catch?"

"Well is there anything else?"

"No. Just find the harvest sprites and make my life fun again!" Her eyes gleamed with excitment. Well it couldn't be too hard well acctuly 101 things to do to get them back. But I could do it.

"How long do I have?"

"As long as you want. But don't make it too long, I do want my fun back." I nodded.

"How exactly do I get the harvest sprites back?"

"Well they are split up into 10 diffrent teams. The first 7 teams have members in them and the last 3 have 17 member altogether."

"Okay... so how do I get them back?"

"Let me finish!" She snapped. "The main teams are the Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,Indigo and Violet teams. And they all do diffrent things like the Red team is for, Shipping & Feeding and say the Indigo team is for Fishing."

"Well can you tell me the rest?" If I didn't know I'd never get them back,

"I'll give you a book or something."


"Right so that's it so get started! Oh by the way, my names the Witch Princess." She smiled at and disappeared.

Well that was... eventful.

It's the 13th of spring now and I'm well, I'm doing well. I think. I've got 16 so far wich I think is good. But they were really east to find.

I've been told I've got all of the Brown Sprite Team which is good. Oh yeah and theres this huge tree by the Goddess pond which happens to be where they all live.

I've made friends here which is good. They are, Lumina, Celia, and Muffy. I think my best friend is Lumina but Celia and Muffy are nice too.

My crops are alright but I need practice with them. i don't see how two bags of turnips and two bags of strawberrys can wear me out so much! It's like Id happily go to sleep after them.

So after work I sometimes go to the Blue Bar or to Romas villa.

Which brings me back to now. where I'm going back to Romas villa and it's late round about 10pm and I've forgot my rucksack. How clever.

I walk up the path the cold air nipping at my skin sending shivers down my spine. I look down watching my feet as I walk. Until I feel myself bump into something.

Hello beautiful. Walking home alone tonight? You shouldn't be at this time in the night.
Especially with people like me lurcking around."

I took a step back stunned. Who was this man? This silver haired, green-eyed man. He was quite tall and was wearing a lepord print shirt and purple pants. If I do say so myself, it looked pretty ridiculous.

I would of laughed, but I was too frightened to move.

"Hey! Hey you! Aren't you that famous theif that warns his victims ahead of time?" I looked over the mans sholder to see Lumina standing with her hands on her hips, her face turning red with anger.

sorry I'm a bit pressed of time. I must jet.
Call me Phantom Skye. I have a feeling we'll meet again it's written in the the stars."

"Wait right there!" Lumina shouted from behind Phantom Skye aka. Skye.

Don't let such raw anger steal your beauty." He looked at me and smirked.

I glanced over at Lumina it was like she was going to faint.

"What a smooth talker, Phantom Skye!" She ran around the fountain and towards Skye. He winked at me before running down the path and into the darkness.

"He got away from me!" Lumina pouted. "Did you hear that. He called me beautiful." Her cheeks her pink and she was breathing heavily.

I shook my head "Anyway Lumina I left my rucksack here do you mind if I go and get it?" Lumina snapped back to reality her cheeks still pink.

"Oh, yes it's by the door I left it there for you." I nod and walk over to get it.

"Goodnight Jill" Lumina said before closing the door of the villa.

"Night" I said to myself. And I trudged back to my house still thinking of this 'Phantom Skye'.

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