So some stuff that I need to say and why this has been updated...

Okay so this is going to look really strange how this is now 'In Progress' because technically it is back 'In Progress' as I am rewriting this shit! So this will be a working progress as I am basically writing a new story, based off another one... if you get my jist? I'm also going to leave the old one up until I've written all of this.

I'll also be rewriting 'The Butterfly Effect' just after this.. I don't want to do both at the same time I'll just clash them and it'll get confusing:/

So to wrap things up:

First - I will kind of be changing the plot, not alot just mixing some stuff around and shitXD
Second- I will be doing BLUE MOON and MISCHIEVOUS first and IN MY LIFE and THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT second.
Third - I'll probably be changing the story title Mischievous. Don't know what to but if you have an idea please PM me:DD!

I won't be updating very regularly but when I do I'll be updating them both at the same time.. Thanks for reading!

wipe-your-tears xx