A/N: So this is my attempt at writing the kind of story I love to read. I think of it as epic fantasy. Chapter 1 will post tomorrow with a longer A/N.



"When the darkness is at its blackest that's when you'll find your light. Look to the East and see that a new sun is rising."

Her words fill his head as he looks over the breaking dawn. What did she mean?

Damn Oracle, always speaking in riddles. So many riddles.

And leaving mere immortals to figure out their meanings.

He suddenly kneels in prayer, though in all his years walking this earth he has never knelt to anyone. The grumblings of his army around him remind him where he is, what he has to do today. Not many believe in the One God any longer, but several kneel with Edward.

This is the end. And he should be praying for victory, for survival, but for the first time in his existence, his thoughts are not of himself or of his realm.

Please. I just want to see her face one more time.

As if on cue, the sun breaks over the mountains behind him, glinting off his pale, white skin.

"It is time, Edward," Jasper murmurs in his ear.

He stands slowly, the mocking sun warming his face, his prayers unanswered. The deep calm before the storm is about to break.

He takes a steadying breath, draws his matched swords and turns to face the writhing masses of shadow and death in the valley below.



Thanks and huggles to my prereaders: Jodie, tuesdaymidnight, Scarlet Nite and LyricalKris (yes, this is an army-type deal). And, to my lovely beta theladyingrey42, much love and kisses.