Author's Note: Okay this is the seguel to Potter You're Dead :) There are a couple of things I want ot point out. Dora is Teddy and Victoire's four year old daughter. Alice is Neville Longbottom's daughter. Jean Granger is Hermione's mother. These characters aren't really in the story but they are mentioned. Alice might have a bigger role later on.

Disclaimer: All characters and places belong to the amazing JK Rowling.


It was July 2026, there was a gentle summer breeze over the huge manor house, the sun was blaring over the grounds and there wasn't a rain cloud in sight. All in all it was a beautiful day for a wedding. The parents of the Bride had refused point black to allow their only daughter to get married at the Groom's grandparent's manor house due to awful memories they refused to speak of. The parents of the Groom had happily agreed to let the wedding take place in their summer mansion.

The Bride was in a room upstairs with a beautiful view of the grounds accompanied by her mother, both of her grandmothers, her younger cousin and her best friend. The latter two were her bridesmaids.

The Groom was outside near the opening of a huge white marquee that had been erected for the ceremony. His best man, who was also the cousin of the Bride, was with him along with the best man's brother and cousin who were suppose to be showing people to their seats but were too busy teasing the Groom to care.

The Bride's father was inquiring on the whereabouts of the nearest supply of Firewhiskey as he was quite sure it would be needed. The Groom's father was happily pointing his soon to be in-law in the right direction but warning him that he better not drink it all as he'll need some too.

"So why is it exactly that at every wedding I have ever been too, I always get the job of Usher," James Potter complained loudly.

"Because you can't be trusted with anything else," Albus Potter replied lazily.

"It's all really stupid if you ask me," James continued "At my wedding, everyone can sit where ever the hell they want and there will be no ridiculous seating plans."

"Who would want to marry you," Scorpius Malfoy scoffed.

"Alice," Fred Weasley suggested smirking at his cousin.

James scowled "I have already told you that Alice and I have discussed the issue of marriage and we're leaving it for a while."

"More like she's keeping her options open," Fred teased.

"Shut up," James scowled again "Anyway why does everyone in this ridiculously large family insist on getting married young?"

"No idea," Scorpius replied "But I'm not complaining."

"Well Uncle Ron and your Dad are," Fred laughed.

"I heard they were looking out the Firewhiskey," James added.

"Aunt Hermione and Astoria will murder them if they get drunk at this wedding," Al smirked.

"Excellent," Fred grinned "There's always so much drama at Weasley weddings."

Al groaned "Remember Teddy and Vicki's."

"Don't think I'll ever forget it," James laughed.

"I'm surprised your Mum even let you come," Fred commented "Mine would have forbid me from all future weddings. Maybe even my own," he added as an afterthought.

"I wish Mum had, I don't really fancy celebrating becoming related to this git," James said indicating Scorpius.


"He's just messing," Fred waved it off "Well I don't know about you lot but I want to say one last goodbye to our dear cousin before she becomes a Malfoy."

"Excellent, I'll come too, Alice will be up there," James grinned.

"Okay let's go," Al agreed "Scorp, you aren't allowed to see your lovely bride till she comes cantering down the aisle, so you can stay here."

"What about the ushers?" Scorpius yelled after their retreating figures.

"You do it," James called back without turning around.

"Brilliant, showing people to their seats at my own bloody wedding," Scorpius muttered as he walked over to a couple of red heads who were looking lost, probably more Weasleys, they breed like bloody rabbits he thought.

Rose Weasley stood in front of a long mirror which was encrusted with little emeralds in a beautiful white dress, it was sleek and had no 'stupid puffy bits' as Lily had described them. Rose had decided she only wanted two bridesmaids instead of every female Weasley in existence like Victoire had as her bridesmaids. So Lily Potter and Alice Longbottom stood to the left of the mirror, both wearing pale purple dresses (Rose had wanted red but it had clashed horribly with Lily's hair). Hermione Weasley, Molly Weasley and Jean Granger stood on the other side of the mirror gushing about how grown up their little girl looked and they couldn't believe she was getting married already.

Teddy Lupin choose this moment to come into the room "Hermione, Molly, Mrs Granger, Astoria was wondering if you could help her with something downstairs."

"Coming dear," Molly said giving, Rose another bone-crushing hug which was quickly followed by another one from Jean.

Hermione lingered a moment "Rose, I wanted to give you this." She produced a small silver chain with a little sapphire pendant on the end from her beaded bag. "Your father gave it to me years ago but I want you to wear it today, just think, it's something blue, something borrowed and something old."

Rose stared at it for a moment "it's beautiful, Mum, are you sure I can wear it."

"Of course you can," Hermione said putting it on for her daughter and taking off the locket which could be used to contact Hermione and Ron.

"Thank you, Mum," Rose said throwing her arms around her mother.

"I better go see Astoria, I'll be back before you go up the aisle," Hermione said giving a weak chuckle at the end; she couldn't believe her little girl was getting married already. With a final glance at her beautiful daughter she left the room.

"Have any of you seen Dora's bouquet, she says she left it up here," Teddy asked.

"I saw it, it's up in my room from when I was getting her into her flower girl's dress earlier, I'll go get it," Alice said.

"Thanks Alice," Teddy called after her.

"Hello ladies," Fred said dragging out the words as he came sauntering into the room followed by James and seeing Teddy added "and gentlemans."

"Its gentlemen," Rose corrected on instinct.

"Same thing," James shrugged "We just came to see you one last time before you betray the name of Weasley and marry a Malfoy."

"I am not betraying my family," Rose said angrily.

"And there's nothing wrong with Malfoys," Al added defending his best friend.

"There is," Fred said "Now have any of you seen Louis?"

"Or Alice, I thought she'd be up here," James added.

"Louis is in the marquee with Roxanne and Hugo," Lily said speaking up. "And Alice went to get Dora's bouquet."

"Lily!" James exclaimed noticing her for the first time "You look spectacular, look at my little sister all grown up."

"Sod off, James," Lily narrowed her eyes.

"James, please tell me that you don't have a Time Machine of any description on you," Teddy asked suspiciously.

"Nope," James shook his head "Don't worry, Mum already checked; all I have is a wand."

"If I were her, I would have taken it too," Teddy muttered. Rose continued to look suspicious.

Just then Fred noticed a beam of sunlight hit something shiny on the counter. It was a fine gold chain with a small sand-turner at the end.

"What's that?" he asked innocently.

"Nothing," Lily said a little too quickly "It's Alice's."

"Well seeing as I was about to go find her, I'll give it to her," James said snatching it up off the counter.

"James! NO!" Lily shouted but it was too late.

James had turned and run straight into his older cousin, Lucy Weasley as she walked into the room. The gold chain flew out of his hand as Lucy and he fell in a heap on the ground. Teddy, Lily, Rose and Al all attempted to grab it but it slipped through all their hands and flew right at Fred who made no effort to catch it as it smashed at his feet. The glass broke and sand spilled out filling the room with golden swirls just as Alice arrived back at the door and froze on the threshold. As the room blurred and its inhabitants started to fade, the last thing Alice heard as she watched her boyfriend and his family disappear was a furious Rose Weasley screaming "POTTER I AM GOING TO MURDER YOU!" And Alice couldn't help but agree with her.