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Chapter 4 – Discovery

Chuck drove the Herder out the 101 freeway from Burbank toward Van Nuys. He transitioned from the 101 to the 405 North and headed for the Roscoe Boulevard offramp. He and Sarah were headed for an auto plaza located there, just across the freeway from the Anheuser-Busch brewery. She stared silently out the window.

"Sarah, are you sure you're okay with coming here?" he asked as he found a parking space along the street.

"Yeah, Chuck, it's fine," she said without enthusiasm. She had decided that she was going to have to simply settle for something to drive. She also realized that finding the perfect car was a myth. "I thought we would look at Volvos first," she said glumly. Her research showed that they were safe, dependable and within her price range.

Chuck jumped out of the Herder and ran around to her side of the car. He opened her door, grabbed her hand and helped her out. His kissed her hand and said in a reassuring voice, "It will be fine. Trust me."

She gave him a sweet smile. She was so glad he was there with her. She still didn't hold out much hope that this would end well, but she appreciated his effort.

They walked hand-in-hand toward the main show room. Chuck opened the door for her and she stepped in, glancing around. It was one of those show rooms with floor to ceiling windows and shiny cars sitting in the middle of it. They walked about eight steps into the room when Sarah stopped dead in her tracks. Chuck stopped next to her and snuck a look at her face. There he saw a look of wonder.

She grabbed his arm, pulled him close and whispered in his ear, "That's it! That's the one, right there." She discreetly pointed at a shiny black sports car sitting in the center of the room. She felt like slapping her hand to her forehead. Of course, she thought to herself. "The Lotus Evora," she breathed, her eyes glazing over.

"Are you sure? I mean, we just got here and we haven't even…" he stopped when he saw the gleam in her eye.

In a dreamy voice she said quietly, "6 speed manual transmission, 3.5 liter engine, 276 horsepower, 258 foot pounds of torque, top speed is approximately 165 mph. Mid-engine. Zero to sixty in 4.9 seconds. It can get 30 miles to the gallon." She snapped out of her reverie and looked at Chuck. In a frustrated voice she said, "How could I have missed it? Why wasn't it on my list? Clarkson really liked this car." The thought for a moment, then her eyes opened wider. "I remember now. I blocked it from my memory because Clarkson was wearing a shirt the color of orange construction cones during that episode." She shuddered, looked back at Chuck and intoned, "Orange is not my favorite color."

Chuck smiled and nodded. She hadn't worn the color orange since her last day at the Orange Orange. He made sure he never wore anything orange either. "Right. No orange." He glanced over to the Evora and said, "Do you remember how much it cost?"

She nodded and replied, "The one Clarkson drove was a 2009. It was £50,000 then, which is about $75,000. I'm afraid it might be a lot more two years later."

"Let's go look at the sticker price," he said. "Sarah, if it costs too much, you'll have to walk away." He moved his head so he was right in front of her face. She looked through him at first, her eyes once again locked on the car. Then she focused on him and said, "Mmmm, what?"

He made sure to make eye contact with her before he repeated, "If the price is too high, you have to walk away."

Her eyes clouded in disappointment, but she knew he was right. She gave him a weak smile and nodded. A lump formed in her throat as they approached the beautiful black machine. So shiny. She took a circuit around the car, taking in its sleek lines and low profile. Oh, she really wanted this car. She took a deep breath and held it as she looked down at the sticker placed on the inside of the window. MSRP: $79,025. Huh. It was still a lot of money, especially after all the taxes added on, but she was thrilled it was only five digits and not six.

She quickly turned to Chuck and said hopefully, "This isn't completely out of the question, is it?"

He thought for a moment and then a smile broke out on his face. "If we can get them to come down on the price a little, and with Beckman's money, I think we can do this." She grinned at him, her blue eyes blazing with delight. "Sarah, don't look at me like that! Now I'll have to sell a kidney if necessary to make sure you get this car."

She smirked and slapped him playfully on the arm. "I don't think it will come to that, but thanks for the offer. You can keep your kidney," she laughed.

Just then her eyes narrowed and her body stiffened. She felt the presence of person standing on the other side of her. She turned and saw a man a little shorter than her with slick black hair and wearing an expensive Italian suit. "Sweet ride, isn't it?" he asked. "Your brother has nice taste in cars."

She flinched. Her fingers itched to grab one of the knives secreted on her person and slice off his…tie. And without even realizing it, she had changed from Sarah Walker, consumer, to Agent Walker, CIA operative tasked to secure this car by any means necessary.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said sweetly to the man. "This isn't my brother. He's my fiancé."

Chuck turned to look at him. He expected to see the same disappointed look he always saw on men's faces when she introduced him as her fiancé. However, when he looked in this man's face, he had a very different reaction. He flashed. A mug shot of the man, several images of expensive cars and the name of a mob king exploded in his brain. Fortunately, the man didn't see Chuck's face when he flashed because he was still staring at Sarah. She, however, glanced at Chuck when she felt his body stiffen a little and immediately recognized the flash. Interesting, she thought.

Chuck recovered quickly from his flash, extended his hand to the salesman and said, "Hi, I'm Chuck and this is Sarah." The salesman shook their hands and said, "I'm Franklin Monroe. What can I do to help you drive this car home today?"

"Well, Franklin, this is a Lotus," she said. "British carmaker, yes? I believe they designed a test track in Surrey, England." She smiled at the memory of her informative dream.

Franklin stared blankly at her for a moment and then typed on the iPad he carried with him. "Yes," he answered.

She waited for a minute. She knew she wanted to test drive it. She just wanted to make Franklin, car salesman, squirm. Franklin stood silently and waited. Chuck was amused by all of this. He knew Sarah had it under control. He just needed to be there for her. Finally, she nodded to herself and said, "I'd like to test drive it."

Franklin's snorted and said, "This is a lot of car. Are you sure you don't want to try out something that's a little less…powerful? We have some nice Volvos over here," he said, stepping away from the Evora toward a Volvo parked a few feet away.

She rose to her full height. Her blue eyes flashed dangerously and she took a menacing step toward Franklin. Chuck stepped forward to intervene and diffuse the volatile situation. "Actually," he said quickly, "Sarah is an excellent driver. I don't think she'll have any trouble with it." He placed a hand on the small of her back. She felt his calming touch and relaxed a little, moving from DEFCON 1 to DEFCON 2. "Why don't you go get the keys so she can drive it?"

Franklin shrugged and nodded. The dubious look on his face remained. He walked toward an office to get the keys.

"Pillock," she muttered under her breath.

When he was out of earshot, Sarah turned to Chuck and asked, "Chuck, did you flash on that douche, Franklin?"

Chuck nodded and said quietly, "His name isn't really Franklin Monroe. It's Edward Pierce. He's been busted and spent time in prison for grand theft auto. He and his crew boosted high end cars, sold them to the mob, who then shipped them overseas and sold them."

Sarah nodded and hypothesized, "He got out of prison, changed his name and got a job selling cars. How much you want to bet his bosses don't know his real name or his background?"

Chuck shrugged. "I would think they have no idea. So what do we do?" he asked.

"We use it to our advantage," she said simply.

"What? Sarah, blackmail?" He was a little shocked at the suggestion.

She winked at him and said, "Trust me," as Franklin returned with the keys.

"I'm sorry, Chuck, although this is a 2+2, I don't think you'll fit in the back seat," Franklin said. "I have to ride with her, so you'll have to wait here."

"That's fine," he replied. Chuck grabbed Sarah by the waist and pulled her close enough to whisper in her ear, "You aren't going to go all True Lies on this guy are you?"

She gave him a quick yet very passionate kiss. As she pulled away, she only winked and flashed him a wicked grin.


Franklin maneuvered the car out of the showroom through the giant glass doors and into the lot. He got out of the car, moved around to the passenger side and climbed in. Sarah slid into the driver seat, put her seat belt on and ran her hand across the soft black leather seat. She breathed in the wonderful "new car smell" as she put the key into the ignition. Franklin was babbling on about some feature of the car, but she had completely tuned him out. The only attention she gave him was to ensure that he had his seat belt on. He was going to need it.

She turned on the ignition. A tingle shot up her spine when she heard the primal growl of the engine. She revved the engine a couple of times, just to hear it growl louder. "Oh, Chuck," she growled back.

She put the car in gear, popped out the clutch and mashed down on the accelerator. The back tires spun as they tried to gain traction, smoke billowing and little bits of gravel flying out behind them. The tires found purchase on the asphalt and the Evora launched forward. She grinned from ear to ear when she noticed that Franklin had stopped talking and grabbed for the door handle to hang on to. She maneuvered the Lotus out onto the street. As she drove, she put it through its paces, slamming the gearshift forward and back. She slowed down and sped up. She stomped on the brake, their bodies straining against the restraints. When she made a turn, the tires screeched in protest. She roared through the streets of Van Nuys, falling in love with the car with each passing moment. She merged onto the 405 and floored it. The car leapt forward, pinning Franklin's head to the headrest. She smiled at the glances thrown her way by the other drivers on the freeway as she expertly sped through the light traffic.

She was convinced beyond all doubt that this was the car for her. She took the next off ramp, crossed over the freeway and merged back into traffic, heading back toward the dealership. Franklin continued his silence, his face drained of color.

She turned into the dealership parking lot at a high rate of speed and spied a parking space. She accelerated toward the spot. Then she lifted her right foot off the accelerator, smashed down on the brake and clutch with her both feet, yanked up on the emergency hand brake and cranked the wheel. She power slid into the parking space where the car came to a stop. She turned off the engine.

"You can open your eyes now, Franklin," she smirked.


Chuck and Sarah sat in the two chairs across the desk from Franklin.

"I'm glad you love the car, Sarah, but I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to come down on the price at all," Franklin smarmed.

Bastard knows I love the car and doesn't think he needs to deal, Sarah thought. She leaned forward and put her forearms on the desk. She looked Franklin in the eye and said in a low voice, "You know, Edward, you might want to reconsider that position."

Franklin/Edward blanched. "Um, I think you've made a mistake. My name is Franklin. Franklin Monroe."

Sarah shook her head and said, "Um, no. I think you've made a mistake. Your name is Edward. Edward Pierce."

Franklin looked over at Chuck, who said nothing. He looked placidly at Franklin/Edward and let Sarah handle it.

His eyed narrowed. "Are you with LAPD?" Franklin asked.

"No, I'm not," Sarah said truthfully. Her face was neutral and gave nothing away. She simply stared at him.

"You know," Franklin said nervously, "I think I might be able to figure out a way we can bring the overall price down on that car a little. Let's see, the MSRP is almost $80,000. Why don't I drop it by $5,000, to $75,000."

He glanced into her face. She didn't even blink.

"Five thousand is a pretty small percentage overall, isn't it?" he stammered, little beads of sweat erupting on his forehead. He grabbed a tissue and wiped it dry. He squirmed in his chair and shuffled the papers in front of him. "I can take off $10,000."

He sneaked another look. Her face was like stone.

"$20,000?" he ventured. That was met with an eyebrow quirk. She waited.

"$30,000? I really can't go any lower than that. My bosses will take it out of my salary," he whined.

She finally let a smile cross her face and said sweetly, "Well, we wouldn't want that to happen, would we?" She put her hand out and said, "Nice doing business with you, Edward."

Franklin/Edward shook her hand, heaved a huge sigh of relief and visibly relaxed. "I have some paperwork to do, so I'll be right back." He nearly sprinted out the door.

Sarah relaxed, leaned back in her chair and grinned at Chuck. "That was fun," she stated.

He let a low whistle and grinned back at her. "You just got that car at an almost 40% discount. Remind me never to play poker with you, Miss Walker. You have quite the poker face."

A lascivious smile grew on her face and she leaned close to him. "Not even strip poker?" she said in a husky voice.

He visibly jerked in his chair and his eyes grew wide. He recovered and returned her smile with an eyebrow dance. "Do you even know how to play poker?" he asked.

She rolled her eyes and put her lips near his ear and whispered, "My specialty is Texas Hold 'Em." He shivered. She brushed her lips against his ear and murmured suggestively, "Do you want to play Hold 'Em with me, Chuck?"

She smiled when she heard him gulp. "I…uh…mmmm…fwah…" was all he could manage.

She nibbled his earlobe and said in a soft voice, "I'll take that as a 'yes.'"


It took another hour of paperwork before they could get away from the dealership, but eventually Sarah proudly drove away in her brand new Lotus Evora. Chuck tried to keep up with her in the Herder on the way home, but was soon left behind.

She stood admiring her new car when Chuck arrived back at the apartment building. He walked over to her and put an arm around her waist, pulling her close. "I have to say, Sarah, you are smokin' hot in that car. It suits you perfectly."

She smiled at him appreciatively and gave him a quick kiss. "Thank you. You're sweet." She turned and looked at the car admiringly. "I love it. I loved the Porsche, but this is an excellent car."

"What are we doing to do about our friend Franklin Monroe/Edward Pierce?" Chuck asked.

"Oh, I made a couple of anonymous phone calls as soon as I pulled up here. I called the local police and told them should there be a rash high end vehicles being stolen, they might want to look at our friend. I also called the dealership, told them that he is using an alias and gave them his real name. I figure they'll take it from there."

Chuck nodded, glad she had taken care of their "friend."

"And I never blackmailed him," she clarified. "I only said his real first name and that he should change his position on not coming down on the price. If he was clean, he would have called my bluff."

"I know," he answered. "You were simply using the information you had to your advantage."

She snickered. "Your flash saved us thousands of dollars."

"Well, as a thank you, can I take the Lotus for a little drive?" he asked hopefully.

Rather than answering his question, she deflected it by stepping close to him and planting on him a deep, ardent kiss. Driving the Lotus seemed to have gotten her motor running in more ways than one. His initial surprise quickly faded and he returned her kiss with equal passion. They were both panting when they broke apart. "Yes, I'll play strip poker with you," she answered.

He was completely rattled as all the blood rushed out of his brain and into a different part of his body. "Did I ask a question?" he slurred.

"Mmmhmm," she purred and kissed him again, this time within an inch of his life. Then she took him by the hand and led him away from the car toward their apartment. He stumbled along behind her, unable to put two coherent thoughts together.

They reached the door and stopped. She went up onto her tiptoes and breathed in his ear, "I think we should just skip the poker and go to the strip part of the game, don't you?"

"Flzerk…bahmphf…mmm," he replied, his eyes glazed.

She smiled as she unlocked and opened the door. She knew that was a "yes."


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