Up, up in the sky

Superman slept.

Unusual, out cold, drunken

From magical concoction.

Hazily awakes he from his

Toxic slumber.


Boggled head

Images, cluelessness,

Wonderment, disdain.

Looks around, sees a starry sky.

What constellations are these

Red orbs, yellow ones

Green streaks, blue and orange?


Many more than usual!

Where's the belt of Orion?

- on a cat

The dippers so true?

- down a well

Sirius, the black dog?

- in Harry Potter

The Polaris, guiding star?

- with pirates.

Not there

Not there

Not there

Confusion, lost.

Drift I to some uncharted heaven.

No planet, countless stars,

Creeping fear,

Rapid heart pulse, madness,

Spinning, flying, twisting,


Focus, clarity, relief.

There's the bright North Star,

And hound with masters,

The unquenchable handlers of water,

And brothers three

Questions: drifted out, taking sleepiness so vague.

What world am I in?

Second thought,

Mind's clarity unfolds,

Blindness lifted,

Still on earth,

Yet land and space have become one.