As Marty ran from her room Deidre followed screaming

You promised, you promised me!

Dan stood in shock not knowing what had just happened as did Savannah and everyone else in the room.

I had just run out on my life, my friends, cheerleading and on my sister. How could she do that? How could she not tell me? I rode on my bike along the disserted streets. I was completely unaware of where I was going, I wondered would I go back or am I going for good?

Turns out the decision was not mine to make, it had been made for me!

I heard the screech of the tire as he swerved to avoid me, the passersby who seemed to appeared out of no-where screamed

I tried to move, saw the blood all over my bike my eyes began to close I tried to fight them I needed to see what was happening

Ambulances and police arrived

Meanwhile back at Cheertown

Dan was worried about Marty he tried phoning her with no response he phoned Wanda who hadn't heard from her daughter. He hadn't seen Marty like that before it scared him not knowing what had happened? Where Marty was? What had upset her?

Savannah tried to comfort Deidre who was crying. Lewis tried to get answers from her about what had happened with no luck. Alice started to question Deidre much to everyone's shock. A crying Deidre stopped all of a sudden shouting "I knew it, I just knew the minute she found out he was alive she wouldn't wanna know me – I wish they were both dead, everything would be much easier and a hell of a lot better". She then stormed out, as she left Dan called Wanda again to let her know everything, after hanging up he then tried Marty's phone again...

This time there was an answer, although the person who he had wanted wasn't on the other end. The phone call was short but not sweet only lasting 2 or 3 minutes.

Dan: Hey Marty, we've all been trying to get a hold of you – are you ok? Police Officer: I'm sorry but Marty is unable to answer at the moment Dan: Who is this? What do you mean unable to answer? Police Officer: My name is Officer Boscorelli. Dan: Officer? You're a cop? What happened is Marty ok? Officer Boscorelli: I'm afraid she has been in an accident. Do you know how we can contact her family? Dan: her mom Wanda works at The Rat – it's the college bar, is she ok where is she. Officer Boscorelli: Unfortunately we are only allowed to give information to relatives – I need to inform her mother first anyway

They hang up and everyone is awaiting news on Marty – Dan tells them that she has been in an accident, he doesn't know anything else yet there informing Wanda first... at that Dan and savannah run down to the Rat.

At the Rat the phone rings Wanda is serving a well known customer coach of the Hellcats Vanessa, who is sitting with her boyfriend Red just telling him that she has been fired – Wanda of course hearing it all has something to say –"what they can't fire you, you're a brilliant coach those kids look up to you "she is called to the phone just as Dan and Savannah arrive out of breathe. She looks at them as she hears the news she lets out a roar and falls to the floor Dan, Savannah, Vanessa and Red all run to her Dan takes the phone and asks what happened ?how is Marty? Is she alive?