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Dani's Destination

'I wonder what Clockwork and Dad want me for,' Dani Phantom (also known as Danielle Fenton) mused as she flew through the Ghost Zone.

It had been twelve years since Danny Fenton/Phantom had saved the world from the crisis known as the Disasteroid. However, Danielle had only just turned fifteen despite the fact that she was twelve when Danny first met her.

This is due to the fact that the Ecto-Dejecto that Danny used to stabilize her might have done just that, but as it turns out it did in fact cause ghosts to get weaker...By de-aging them slowly. In a period of three years, young Danielle had went from twelve to six years old.

Luckily by that time Danny, Sam and Tucker were able to figure out a way to stop the process without destabilizing her as well, but she would have to grow back up the regular way. That wasn't so bad however since Danny and Sam were both eighteen, high school graduates and married the day after graduation (Danny thought it would be a better idea to get married right away rather than wait since he could die or be destroyed by one of his enemies at any moment), so the two had adopted Danielle as their daughter.

By the time Danielle had turned nine Sam allowed her to go out and help Danny as his new official sidekick. Danielle of course was ecstatic to be out fighting with her dad (or rather the person she was cloned from) and Danny had made sure to train her to the best of his ability (which included martial arts training from her grandma Maddie).

Now here she was flying through the Ghost Zone to Clockwork's Lair because this morning she woke up to find a note by her bed from her now twenty-seven year old dad telling her she had something EXTREMELY important to handle that only she could handle.

As she flew into the window (a little angry since Clockwork could have easily just brought her there) she spotted the old beaten thermos holding the alternate version of her dad but that didn't matter to her right now.

What really mattered was that her dad (who now wore a sleeveless white jacked with their symbol on the right breast) and Clockwork were talking to a man she had never seen before. He was quite unique with his getup...He was dressed in a black spandex with a hood/mask and had a cape that made him look like an overgrown bat.

The thing that surprised her was the fact that he was human!

"Good morning Danielle," Clockwork spoke knowingly without even looking at her (much to her chagrin).

"Morning sleepy head...Took you long enough!" Danny said with a smirk.

"Oh be quiet Dad!" Danielle cried in exasperation as she punched a chuckling Danny's arm before peering at the bat-like man. "Who's he?"

"Now are you sure about this Phantom?" The man asked as he ignored Danielle's question. "Despite what Speedy might think, they will be going on dangerous missions and I can't guarantee her safety or survival."

"Dani's tough," Danny said clapping a confused Danielle's shoulder. "I've trained her for a long time, but I think it's time she started to help defeat more than a couple of ghosts. Plus I think she might be able to help him, don't you?"

"Indeed," the bat-like man mused, irritating Dani even further because they seem to be deciding something about her without asking HER!

"What are you talking about?" Dani all but shouted at her father.

"Huh? Oh, right...Sorry about that Dani," Danny apologized chuckling as he scratched the back of his head. "This man is Batman and he is from a group of superheroes from another universe called the Justice League."

"Another universe? Like the Ghost Zone?" Dani asked.

"Exactly!" Danny confirmed. "Although their universe isn't connected to our Earth as close as the Ghost Zone is."

"But, what's he doing here?"

"I will answer that," Batman spoke up darkly. "The Justice League isn't just a bunch of superpowered Earthlings...We have creatures from other universes to other planets to robots to just people all involved and as such we help other planets out very often. However, the League has decided to try and improve its relationship with other universes by recruiting people from that universe as well as offering to help it. We have extended this invitation to your father."

Danny looked quite proud of achievement and Danielle had to admit she was proud of him for it. "But, what does that have to do with me?"

"I was getting to that," Batman said bluntly. "Recently several other sidekicks felt like they were not given the proper chance to become the heroes they could be, and I'm afraid that they are correct. To rectify this I turned these sidekicks into a proper team to work on covert missions...Your father feels you should join the group."

"Why can't I join the Justice League?" Dani whined.

"You're too young," Batman explained. "As I was telling Phantom, the missions you'll be working on as part of the team will not be babysitting jobs, but real and extremely dangerous missions. Should you accept of course?"

"I dunno...What about my (and my Dad's for that matter) life here? Will be have to move there?"

"No," Clockwork said as he handed what looked like a wristwatch to Danny and Dani. "With this you'll be able to travel to Batman's universe at any time...It takes two Earth hours to charge up though. This device can take up to seven people with them at one time so be careful about who might cling to you as you travel. I have been given permission by the Observants to allow you to do this."

"We'll be living at home," Danny said as he put his watch on. "I'll only be travelling to that side when I'm needed for a mission or when there is a full League meeting. If you decide to become part of Batman's team then you'll be travelling over more as I think it would be a good idea to hang out with children your own age who will treat you normally plus you'll receive more training from other League members."

Dani's eyes widened at that...She just realized that Danny revealed that the team was around her age (she was afraid they were going to be a bunch of ten year olds), but it also struck her at the idea of having friends her own age. Unfortunately, due to Danny's absolute fame and their identities being public (hers became public once she was adopted) she didn't actually have any real friends...Everyone just wanted to be the one to brag about being friends with Danny Phantom's sidekick/daughter.

As she looked over watch, she wondered if this would be worth it or if she could even handle it. Sure she helped stopped the occasional bank robber, but she got the feeling she was going to enter a cliché comic book type world with human super villains.


Not ghosts.

She looked up to her dad and saw him grin reassuringly and her heart soared at the faith he showed in her. And, why shouldn't he? She had been fighting for a while and if other people could do it, why not her?

Grinning back she put the watch on and held out her hand to Batman. "I'll do it!"

"Very good," Batman said with a slight smirk as he took her hand and shook it. "You can go there now...The watch knows where to go. Red Tornado should be explaining your arrival to them at any moment. Meanwhile, I think we better induct you properly into the League Danny."

The Fenton/Phantoms nodded their heads and pressed a button on their watches and with a flash the three were gone leaving a chuckling Clockwork behind. "It will be fun to see what root those two will go from here..." Clockwork said to himself.

"Speedy was so wrong," A red haired boy named Wally West (also known as Kid Flash) said as he, Robin (real identity unknown) and Kaldur'ahm (also known as Kaldur by his friends and as Aqualad to the world) followed the red robot man Red Tornado outside the mountain hideout.

"This team thing—" Robin began.

"—might actually work out," Kaldur finished cheerfully.

A boy wearing a symbolic "S" on his chest made to follow, but stopped when he remembered something. He turned to his only female comrade M'gnn M'orzz (also known as Megan Morse or Miss Martian) who was a green Martian and swallowed his pride as best he could. "Sorry," he said apologetically for blowing up at her earlier for talking into his mind directly.

It just reminded him too much of Cadmus and how they fed his mind with information to turn him into a weapon.

M'gnn smiled happily and a bit flustered, but quickly shook it off to follow Superboy out the door with everyone else.

"Ah yes, I nearly forgot," Red Tornado said robotically as everyone stepped outside of the mountain. "A new member will be joining you very soon."

"Ooh! Who is it?" Wally asked running up to Red Tornado. "Is it Speedy? No, wait he's against this thing, right? So it can't be him...Hmm...Think think think...Neither Green Lantern has a sidekick, do they?"

"No, they do not," Red Tornado answered in monotone. "Do not try to guess because she is the sidekick to a new League member from an alternate universe...The new League member, Danny Phantom, asked specifically that his sidekick, Dani Phantom (with an "i"), join you for missions to further improve her skills as the other Leaguers are doing for you."

"Ooh, it's a girl!" Wally exclaimed happily ignoring everything else. "Is she pretty?"

"Such matters do not concern me," Red Tornado answered.

"No fun..." Wally groaned.

"When will she be arriving?" Kaldur asked politely.

"She should be here any second," Red Tornado answered and with a bright blue flash Dani Phantom stood in front of the League's new team.

"She's so totally cute," Wally muttered to himself before he supersped in front of the surprised Dani and gave his best suave smile, "Hey."

"Hey," Dani said getting over her shock.

"The name's Wally West or Kid Flash," Wally said proudly before giving her a flirty look. "And, I'm one of the fastest people alive, but you know the very sight of your beauty has my heart running faster than I ever could."

Dani groaned to herself, but had to give him props since they were better than some of the lines she heard back at Casper High. "Yeah well I'm Danielle Fenton or Dani Phantom," Dani said giving him a flirty smile.

'Score!' Wally thought to himself.

"And, as I am half-ghost I can turn invisible, but you know the second you opened your big mouth and chance you had with me disappeared faster than I ever could."

To prove her point, Dani turned invisible before his very eyes and then turned intangible to float right through him. Wally fell to his hands and knees dejectedly. "That was so harsh..." Wally muttered as Robin laughed.

"Burned big time," Robin mocked.

Meanwhile Dani appeared in front of M'gnn and the two grinned at each other. "Hello, I'm M'gnn but you can call me Megan," Megan explained. "I'm from Mars."

"Oh that's good," Dani said as she relaxed. "For a second I thought you were a ghost trying to sneak in and I'd have to take you down."

"So, your adversaries are ghosts?" Kaldur'ahm asked curiously. "I am Aqua Lad, but off duty you can call me Kaldur."

"My dad and I are half-ghosts, so yeah..."

"Does that mean you're half dead?" Wally asked tactlessly making Kaldur and Robin groan.

"You are so tactless," Robin said with annoyance. "I'm Robin by the way...I was Batman's sidekick and he's forbidden me from telling anyone my true identity."

"I'm not really half dead...You see ghosts aren't the real spirits of people, but rather they are projection of feelings and thoughts brought together by ectoplasm...A person who is going to die usually has feelings of regrets. Sometimes a person's regret is so powerful that they are manifested into an ectoplasmic version of themselves in a place called the Ghost Zone. My dad and I are different because rather than creating an external projection the ectoplasm was injected straight into our bodies and gave us ghost powers," Dani explained and to further prove her point she caused her transformation rings to appear and shift her back to her human appearance (which was more or less just a bigger version of her old clothes except without the hat as she had C-cup breasts and was now five foot six).

"That was so cool!" Wally exclaimed. "Much better than just changing your clothes."

"Whatever," Superboy grunted out finally done observing the new girl.

"Who's tall, dark and gloomy?" Danielle asked with a raised eyebrow.

"That's Superboy," Robin whispered carefully. "He's a clone of one our greatest heroes...Superman!"

"A clone, eh?" Danielle said with a smile before she flew in front of Superboy.

"Yes?" Superboy asked annoyed.

"You...You are so lucky!" Danielle exclaimed making the others look at her in disbelief...Especially Superboy who was usually angry about who he was.

"No, I'm not," Superboy said irritably.

"Yes, you are."

"Being a clone of the world's greatest hero isn't great at all."

"At least your creator got your gender right!" Danielle exclaimed in exasperation. "Mine messed that up and I turned out to be a girl and for years I had to deal with teenage boy thoughts! Do you have any idea how creepy that is?"

The whole team just stared at her wide eyed before Superboy managed to ask quietly, "You're a clone too?"

"Oh? No one told you about that? Yeah, I'm a clone of Danny Phantom," Danielle said in such an offhand manner that it shocked everyone due to the difference in attitude between her and Superboy. "Granted after I escaped my creator (the Froot Loop), I ran off three times away from my now dad because how awkward it was...It took four years for me to get comfortable around him...That how it is with you and Superman?"

Superboy twitched at that and stalked off into the mountain with a scowl. "It's the other way around actually," Robin explained as everyone decided to go back inside. "Superman seems to be avoiding Superboy."

"Aw well, I'm sure he'll come 'round," Danielle said with a stretch. "Now would someone mind showing me around?"

"Don't mind if I do," Wally said with a grin.

"Thanks for the offer Megan," Danielle said to the surprised M'gnn, but smiled nonetheless.

"Okay...Well this is our front door as you probably guessed..." Megan began as the two walked together while Wally fell to his knees and Robin laughed.

"Burned!" Robin laughed. "Again!"

'Thanks for signing me up Dad,' Danielle thought as she looked around the place. 'This is going to be fun, but man is Uncle Tuck going to be jealous!'

A/N: So, I chose to start this story at the end of the third episode for the following reasons:

-The first two episodes of Young Justice are more about well known sidekicks stepping up and I had already came up with the idea of Danny just joining the League so it didn't seem to fit to me.

-The third episode is more about M'gnn and Superboy learning what it means to be a superhero...That's something Dani already knows like Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad know.

I chose the relationship for Dani and Danny to be father/daughter because:

1) I really like it for some reason...

2) It creates a better parallel for the Superboy/Superman situation since Superboy might not consider Dani to understand really how he feels because siblings are easier for a person to accept than a child...