Disclaimer: I am not Tess Gerritsen, but thank you to her and TNT for the show Rizzoli & Isles. Now go watch the show. And buy the DVDs.

Drabbles to hold you over until Season Two picks up. Set in the same world as "If Wishes Were Fishes" (wherein Jane and Maura don't start seeing each other until between 'I Kissed a Girl' and 'Born to Run.').

See One, Do One, Teach One


Spring was complicated. She wanted it to be easy, but with spring came the new crazies and the bodies. Winter was, generally, quieter, and most deaths were weather related. But spring, spring brought out the crazy in people, and the crazy brought out the killing, and the killing brought out Rizzoli. When her phone rang that night, Jane knew right away, it was a crazy. Last spring had involved a car being driven through a pawn shop, in order to kill the owner. This spring brought back her nightmare. She saw the car pull up. This spring, she had Maura.


She could fix a broken nose. She could tell you why someone died. She could diagnose nearly every disease in the book. Keeping as still as she could, Maura peeked at Jane, those scarred hands shoved up and under the pillow, her face tense, even in deep sleep. She couldn't cure fear. She couldn't chase away the fears harbored in her best friend's uneasy mind. "You're safe," she whispered to Jane. Perhaps it was her imagination, but a line between Jane's eyes eased and her sleep deepened. Then again, maybe she actually could cure Jane's fear just by being there.


They probably thought he couldn't see it. They probably assumed he was old, worn out, and wasted. But he saw Janie, his Jane, like a daughter, in pain, and he could do nothing about it. She had shoved him away, discarding him like his four ex-wives. Except when he nearly died, she was there for him, making sure his pets were cared for, even taking Jo Friday on her own. But it wasn't the same Jane he'd brought up from the Academy, and it worried him. He wondered if this new Jane's life would have room for him anymore.