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As Cloud waited for Tifa, he wondered what he was doing here, at a Chinese restaurant no less. But he already knew why, it was because Tifa was his childhood friend and probably the only thing that has kept him sane; except Aerith.

Cloud was anxious, he never really went out much and places with lots of people invading his personal space made him feel even more anxious. As he sat at the two chair table, he noticed many glances coming his way, but he ignored them all, except for four pairs of eyes.

There were four men sitting together about one table behind him, and they kept shooting glances at him and then after looked at him they whispered to each other and he was sure they were whispering about him.

He was getting irritated and wondered if Tifa was going to be here anytime soon. A second later, he saw Tifa heading towards him and he waved back, when she waved. Tifa had a huge smile on her face and she seemed to glow as she sat across from him.

"This couldn't wait! I have to tell you now or I'm going to burst!"

Cloud chuckled and asked the big question

"What's the big news?" Tifa squealed and grabbed Cloud's hand "I'm getting married!"

Cloud's face took an expression of surprise but then broke into a smile. "Congratulations, who's the lucky guy? Tifa showed Cloud the ring on her left hand; it was made out of gold and had one simple diamond.

"It's Barret, the guy I've been dating for over a year now." Cloud could feel the eyes on his back while Tifa had talked and he was getting super irritated, before Tifa could say more he jumped in

"Can we go someplace else or is that all the news you needed to give me?"

Tifa had a pout on her face as she said her next words "do you like that ugly office and killing paperwork more than me?"

Cloud smiled, knowing that she was joking, "No, those four behind me are starting to creep me out and I don't want any more stalkers."

Tifa looked behind him with an expressionless face but Cloud saw the mischief come into her eyes "You mean those four HOT guys over there that are currently making ogling eyes at you?"

Cloud turned around and the four quickly looked away, looking back at Tifa and nodded

"Yes, now I'm going to my office to do my so called killing paperwork." Tifa was way ahead of him, and already pushing him out the door. That made Cloud rethink back to her mischievous eyes and how she seemed to want to get rid of him very quickly, he stopped before she could push him out the door and turned to face her with a small frown.

"You're not up to anything, are you?" Tifa gave Cloud one of her innocent smiles, which made Cloud lower his suspicions "of course not Cloud, I just want to tell everybody else the news, I'm just SO excited about everything and you probably have a lot of paperwork to do, so I won't be keeping you"

Tifa said with a sweet voice. Cloud already tricked by the angelic smile and good intentions, kissed her on the cheek good bye and headed out to his motorcycle, straddling it and driving off to his work place.

Tifa turned and headed towards the table with the four men as soon as she saw Clouds bike disappear around the corner. They all stared curiously at Tifa as she approached the table, making Tifa think of cute puppies and awe in her head with a very high pitched imaginary voice.

"Hi my name's Tifa; I'm pleased to meet the top four rich men in the planet."

The curiosity on their faces deflated and was replaced with a look that said 'here it goes again.' Tifa panicked "I mean it's not that hard to recognize you and I noticed that you seemed interested in my friend Cloud."

The silver haired man with emerald eyes spoke, the one everybody knew as Sephiroth the great general and savior of the people.

"Friend?" the tone was accusing and Tifa thought back to when she grabbed Cloud's hand in the excitement and the goodbye kiss on the cheek.

"No no no you have it all wrong, I'm Cloud's childhood friend and anyways Cloud is gay so he wouldn't even consider a relationship with a woman." All their heads turned to pay attention to Tifa as she said this.

"He doesn't like women?" the brown haired man with sky blue eyes questioned, also known as Zack Fair the first in command.

"Well he likes women, I mean he likes me but he can't or doesn't love women."

The red haired man smirked and purred "Guess the chocobo is single then?"

Tifa for once was thinking that this was actually a bad idea took a step back and stuttered nervously "Y-Y-Yes h-he is."

The other brown haired man with chocolate brown eyes whacked the red haired man, known as Genesis Rhapsodos who then sent Angeal Hewley a death glare, but Angeal had then already turned towards Tifa

"I'm sorry about Genesis and not to be rude but why are you here?" Tifa felt a blush appear on her cheeks

"Well I just wanted to give you Cloud's number…." She paused thinking if that was a good idea "…and address since you all seemed so interested in him."

Angeal seemed surprised by this "oh, okay then."

Tifa got some paper and a pen out, and started writing down Clouds information, even where he lived and his personal phone number was written down too. She was sure if Cloud found out she did this he would be beyond angry.

She only hoped that her instincts were right and the hint she got from Aerith was right or she would be in a very awkward situation and will have to face a very angry Cloud.

Sephiroth was the one who pocketed the information while Angeal was the one who thanked her, Tifa really wanted to get away from these men, she could see Zack shaking in his chair and she was sure if he let loose that it would seem like he downed a whole gallon of sugar.

Then there was Genesis who had lit up like Christmas had come early with a smirk on his face that suggested things….. That even she didn't want to think about. Sephiroth reaction was no reaction, and Angeal was probably the only normal person among the group acting courteous and gentlemanly.

As Genesis started arguing with Zack over something Tifa thought that was her cue to leave, before she got caught in something she really regret. As Tifa headed out the door she took one look back, saw all of them bickering and thought if she was doing the right thing.

Then she threw it away and walked out the door 'of course it is, Cloud deserves the best, and with his childhood he needs some pampering.'

The four men sat there until closing time talking about the blond called Cloud and Cloud who was already in his office finishing up paperwork, sneezed a couple times, causing paper to fly off his desk,

"someone's talking about me" he said to himself as he started to pick up the fallen papers. Cloud found out the next day that was the last normal day he would have for a long while.