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Beeping reached Cloud's ears, the noises were muffled and his head was on fire but he still had a sense of what was happening.

A hospital. Why am I in a hospital?


Fury rolled through Cloud in waves, how dare he? Cloud gripped the side of the bed, using it to push himself up.

"Woah Spike, slow down, there's no need to rush."


A flash of images passed in his head, Zack saving him, Zack talking to him, Zack fighting for him, and Zack Dying for him.

A sob escaped Cloud's throat, those memories weren't his! They couldn't be!

Zack looked on worriedly and leaned to pat Cloud's back, "it's alright Cloud…nobody got hurt….everybody is okay so…don't cry."

"what are you doing once we reach Midgar?'

Silence from Cloud but he could see even if he could not move or speak that Zack was doing this just to comfort him.

"Well, first of all we need to get some money, huh?"

Yes but Zack you should have left me….I'm a burden to you.

Zack did not hear him, he turned to ask the driver of the truck if there was any business that he could do.

"Everything he says? Not much help, right?"

Then Zack exclaimed, "that's right! I'll open a business that does everything!"

The guy driving in the truck said something about not listening but Zack continued on, "it would depend on the reward! How dangerous and where and that kind of stuff."

Then Zack watched Cloud for a second, "hey Cloud what are you going to be doing?"

Then he laughed, "I'm just kidding Cloud, I wouldn't abandon you."

You should have.

"We're friends, right Cloud?"


"You hear Cloud? We'll open a business that does everything!"

Then darkness.


Heavy breathing, then bright light.

"You stay here alright?"

A hand rubbing his hair lightly as if saying good bye.

No! Zack don't go!

Zack's retreating form, it triggered something and Cloud forced his arm to move. It rose, reaching for Zack but he kept walking. Then there were gunshots and sounds of a fight. Cloud forced himself to crawl, he had to get there, help Zack….

But it was too late….

Cloud crawled past the dead army, straight towards the familiar figure lying in the dirt—he was still breathing.

Relief filled him.

But as soon as Cloud saw Zack's condition his heart plummeted,…no!


Cloud hovered above Zack, anxious, "Zack."

Zack smiled, "Cloud…"

He raised his hand and it landed on Cloud's head forcing it onto Zack's chest.

"You are my legacy. You'll live for both of us won't you?"

Zack did not need an answer of course Cloud would.

He picked up his sword, barely able to pick it up and pushed it into Cloud's hands.

"Remember, Honor, Justice, and…..Freedom."

Cloud nodded.

"Tell Aerith, I'm sorry that I wasn't able to see her."

Then Zack stared into the sky. Cloud weakly stood.

"Do you think I'm a hero Cloud?"

Yes, defiantly my hero.

Zack closed his eyes, his breath gone.

Then Cloud walked, dragging the sword behind him in the dirt.

Behind him Zack again opened his eyes but not as a human but a sprit, raising his hand into the sky…reaching for someone's hand with a content smile on his face.




It overrode Cloud's senses, memories of the past mixing with the ones he had now.

Hands shook his shoulder, "Cloud! Snap out of it! Sephiroth! Come in here, he's going to hurt himself!"

Clouds eyes snapped open, his eyes glazing over at the mention of the name.

Sephiroth armed with a sword, eyes filled with no sane thought.

"By the likes of you…."

A voice, Zack's "Cloud…..finish……."

Zack! Cloud steeled his shoulders, sword in hand, as Sephiroth advanced towards him,

"By the likes of you!"

Cloud charged, but Sephiroth's blade intercepted his before it met its mark.

"Don't push it kid!"

Masamune pierced Cloud's stomach and Cloud grunted, pain spreading through his body. Cloud landed near the edge, curled on his side in pain.

"By the likes of you human beings…..You really thought you could defeat me!"

The blade pierced down just above the original wound and Sephiroth lifted Cloud over the Mako.

"Remember carefully…"
The pain…oh the pain. But Cloud found the strength, "My family….and my home town."

Cloud's hands reached out, grabbing onto the sword, and Sephiroth watched astonished, "I will never…..forgive you!"

He pulled, stabbing himself with the sword even deeper, but he had reached the ledge and stepped onto it. Then finding the strength again, he swung the sword, throwing Sephiroth into the wall.

Cloud dropped onto his knees, holding his chest as Sephiroth looked up, "Impossible…what the hell are you?"

Cloud breathed in deeply, his gaze never wavering from Sephiroth's, Sephiroth smirked and Cloud's hear froze at the sight.

"Mother….come to the promised land with me…"

Before Cloud could even process it, Sephiroth jumped into the mako, Jenova in his hands, and eyes close with a content expression on his face.

Cloud watched, surprised, "Sephi…roth…"

Then dropped to the floor as his consciousness faded.

Screams. That's all they could hear from the next room, that and the heart-wrenching sobs.

Angeal was sitting with his head in his hands, trying to block out the sounds. Genesis was clenching onto his novel, almost breaking the binding as he forced himself to read 'loveless.'

It wasn't working….. The sounds echoed in their heads and their hearts.

Zack came bursting out of the room, a fearful expression on his face, Angeal and Genesis watched him.

Zack then launched himself into Angeal's arms, his voice shaking "he won't stop! And…and he keeps trying to hurt himself...! He doesn't even notice us! It's like we're not there!"

They all had gone through it already…the memories were never ending at first but they would come to an end. All they could do was wait….Angeal soothed Zack, "It's alright….he'll be okay."

The thought wasn't comforting as Cloud screamed one last time before silence reigned.

Well? Good?