Oh, hi. :D I'm Vezon-X. Glad to meet you.

You may be wondering why I'm writing this. The answer is: because I feel like it. I do that a lot. Like, today at the store, someone bought something useful and I bought a big bouncy ball. So that's that.

Actually, the reason I wrote this was to tell you a story. So here it goes. I hope you like it.


Once upon a time there was a GIANT DRAGON. He had big teeth and loved to fly around. But one day he was attacked by a rock named Paul. Paul was very angry because the dragon killed his family and he wanted revenge. The dragon was very sad. But then a man with a sword made of pure silicone approached and told them that the dragon was not the one who killed Paul's family.

"What?" asked Paul in annoyance as he sat as still as his rock body would let him.

"That's right!" answered the man. "It was an evil magician named Hank!"

The dragon's eyes narrowed at the name and the glared out at the ocean as if it would do something, and, in his mind, it did.

"We must go on a long and dangerous journey to find him. We must go to the ends of the universe!"

And so they went. The dragon, Paul the rock, and the man with the silicone sword went on a long and dangerous journey to the ends of the universe to find Hank the magician.

The trio came to a large cave with snakes carved into the rock entrance.

"My family!" Paul cried in dismay.

"Yes," replied the man. "And we will need to join forces to defeat him.".

They entered and found a man in a long, flowing robe made of tin and copper.

"We have come to destroy you!" shouted the man.

"Oh?" asked Hank, releasing a swarm of birds that clung to their bodies and made them scared. But they fought off the birds and then they killed the magician.

Then they bought a house and lived forever.

But there was a story before this:


First: the earth cooled, and then the dinosaurs came, but they got too big and fat so they died and turned into oil and then the [redacted] came and they bought Mercedes Benzs.

The end.


Well, I hope you enjoyed my story. Vezon-X loves to tell stories. Tell me what you think and maybe I'll tell you more! Bye-bye!