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Robin awoke in the darkness and immediately felt the emptiness between his arms. A sensation of loss swept through him and the bed suddenly felt cold without that calming warm presence. With a frown marring his handsome features, he slid off the purple cotton sheets in one smooth motion, jerked his pants on, and plodded sleepily out of the room.

He couldn't sleep without his hot water bottle.

It wasn't in the kitchen; he'd searched there first. It wasn't in the living room, or the garage. The rooftop was empty and the bathroom vacant. Striding impatiently back down the hallway to her room, he halted suddenly, acute senses alerting him to a presence in his room.

Slipping silently inside, Robin stalked closer to the intruder, who was too intent on raiding his closet to pay him any mind.

"What are you doing?"

She spun around in surprise with the guilt of one caught in the act.

But Raven recovered quickly and slammed her marble façade in place.

"What? I was curious ok?" She folded her arms across her chest defensively and smiled quirkily, "besides, I think they look rather good on me."

Robin was speechless. Raven wearing his mask. Who would have ever thought that she would look so mysterious, so aloof, and so…sexy.

He stared at her for so long, lost in his memorization of her face and overwhelmed by his body's arousal at the mere sight of her, that Raven took his silence for disapproval.

Raven's smile vanished. She bit her lip anxiously, berating herself for being so careless, so stupid to think that Robin wouldn't mind her wearing his mask. Her hands flew up to untie the strings of his mask when suddenly; they were halted by a strong grip.

"What?" Raven snapped irritably, "I'm taking them off aren't I?"

"No, don't" He said softly.

She tilted her head up to fix him with a quelling glare. Damn it, what did he want? He confused her,

Robin couldn't stop himself. In one fluid movement, he hauled Raven's hands up until they were pinned against the wall, imprisoned high above her head, then he bent his head down and savagely captured her lips with his.

Raven felt a thousand fireworks explode in her head. Shocked as she was at his unexpected kiss, she had to say that it was not entirely unpleasant. Alright, the position she was in, body backed against the wall and arms helplessly restrained, could be debatable. But she wasn't going to complain about the dozen butterflies that Robin's kisses set off in her stomach.

Another thing that surprised her was the ferocity of his kiss. His tongue surged through the break in her lips and searched her mouth, tasting her. It took all her strength to keep her knees from buckling.

He teased her mercilessly, brushing his lips against hers and tracing them with his tongue until she moaned with frustration. With sharp tug, she managed to free a hand from his firm grasp and yanked him to her from the front of his shirt.

This time she was in control.

They fought for dominance in the kiss, using their bodies as weapons of desire to stir up passion in the other. Hands fumbled clumsily, caressing and stroking, hungry in their search of hot silky skin. Sighs, pants and the occasional low moan were accompanied by the rustle of clothing being discarded.

Stumbling clumsily forward, they finally made it onto his bed.

Where they stayed in for the rest of the night and most of the following day.

She kept his mask on the whole time.


Author's note: Found this on my computer. Not quite sure how it got there but I finished it and now it's here for all of you to enjoy. After reading it, I can't really believe I wrote something this explicit, so if this story happens to be an excerpt from some fabulous fanfic, then please let me know!