Zoey was walking back to her room and she ran in to someone.

"I'm sorry" zoey said looking up to see it was Logan.

"its ok zoey oh and chase wants you" Logan said with tears in his eyes because he knew chase was going to ask her out and he want to ask her out.

"what's wrong Logan and I already talked to chase and he asked me out" zoey said. "and what did you say" Logan said hoping she said no. "umm…..no I said no because I like someone else" zoey said and Logan looked at her and said "then who do u like?" zoey toke a deep breath and said "you Logan" Logan was shocked what he just heard and he said " I like you to zoey" zoey looked shocked "zoey….. Do .. You … Err… do you want to go out with me" Logan said and zoey kissed him and said " does that answer your question" zoey smiled and Logan said "yes and come to my room about 11:00 ok" zoey nodded and went back in her room and saw her roommates smiling "what" zoey said really happy and blushing. Lola said "why are you all happy zoe" zoey texted Logan and ask if it was ok to tell them and Logan texted back and told her it was ok to tell them "so" Lola and Quinn said "well…. Me and …." paused "me and who" Lola said "me and .. Logan are going out" paused Quinn and Lola looked at her shocked. Logan walked to his room think of zoey and he went in to his room and said "I got a new girlfriend" Logan said to chase and Michael his roommates. Michael said "is it some we know" Logan toke a deep breath and Logan said "yes it is someone you guys know" Michael said "what her name" Logan toke another deep breath "z…zo…zoe…zoey" chase got really mad and was going to kill Logan until Michael got in the middle of them and there was a knock at the door and Logan answered it and it was Lola and Quinn and zoey and zoey said "you guys want to pay basket ball with use" Logan, Michael and chase said "sure" they go play basket ball and zoey and lola and quinn fell and they hurt there hand "zoey are you okay" logan said picking up his girlfriend "ya" zoey said and chase picked up lola and Michael picked up quinn and they started to walk to the nurse office and after that the nurse told logan chase and Michael they would have to stay in there room to make fall a sleep and they said "ok" they got back to the girls room and fell a sleep the next day zoey saw that logan had fell off the bed and he woke up so did chase michael lola chase and quinn and started to laugh cuz logan was on the floor and logan got up and kissed zoey and michael chase and logan went back to there room. zoey was so annoyed that she ran out of her room down the hall and out the door and she went to the guys dorm and chase heared a knock at the door and it was zoey and zoey said "wheres logan" chase point at logan and logan said "what did i do" "ummm... your girlfriend here logan" chase said with a smirk "oh sorry come in zoey"logan said and saw tears coming down her face as she walked towards logan and sat beside him and he said "whats wrong zoe" zoey didnt answer "zoey come on you can tell me" logan said and zoey said "when you guys went back to your dorm lola and quinn were acting really werid so i got really annoyed so i came here" before logan could say something there was a knock at the door and michael answered it and it was lola and quinn and lola and quinn said "wheres zoey" "I'M RIGHT HERE AND LEAVE ME ALONE BECAUSE MY WITH MY BOYFRIEND" zoey yelled and lola and quinn came in and pulled zoey arm but logan wouldnt let them take zoey "logan let go of zoey" lola said "NO SHE MY GIRLFRIEND" "let me go quinn and lola i want logan not you guys" michael and chase was laughing at them the whole time and zoey told them to "shut there mounths" so they stopped laughing and helped logan and lola and quinn went back to there dorm and zoey started to hug logan and logan hugged back