The Stalking Moon

Chapter One: We're moving?FINALLY!

"Rikki" my mom said sweetly, walking into my rom.

"what?" I asked.

"ummm... since you don't have anymore school left and you say you're tired of all the drama-"

"you will let me do home school this year?" I shout cutting her off.

"no," she said clearing her throat. "we want you to start out fresh"

"what?" I asked not knowing what was going on.

"we are moving" my mom said, knowing I would never guess that.

"wh-what?" I asked.

"we are moving to Australia, I thought since our family had Australlian accents we would fit in perfectly." my mom explained.

"ok, i'm okay with that" I said.

"you said that last time, and when we arrived at our house you completely freaked out" my mom said.

"well I want to see what it's like there, I don't remember the last time we were there because I was two." I said.

"alright, well you might wanna fill up the boxes your father and I set up in the hall."my mom said.

"ok" I said getting boxes and putting my pictures, and anime posters in them.

My mom went to pack up her bedroom, while my dad was packing the living room. It was too quiet in my room so I put my Skillet CD in my stereo,then I continued to pack. A few hours passed by and I was half way done with my room. My dad was already packing the kitchen by the time I went to get another box, and my mom was helping him.

"Rikki are you almost done the movers are here!" my mom shouted.

I slowly walked down the steps with a few boxes, and put them on the bottom of the staircase.

"there are a few boxes at the bottom f the steps!" I shouted back.

All of a sudden my dogs Rocko,Herly,Shellby, and Max ran through the door, with shellby's puppies running behind.

'oh my goodness!' I thought, as i watched Herly and shellby jump on my bed. "luckly i took my sheets and pillows off" I murmmured to myself.

Herly is part blue Healer and part border collie and he's seven months old and very hyper, Rocko is a Great Dane so he's up to my stomach, he's taller than my little sister Hannah who rides him like a pony every once in a while, shellby is a golden lab, and Max is the dad of the puppies, Max is part German shepard and Chesepeak.

The movers were taking the couch and everything. I ran back up stairs and finished packing my room. I had to push Herly and Shellby off of my bed because the movers came to get it. I finally got to take a brake, my dad saved a cup for me and my mom.