So this isn't a chapter. But please please please READ AHEAD and hopefully this will clear up any confusion.

Hey guys I'm so sorry for this mess. Don't hate me. Please *angel face*. I know you guys are probably like wtf is Kiki68 doing?

Anyway I've reposted the original version of this story back up.

The reason for this? Well some of my readers (ps my readers mean a lot to me) weren't happy with the fact that the original story got deleted and replaced and would rather I kept the original draft (even if it's incomplete) and started the edited version as a new story. So for those readers I have reposted the story.

Although just to say this draft will not be completed and no please do not ask me if you can complete it. I plan on completing the very very very edited version. However this edited version is put up as a new story and has a new name 'Security of the Heart'. Go head over there and check it out *bats eyelashes*.

Well anyway as you can see the name and the summary has been changed and the story is quite different to what I originally posted (forgive me?). However Bella will still be Mr Cullen's hot PA and Mr Cullen will still be an ass(the outline of the plot will be the same.)

The reason for this whole mess is the fact that I'm am really quite upset with how this story has turned out, I don't like my style of writing or the ideas. And for that reason I found it very hard to continue writing the story. I hope you guys forgive me for breaking my promise that I would complete this story. But hopefully I can be let off as I am completing this story, sort of, as 'Security of the Heart'.

So feel free to delete this story off your favourites or whatever.

Some ideas from 'New Dawn' might be transferred to 'Security of the Heart' but I'm not sure yet 'cause I'm one of those writers who don't plan ahead I just write when I get motivation.

Okay, so one last thing (I promise) I have about a page written on MS Word (not much I know) of the next chapter for this story. I wasn't planning on posting it since it isn't complete but if I do get requests I will post up what I have of that chapter.

Okay so after this lengthy AN I just want to once again say I'm sorry and to all the readers of New Dawn I hope you forgive me and continue to enjoy my writing in all my other stories and I hope you will go and read 'Security of the Heart'.