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The canter of what could only be described as a stampede of horses approached the camp hidden in the hillside. Shikamaru having been on lookout was the first to spot them, the entirety of Uchiha Fugaku's men riding straight for their campgrounds. After the initial shock had worn off Shikamaru banged the gong, a symbol that they were under attack.

The entire camp started to ready themselves for a battle while the men approached and hide high in the hilltops for the opportunity of an ambush.

"In the hills." Naruto said quietly. "That's where camp is."

Ibiki nodded, "The hills!" was his simple command and the entire battalion followed.

As the battalion reached the camp there was a foreboding silence before someone yelled, "Charge!" Then the battle began.

Naruto, of course, couldn't see anything and the screams and clashing of swords made him feel nauseous. He shouldn't have sold them out. For all he knew all of his friends were being massacred out there.

Outside the carriage the rebels and the guards were engaged in an epic clash. Swords swung, people fell, but nobody dared stop for anything. Even the wounded kept fighting.

"What's going on?" Kiba screamed, "How did they find us?"

"Does that matter right now?" Shikamaru yelled back. "Fight now, questions later! But if I had to put my money on anything I'd guess Naruto got tricked into this. Idiot!"

"Ahh," Sakura screamed as she fell nearly getting trampled in the mist of the chaos. She pulled herself back up and sliced clear through her attacker.

Lee jumped to Sakura's side helping her fend off the guards. "Sakura-chan! Are you alright?" He turned a dark glare on her attackers. "I shall not forgive you for attacking a lady!" Screaming like a true Jackie Chan, he began taking them down.

Kakashi threw the carriage doors open and took out the key to Naruto's handcuffs. "You idiot! No one is allowed to hurt Sasuke or his child now get out there and fight!" He freed Naruto's hands and pushed him out of the carriage. "You defend Iruka-chan because I can't blow my cover!"

Naruto smiled. "They really can't hurt the baby? That's great!"

After Naruto ran out to join the chaos of the battle, Kakashi decided the safest way to remain neutral was to fake an injury. He unsheathed his sword and stabbed himself through the leg.

Naruto's first decision was to tarhet Ibiki. That bastard would not go unpunished. He found him in the midst of the action. As the two locked eyes, Naruto screamed, "Lying asshole!" He took a bow and arrow from a dead body and fired at Ibiki.

The arrow hit Ibiki straight in the chest and he coughed up blood. "So you figured it out," Ibiki half-laughed half-coughed blood running down his face.

"You're a bastard! To make me sell out my friends with your fucking lies!" Naruto charged at Ibiki tackling him down. He threw punch after punch at him. "I bet your wife didn't have a miscarriage at all! I bet you're not even married!"

"You can kill me if you want," Ibiki said, "but it won't change anything. You've already sold out your friends. Do you really think they'll ever forgive you? The only person you have left will be married tomorrow and soon the very man you fought so hard to defy will be raising your son and fucking your lover."

"Shut up!" Naruto growled as he pulled the arrow out the Ibiki's chest only to thrust it through his eye.

Naruto stood over the dead body, panting. Anger and adrenaline still ran through his vains, however his blood froze when he heard a familair voice scream. "Ahhhh!" Naruto turned pale. That was Iruka's voice. Kakashi had asked him to protect him. He was his surrogate mother. Taking Ibiki's sword, Naruto ran to protect Iruka who thankfully wasn't dead yet. Iruka had suffered a near fatal blow to the chest from a guard's sword. By the time Naruto got there, his attacker had already been taken down. Likely, by Iruka himself who stood near the bloody coarpse before falling to his knees then the ground.

Naruto took Iruka in his arms. "It's okay, Kaa-chan. You'll be okay. Sakura and Tsunade...they'll fix you." Naruto's eyes shone with unshed tears, his voice cracking.

"Naruto," Iruka released a pained groan, "I want you to know I don't blame you. I would have done the same thing in your position."

"Don't talk like you're gonna die! No rebels are gonna die today! Teba!" A tear rolled down Naruto's cheek.

"You're just like your mother." Iruka smiled wistfully before going unconscious.

Naruto gentally set down Iruka's limp body. He remained near it, defeating any solider who dear come near his mother. Swinging his sword at the guards, he yelled for his comrades to hear, "We need to end this quickly you guys! Or we won't be able to save the wounded!"

"We don't need a gullible idiot to tell us things we already know!" Shikamaru yelled stabbing a guard. "If you hadn't noticed though, we're a little out numbered so this could take a while."

"Stop it Shika!" Sakura screamed, "Turning on each other now won't help anything!"

"Sorry! It's not that I don't forgive Naruto! It's just now isn't the time for him to be in control." Shikamaru screamed back.

"All I'm saying is fight like you mean it!" Naruto yelled back as he began to charge through the enemies, two swords he'd taken from dead bodies in his hands. He sliced his way through enemy after enemy, taking down two at a time. Inspired by Naruto's fighting, the other rebels began to do adopt similar fighting techniques. Sakura shoot arrow after arrow, piercing the heart of many soliders as Lee fought up to five at a time with his bare hands. Shikamaru used his speed to dodge, leaving his enemies slicing each other in his absence. Kiba charged through, slaughtering like a wild beast. The rebels became an unstoppable force. It wasn't long before Fugaku's men retreated.

"Everyone grab what you can!" Tsunade screamed, "We have to move camp before they come back."

"Shouldn't we take time to help the wounded first?" Naruto protested.

"We don't have time. We'll help them when they're safe." Shikamaru said.

The rebels scurried around grabbing what they could and helping the wounded into carriages. "We'll go west, hide in the mountains up there. No one from the village has charted that area. They'll never find us." Tsunade said mounting her horse and leading the group toward the mountains.

"I'm really sorry about this." Naruto said. "They told me if I didn't, they'd kill our baby and I couldn't let that happen."

Tsunade sighed, "Let's not worry about all that right now. Let's just set up camp and tend to our wounded."

Naruto nodded. He couldn't stay there too long. As much as he hated to admit it what Ibiki had said had really gotten to him. He wasn't going to let Orochimaru fuck his lover or raise his child. He was going to do whatever it took to get them back.

After Kakashi's injuries had been treated, he went to report to Fugaku. "Uchiha-san," Kakashi bowed. "We suffered minimal causalities and the wounded all seem to be healing well. Unfortunately, we lost Ibiki-san and Kyuubi got away."

"Damn it," Fugaku cursed, "Well at least we put the fear of god into the little bastard. I doubt if he'll try and come for Sasuke again, but just in case I want guards posted outside Sasuke's room until the wedding tomorrow. See that Sasuke goes nowhere without my knowledge."

"Yes, sir." Kakashi said. He left the room and went up to Sasuke's room. "Your father wants you to stay here until your marriage."

"Where else would I go?" Sasuke stood looking out the window of the large.

"I think he's more worried about where Naruto might take you than where you would go."

Sasuke turned to look at Kakashi, "He's free! Is he okay?"

"He's fine." Kakashi smiled. "As it stands right now he's helping the rebellion rebuild."

"Thank God," Sasuke sighed, "as long as he stays put until after the wedding everything should be fine."

"I doubt that he will." Kakashi sighed exasperated.

"I know," Sasuke said, "I suppose it was just wishful thinking."

"Well, in all fairness to him, I don't think anyone would just give up. I actually feel bad for trying to stop him."

"But if we didn't he'd get himself killed. In fact even with our best efforts he's still doing his best to get himself killed."

"Well then it almost seems like all this effort is wasted."

"Please Kakashi," Sasuke pleaded.

Kakashi sighed. He'd wanted to go help the rebellion and make sure Iruka had pulled through but then Iruka probably wouldn't want Naruto to be hanged either. Neither did Kakashi. He also had a soft spot for Naruto. No one else had quite the same effect on people. "Alright."

"Thank you Kakashi," Sasuke smiled.

Sasuke stomped out of his room and into the hallway, "You!" He screamed at the guard to the left of his door, "If you insist on standing there and breathing through your mouth all night at least make yourself useful and get me some chocolate and pickled scallions."

"Uh…chocolate and pickled scallions, Uchiha-san?" The guard asked hesitantly.

"Yes, and maybe a glass of milk."

"Um, as you wish, sir." The guard went down to the kitchen to fetch what Sasuke had asked for.

Sasuke went back to his bed and lye waiting for the guard to return. "You have even stranger taste than your father," He said to his stomach, "At least it wasn't that God awful Vienna sausage."

"Hey, that stuff was pretty damn good." Naruto said from Sasuke's window.

Sasuke's head snapped in the direction of Naruto's voice. "Dobe! What are you doing here?" He demanded.

"I'm not letting you marry Orochimaru, teme! I want you to come back with me!"

"I can't leave Naruto." Sasuke said, "But you have to. We've already caused too many people grief."

"The one who's been suffering most is you! I'm not just going to stand by while sacrifice yourself!"

"You have to leave now dobe. The guard will be back with my food soon."

"No, I'm not leaving until you agree to come with me!"

"Uchiha-san?" The guard knocked on the door. "I have the food you asked for."

"Um…Give me a minute," Sasuke called over his shoulder. "Dobe at least get down. I want that food and I can't let him in with you in plain sight."

"Alright," Naruto snickered. "Only because I think your cravings are cute." He climbed back out of the window.

"Okay, you can come in now." Sasuke called out to the guard who soon after entered the room with a plate of chocolate and pickled scallions. "Thank you," Sasuke said, "you're dismissed."

The guard bowed and left the room. The second after Naruto came back in through the window. "Chocolate and pickled scallions? Even I wouldn't eat that." Naruto said.

"Take it up with your son," Sasuke whispered pointing at his stomach, "It's a boy or at least that's what Orochimaru's doctors said."

"A boy," Naruto grinned. "That's what Ibiki called it too."

"I'm sorry," Sasuke said wrapping his arms around Naruto, "I'm sorry they used our baby against you. I wish you hadn't had to go through that."

"I'm sure you've had to go through worse." Naruto smiled wrapping his arms around Sasuke's waist.

"Dobe, I love you, but…you have to leave. I'm sorry. I wish we could raise our son together, but…"

"We can! I know one thing for sure: I'm not letting Orochimaru raise him! And I don't want you to have to sleep with him either!"

Sasuke smirked, "I was looking forward to that last bit."

"What? No way! That's not funny!"

Sasuke leaned his head on Naruto's shoulder, "Kidnap me dobe. Take me against my will and make me live with you and raise our son together."

"Twist my arm." Naruto smirked picking Sasuke up bridal-style to carry him out of the room.

"Uchiha-san!" A guard yelled running into the living room where Fugaku and Itachi sat. "Uchiha-san, your son has gone missing!"

"What?" Fugaku shot up from his chair, "How did this happen? You were supposed to be watching him! How could you let this happen?"

"Sir, we were watching him. It's a complete mystery how he got away." The guard said.

"The mystery is how an incompetent moron like you became an elite guard! Now quit wasting time and find my son before I strip you of your title." Fugaku screamed.

"Yes, sir!" The guard yelled running off to inform the others and start a search.

Kakashi sighed having witnessed the scene. So much for keeping Naruto away from the gallows. He might as well go home, help his rebellion, check on Iruka, and bring Sasuke back tomorrow. "Sir," Kakashi began, "As much as I'd like to help you look for Sasuke-san, I'm afraid I have familial issues to attend to."

Fugaku sighed, "Fine, fine," He said waving Kakashi away without looking at him. "I suppose we have enough guards without you…I didn't know you had family Kakashi. Why haven't I heard of them before?"

"We don't really talk about such things, Sir. It's unprofessional to burden you with my family life as I'm doing right now, but I'm afraid my wife isn't doing very well right now."

Fugaku looked remorseful, "I'm sorry to hear that Hatake. Take as much time as you need, I'm sure we can manage without you for a while."

"Thank you, Sir." Kakashi bowed and left the room.

"Uchiha-san!" The guard returned. "We can't find Sasuke-san on the property, we have several men still searching the town, but we haven't found Sasuke-san or a clue as where he might be. We think he may have left hours ago. He could be anywhere."

"Goddamn it!" Fugaku screamed, "He must be with that rebel, head to the hills. He couldn't have gotten far!"

"Yes, Sir!" The guard said running off to gather more guards to search the hills.

"See that Orochimaru never finds out about this!" Fugaku called after the guard.

Kakashi walked into Tsunade's tent upon his arrival into camp. "Congratulations. I didn't think we'd actually win that last battle." He smiled at her.

"I'm as surprised as you." Tsunade said, "What are we going to do about Naruto? He won't give up now. He'll crash every wedding the Uchihas have until he's got that brat back here with him."

"Funny you should mention that. I think he's already brought Sasuke to camp at the very least he took him away from Orochimaru's manor." Kakashi said. "I can take him back in the morning, but Naruto will just go get him again. We need a more permanent solution."

"I suppose we could just wait for the Uchiha to give birth to a blond haired, blue eyed nuisance. Orochimaru might kick them both out on their asses after that."

"Be serious," Kakashi said. "If the infant does look like Naruto what will Orochimaru do to it?"

"Who can say for sure? Mostly likely he'd kill it before Sasuke regained his senses. He'd call it a still birth and no one would be the wiser." Tsunade said, "To be honest it's the most likely fate for the child. Naruto's got strong genes. They passed from his father and they'll probably pass to his son. I'd be surprised if the child wasn't the spitting image of his father."

"Orochimaru is probably already aware it isn't his child anyway. No one would buy that bull for a minute. We both know the pervert probably only let it slide so he could have Sasuke. He's been taken with Sasuke since he was a mere child. Maybe we should just keep Sauske until the child is born. Then we can return Sasuke. No one will look for him. Sasuke can say it was a still born. With Sasuke back at home, they will have no reason to search for us and the child will be safe."

"To be honest, I'd rather Sasuke kept the child too if not for ethical reasons then because the child would need him, but what can we do? There's just no way for everyone to be happy."

After a moment of thought Kakashi said, "We could fake Uchiha's death."

"That's a great idea. No one will come after a dead man."

"I'll get one of the bodies from the battle. We'll dress it up to look like the Uchiha and I can bring it back to Orochimaru and his family. If all goes well Naruto should be able to raise his child without interference."

"A happy ending for everyone then. That calls for a drink." Tsunade downed her glass of sake.

Sasuke and Naruto snuck through the camp and into Naruto's tent. "Thank God," Sasuke groaned plopping down on the familiar pile of pillows. "Dobe do you have any of those Vienna sausages left?"

Naruto snickered. "No, teme, but I'll go get some if you want."

"Go. Now." Sasuke commanded.

"What? I didn't think you'd actually make me leave after we just got here!" Naruto pouted. "Fine, maybe Kiba'll have some. He loves those things." Naruto grumbled, stomping out of his tent.

Sasuke grinned, but his victory was short lived as the ubiquitous heartburn made itself known.

"Sasuke-san, somehow I knew I'd find you here." Kakashi smiled at him. "I know this is going to be a little strange to hear, but I need your clothes." Kakashi waited for Sasuke's jaw to drop before continuing. "Now, don't worry. I have a change of clothes for you. This is just part of a plan."

"What kind of plan requires my clothing?"

"The kind where you fake your death so you and Naruto can raise your child."

Sasuke sat in silent awe for a moment before nodding his understanding. He stood from the pillows and striped of his garments exposing the barely visible lump of his stomach.

Kakashi took Sasuke's clothing and handed him the others he'd brought him. Unfortunately, Naruto walked in before Sasuke could put said clothes on. "What the fuck are you doing, Kakashi?"

"Well, this is awkward." Kakashi said.

"Dobe, it's not what you think. Kakashi needs my clothes so he can fake my death."

"Oh," Naruto grinned. "That's awesome! Sasuke's gonna be able to stay here!"

"Wonderful as all this is I'd really appreciate that change of clothes now, and the Vienna sausage."

Kakashi threw the clothes at him. "Vienna sausages?" He raised his eyebrow.

Sasuke dressed hastily, "You get pregnant and then talk to me about my eating habits." He hissed pulling the last of the garments Kakashi had thrown on.

"I didn't mean to upset you, I could just never picture you eating them even when pregnant. Now, if you'll excuse me I have to find a guard. Goodbye." Kakashi walked out of the tent.

Naruto was still grinning like an idiot as he gave Sasuke the Vienna sausages. "You think that plan'll work?"

"I hope so," Sasuke sighed cutting up his meat, "I can't raise our baby with another man. It just doesn't feel right."

"And I wouldn't let you anyway. At least not with Orochimaru." Naruto said in distaste.

"Oh, but you wouldn't mind if it were Kakashi because he and I were talking and—"

"Teme! You would not raise our kid with Kakashi! He'll corrupt him! The only one you can raise our son with is me! Teba!"

"Calm down dobe," Sasuke smirked, "I had no intention of doing otherwise."

"Good," Naruto grinned. "So, what are we gonna name 'im?"

"Minato," Sasuke said rubbing the small protrusion of his abdomen. "That's what you came up with, isn't it?"

"It is, but I only had the right to name him 'cause I wasn't gonna meet him. Now, it seems like you should have a say in it."

"I like Minato. It was your father's name, wasn't it?"

"Yeah," Naruto smiled. "It was."

"Well I don't see how we could name him after my father, but it seems fitting to name him after yours."

"Thanks, Sasu-chan," Naruto said crouching down to stomach level. "You've finally got a real name, little guy. You're gonna be named after your grandfather. Hey, Sasu-chan, what month does he start kicking?"

"Around the sixth he should start moving, but it will only be small flutters. It won't be until the seventh that he really starts kicking."

"I can't wait to feel him when he kicks." Naruto's grin grew.

"I suppose you would be excited about it as it's not your insides he'll be kicking."

It was roughly a week after the search for Sasuke had began that a solemn looking Kakashi rode into town with a dead body dressed in Sasuke's clothing. He carried the body to Fugaku. "Uchiha-san, I'm sorry to say I found your son…like this."

"Where…How…My God, Mikoto will be devastated." Fugaku said somberly.

"My condolences, Uchiha-san."

Fugaku shook his head, "I'll be in my study. See that nobody disturbs me." Fugaku walked away toward the house without another word.

Kakashi took the body to the nurses. "That's all that's left of Uchiha Sasuke. I'm sure a funeral will be requested so take care of the remains." Kakashi left without another word aiming to make a hasty retreat. He didn't want to see the effects of his handy work play out and something told him Itachi wouldn't buy it. Too bad for Kakashi Itachi was exactly who stopped him on his way out.

"Hatake a word?" Itachi said sternly.

"Yes, Uchiha-san. How may I help you?" Kakashi asked innocently.

Itachi pulled him aside, "Where is my brother? And don't lie to me Hatake or so help me God this whole estate will know you're a rebel before you can blink."

Kakashi cringed. "I was afraid you knew that. I promise you that Sasuke-san is happy and more importantly safe. The child will be raised by him and its father."

"And what about my mother? Have any of you thought of her? This will kill her."

"But you were so willing to take their baby away from its rightful parents. You're a hypocrite, Uchiha-san. You're mother is a bystander of the situation. I'm sorry for that, but there's nothing I can do. This is the way it had to be."

"Oh and why is that? So the blond moron can have his perfect little family. Why is his happiness more important than my mother's."

"Naruto's happiness isn't more important than your mother's. We needed a permanent solution to the situation. Would you rather be caught in a constant escape and capture fight with the two of them? Sasuke can't afford that kind of stress while he's pregnant anyway."

"I suppose that's true, but I can't allow you to let my mother think her baby is dead. Even if you don't tell her where he is you have to tell her that Sasuke and the baby are all right. She can't handle losing her son and her grandson all in one night."

"What the hell am I supposed to tell her? 'You're son isn't dead. Please don't ask me why I know this and don't tell your husband?' It doesn't work like that."

"So you're going to allow my mother to think her pregnant son is dead."

"I'm sorry but I can't tell her anything about the rebellion. It would put everyone there in danger including Sasuke."

"You don't have a choice. If you don't tell her I will."

"Fine." Kakashi ground out. He made his way to Mikoto's room with Itachi following him. "Uchiha-san, may I come in? There's something important I have to tell you." He knocked on the door.

A puffy eyed Mikoto opened the door, "Oh Kakashi, my baby," She wailed, "Oh God and his baby too. I should never have allowed that wedding. If we hadn't been going to visit Orochimaru none of this ever would have happened."

"Uchiha-san…that is actually what I came to see you about. Sasuke-san is not dead. He and his child are just fine. However I must ask you not to tell anyone especially your husband."

Mikoto threw her arms around Kakashi in glee, "Thank God! Oh Kakashi, where is he? Where is my baby? Is he okay? Is he being taken care of? Oh no! He doesn't have his prenatal vitamins."

"Uchiha-san, please calm down. I assure you he is being well taken care of by the medics and everyone around him."

"I-Is he with the father?" Mikoto asked breathing deep to calm herself down.

Kakashi nodded. "He is, but you shouldn't worry about him. I'm sure Kyuubi will take very good care of him. All of the rebels like Sasuke, they won't hurt him."

Mikoto smiled, "As long as he's happy. See that he's well taken care of Kakashi."

"Of course." Kakashi returned the smile. "Just don't tell your husband about any of this."

Mikoto put a finger over her lips, "It'll be our little secret."

Kakashi walked into the tent where Naruto and Sasuke lay in bed. Sasuke was asleep, his head resting on Naruto's chest while Naruto stroked his back. "Shh, he's asleep." Naruto warned Kakashi. "Did the plan work? Can Sasuke stay here?"

Kakashi just smiled and nodded.

"Yes!" Naruto cheered before cringing at the realization of how loud he'd been. He watched Sasuke carefully for a few moments to make sure he didn't wake up. "That was close."

"There is one little problem." Kakashi said. "Mikoto and Itachi not only know Sasuke is alive but where he is. They don't seem like they're going to stop us from keeping him here, but it's just something to think about."

"I'm sure everything'll be fine." Naruto grinned. "Even if something does happen there's not much we haven't already been through. We'll be prepared."

"I'm sure you will…but let me make this known. After everything you two have put everyone here through, if you ever break up I will kill you with my bare hands." Kakashi glared.

Naruto chuckled. "Don't worry, we won't. I love him way too much to let him get away."

Four years later…

Minato stifled his laughter as Sasuke picked up his coffee. Then let out a loud "No!" when Sasuke poured it out.

"Minato if you pour hot sauce in my coffee one more time I'll tell your father you were a bad boy while he was gone." Sasuke said menacingly.

"Dad's the one that told me to get Kakashi with it." Minato muttered.

Sasuke's eye twitched, "When he gets home I'm going to beat you both."

Minato gulped. "Uh-oh, that's why he told me not to let you know."

Sasuke rubbed his temples, "Minato finish your breakfast and go get dressed. You have lessons with Iruka-sensei in an hour."

"Ah!" Minato groaned before walking over to Sasuke and wrapping his arms around his legs. "I want to stay home with you today, Kaa-chan. Don't you wanna spend time with me?"

Sasuke picked up his son and kissed his cheek. "You are such a little manipulator, just like your father." Sasuke set his son down at the table, "Eat breakfast and get dressed or you can go to lessons hungry and in your bedclothes."

"Fine," Minato groaned sulking back to his breakfast.

"Daddy's home!" Naruto called through the tent at 90Dbs, his arms wide open for his family to come greet him.

"Dad!" Minato ran to Naruto. "You don't want me to go to lessons when you just got home, do you?"

Naruto picked Minato up. " 'Course not…but you've gotta." Minato frowned at the response. Naruto opened his free arm for Sasuke to hug him. "Did ya miss me, Sasu-chan?"

Sasuke neither answered nor hugged Naruto, instead he crossed his arms over his chest and said, "Dobe would you care to explain to me why your son has been dumping hot sauce in my coffee all week?"

"Minato! You've been doing that to your mom? What did I say?" Naruto looked disappointedly at Minato.

"Only to Tsunade, Kakashi, and Jiraiya." Minato muttered.

"That's right," Naruto grinned setting Minato down. "It's all worked out, Sasu-chan."

"Dobe! Don't teach our son to do things like that! You'll make him the biggest nuisance in camp."

"Right! Exactly like me! I'm passing on a legacy, teme!"

Sasuke sighed out his frustration, "Minato hurry up and get dressed your dad can walk you to Iruka's."

" 'Kay, Kaa-chan," Minato said running to get dressed.

"You can come too, teme." Naruto said.

"I've got thirty pounds of extra weight in my stomach, my feet are swollen just from standing…but I'll be here when you get back, all alone. With no children. After a week."

Naruto smirked lecherously. As he opened his mouth to make one of his famous perverted comments about how he had managed to impregnate Sasuke again, but Minato reappeared at his side ready for class. "C'mon, Minato, you need to go to class now." Naruto hurried him out of the door. "Race ya!"

"No fair!" Minato yelled running to catch up with Naruto.