A.N: It's funny.

At first I liked Sayaka and hated Kyosuke but after MUCH analysis and internal arguments I came to like him and hated the blue haired idiot.

He wasn't as bad as Kyubey and he isn't Sayaka's property.

Sure Hitomi couldn't spend time with him because she had after school acitivites unlike Miki who had so much time but at least Sayaka could have pushed beyond the friend zone.

Miki never confessed to him and thought that she couldn't love him with a forever young body, so I'm glad Hitomi pushed her into making a choice. It's not his fault nor Hitomi's for liking each other, it's Sayaka's for being a doormat.

Washing his face, waiting to be discharged, Kyousuke was eager to leave the hospital.

He took one last look at the nurses and doctors and was glad to have have been done with the tests such as regaining use of his hand by tracing shapes or putting shapes into certain places and slowly walking alongside rails.

He didn't want to be confined in there anymore, helpless and depressed.

Although he would be behind in school work, he didn't mind, it was better than just wasting away.

It was ironic he thought as he sat in the car with crutches.

Had it not been for the damn pick up truck hitting his car on his way to his first recital, his body would still be well and he would not have lost precious time in sleeping and wonderment about his predicament.

He stared out the window and saw water splashing against concrete, there had been some leaves on top of the cement, where a small rock was and it looked like the water was trying to grab at the rock to pull it into it's depths.

The scenery changed and he saw grass and wind dancing whimsically.

People moved on by, families smiling, picnics in the park and the sun setting a nice day.

It was as though the environment was responding to his recovery.

He hummed melodies in his mind that he made up during his "vacation" and couldn't wait to start writing down notes and regaining calluses.

His speed amazed his parents as they pulled up to the garage and he ran out of the car and unlocked the front door and ran up to his room.

He saw the violin case on his bed and stared at it for the longest time with a smile slowly expanding with his redder and redder cheeks. He may have been out of breathe, nut not energy to play.

He slowly appoarched it and remembered that Sayaka told him not to give up and that his parents kept the violin in pristine condition.

It was cleaned well and the strings had been changed, his bow had powder on the strings, breathing softly he placed it against the chinrest like he was cradling a new-born.

He had been detached from his life and now he had it back in his hands. He held out the scroll of the violin and started to play while slowly closing his eyes.

From downstairs from the doorway, as music filled the once empty and dark house, it was now bright again as his parents looked up with a smile.

They had their son back, his health, his music and most importantly his life.

Sayaka had been right, there were miracles. She had always been there to help him and now he would repay her the only way he knew how, through music.

As a surprise he decided to dedicate his next song to her. So he silently left the hospital to start practicing to surprise the girl who was his anchor.

A.N: There's gonna be a second chapter from Sayaka's perspective. Maybe Hitomi (post ep 11) for the 3rd chapter but there's a story that already did a better job of that.