"Majordomo plastic como Barbarella she's so fine/ Progenectic que electric Barbarella she's all mine/ My pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty Barbarella..." -Duran Duran

Lola stood in the shower, twisting under the hot jets of water and luxuriating in her favorite lavender-scented bath gel. Usually, after a mission, she was singing, carefree and happy that she had once more finished a job well done, but now… now…

"Holy craters," she murmured, as turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. She wrapped the towel under her heaving bosom and turned the hairdryer onto her damp untamed tawny mane. She thought of how she sat in the bathroom, happily daydreaming… was it only yesterday? How simple her emotions were before this topsy-turvy mishap of a mission happened! She set the hairdryer down and wandered out into the main cabin. With a deep sigh, she sat down on her chaise longue, and put her head in her hands.

"You are strangely quiet, Lola," K.I.T.T.Y. said. "Did your mission go as expected?"

"I-" Lola covered her mouth with a delicate white hand, her beautiful, long-lashed eyes suddenly brimming with tears. "Oh, K.I.T.T.Y! Nothing went as expected. In fact- I- I- shall never be the same again!"

"Are you ill? Perhaps we should find a medical transport before we return to Metaluna."

"A doctor will do nothing for me, K.I.T.T.Y. My suffering surpasses the bounds of medical science! I-" Her voice broke off, as she gazed out into the countless multitude of stars beyond her ship's portal. "I met someone, and I-"

"And?" K.I.T.T.Y. softly prompted.

Lola leaned against the ledge of the portal. "It's just that I might not ever see him again. Or I might... I just don't know. I don't know anything..." She sighed again helplessly.

"I'm afraid I cannot help you, Lola. I am only a companion computer fluent in over seven million forms of psychological analysis. I know nothing of human emotions."

"That's fine, K.I.T.T.Y. I don't expect you to help me. There are just some things I need to figure out for myself." And with that, Lola fell again into silence. With a bittersweet stirring in her heart, she watched the dazzling pattern of constellations unfold before her, and pondered the unknowable mechanisms of fate.