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Rated: M (For dark themes…) And EXTREME clichés'

Warnings?: Yes, major character death…

Pairing: Puppyshipping (Seto/Jou) and a hint of puzzleshipping (Yami/Yugi)

"KATSUYA! Please don't do this! Come back to me!" Seto cried hysterically.

After the 'incident', his health had depleted drastically. All the so-called experts Seto hired didn't even know where to begin on helping Jou. There wasn't even a real reason why he had became so weak and fragile. They just said it was medical mystery. The only thing they knew for sure was that his death was imminent.

Jou brought his too pale hand to his lovers face. "Please…Set'," he said weakly, "Don't cry, D-dragon. You're too strong for th-"

"Not without you! Kat I'm NOTHING without you. That's why you can't leave me. Who's going to tuck Serenity in at night? Who's not going to blow up the kitchen when they cook? And who the hell is going to slap the shit out of me when I'm being a selfish bastard?" Tears leaked out of amber eyes when Seto finished his rant.

Kat's eyes began to glaze over and the edge of his vision darkened. "One…" he gasped.


"One last kiss, Dragon…" Tears fell from ocean eyes.

Katsuya gently placed his clammy hand to the chestnut silk and brought Seto's lips to meet his.

Seto chuckled at Katsuya's feeble attempt to gain dominance and quickly reminded who was seme. His laughter ceased when Jou's mouth stopped moving. He drew back with his lips stained dark red.

" Katsuya…. Please don't…. Don't leave, no puppy…" He clutched his lifeless body like a lifeline.

"Kai-Seto… You have to let him go no-" Yugi tried to reason with him.

"NO! I will NEVER let him go!" He screamed.

Yugi retreated back to the safety of the gang…minus one. They watched sweet sorrow as Seto swatted off any doctor that tried to retrieve Katsuya corpse…..

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