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Sesshoumaru stood silently in the darkened shadows of the forest the white silk of his haori whipping around his body in the wind. His long silver hair fluttered wildly around him as his jaki swirled around his body. His deep ambers locked on to his prey as a white light enveloped him. His eyes slowly bled red, as the magenta stripes on his cheeks became stretched and ragged.

Once the light had cleared a massive white dog stood where in his place; snarling while poison dripped from his huge canines. He dug his hindquarters into the soft forest floor and launched himself forward to begin his attack.

He caught his prey easily for the beast was no match for him. He relished in the sound of the beast's bones cracking and breaking between his teeth and the taste of its hot blood coating his tongue. Hearing the beast scream out in agony only enhanced the great white dog's appetite for pain and suffering. The fear that rolled off the lowly creature gave the beast a great desire for more.

He swallowed his meal and began his hunt anew. His master had kept him locked away for far too long and failed to release him to feed when the need arose. He could feel him within trying to regain control but he wouldn't have it. Not until he at least had eaten his fill and stretched his tight muscles from being locked away in his tiny cage for so long.


Kagome sat by the river with her face buried in her hands while her tears seeped out between her fingers. Inuyasha had exiled her from the group and said that he would destroy her only way home. Not only would he destroy it he would make sure that there was no way that the well could be repaired to ever be used again.

It wasn't her fault really; it was all a misunderstanding. She had been telling Sango about the latest attempt from Hojo in trying to get her to go out with him. For years she had refused the boys advances and he never took no for an answer. She had to always wonder if at some point in time Koga died and he was reincarnated into Hojo being the two were just alike. Koga; maybe she could go and live with him. It was her only option, seeing as she could never go home again, nor could she return to the village.

Inuyasha told her that if he ever came a cross her again he would kill her. Why wouldn't he let her explain that she wasn't talking about him when she said all those nasty things? Probably because he just came from seeing Kikyo and she had been poisoning his mind against her.

Kikyo would tell him that she Kagome thought of him the same way all ningen did, and that she called him names behind his back.

He came back to the group just as she was calling Hojo a stupid baka who couldn't take no for an answer. He being quick to jump to conclusions and hotheaded had grabbed her by the shoulders and began to yell in her face. Telling her how she had betrayed him, talking behind his back like that, and how he thought that she was the only one who was truly his friend.

No matter how she had tried to protest, he wouldn't listen, even Sango tried to explain and he threw her aside. He grabbed all her stuff up, shoved her backpack into her hands, scooped her up and took off into the forest.

They traveled for quite sometime before he stopped next to the river that she was now sitting by and without a word he dropped her to the ground and took off back the way they came. As he disappeared from sight he told her that if he ever saw her again he would kill her and that she could forget about going home to her time. He said he was going to destroy the well beyond repair so that she could never go home again and for her to stay away from his village.

What was she supposed to do now? Part of her was hoping that he would calm down and realize that she would never say or do anything to hurt him. Although, she knew that Kikyo would make sure that he would always doubt her and her sincerity. So easy his mind was always poisoned by that woman.

She slowly stood and looked around her trying to decipher exactly where she was. Nothing looked familiar nor was there any kind of path leading anywhere. Her only option was to follow the river hoping it lead her to somewhere; but where?

She knew no one, she had no money, and Kami forbid were she to be attacked. She didn't have any weapons to protect herself and she wasn't really sure that she would be able to protect herself were she to be attacked even if she had her weapons. Inuyasha always told her that she was weak and wouldn't survive a day unless he was there to protect her. Well she would show him she would survive and make him pay for doing this to her.


The giant dog tilted his head back and sniffed deeply of the air picking up a very familiar scent. This scent had always intrigued him but his master would never let him loose to investigate the source nor would he explain to him why he wouldn't set him free. Well now that he was free for a time he would find the source of the scent and if he liked it enough he would play with it.

Sesshoumaru watched from the inside while his beast hunted, he didn't mind too much, the thing did need to be freed to eat every now and again, but now he was after something to play with. This would not do at all he had to regain control of the animal before it did something that he would not like.

Never mind someone happening upon him and seeing his beast playing. He would be shamed and his title would be challenged; he WOULD NOT stand for it.


Kagome felt a familiar youkai aura just beyond the trees. She could tell that it didn't pose a threat to her and that it was merely curious about her. Her brown eyes strained against the darkened forest looking for any sign of the one watching her, when her breath suddenly caught in her throat. A pair of red eyes were peering at her through the shadows.

Fear shot through her whole being; was it Naraku? Did he see Inuyasha leave her here with no protection and now he was here to kill her? No; since she didn't feel any malice coming from the youkai so it couldn't be him... well she hoped anyway.

She slowly grabbed her stuff and began to back away from whatever was watching her. When she could no longer see the eyes looking at her, she turned, and took off running.

Not realizing what a huge mistake that was.

Sesshoumaru watched as his beast pounced on the girl being she did the one thing she shouldn't have done to an inu; run. He had a vision of her being torn apart by his beast not intentionally while playing with her. It did not distinguish between big and small in its mind they were the same size. He had to regain control and he had to do it now.

The white dog looked down at the cowering girl in front of him. The scent of her fear was overpowering the scent that had brought him to her in the first place. He didn't know what to do; he wanted to sniff her over but not with the scent of fear. He let out a tremendous growl of disapproval thinking that that would be enough of a warning for her to stop fearing him.

Kagome froze, that growl was worse, than him just standing there looking at her. She didn't know if she had done something to the daiyōkai to make him come at her as he did or if he had lost control of his beast. She didn't think that someone like Sesshoumaru would ever lose control of his beast but anything was possible. She didn't know what to do she knew if she ran away it would only serve to agitate the giant dog so she just stood there keeping her eyes focused on the moon between his eyes.

Sesshoumaru watched her staring at his forehead and knew that his beast would think her to be staring him down causing him to react as if she was challenging him. His battle for command wasn't going very well his beast was very determined to stay in control. As he continued to watch and battle his beast from the inside, he hoped that the miko would realize what kind of danger she really was in.

Another growl erupted from the dog before her; another warning but she didn't understand.

What was she suppose to do? She had an idea on how to handle Inuyasha when his beast took control of him but this was Sesshoumaru. Handling the taiyoukai of the west who had lost control of his beast was on a whole other level one she was sure she couldn't handle.

His beast was getting angrier by the second the girl wasn't submitting as she should. He could feel his beast ready to take action against the defiant female. 'Why won't she submit to me? Does she not know that I am the master? She must be shown who is dominant then she will calm.'

Sesshoumaru had had about all he could take with one final push he felt his control slowly coming back into his hand.

Kagome watched as the beast howled out in annoyance as his eyes began to flicker between the red they were now to the gold she had seen so many times. Sesshoumaru was battling for control and he looked to be winning. She held her breath wondering who would win the struggle inside.

'No he will not have control of me yet! I want to play with the female and show her that she is to submit to me.' The beast attacked his master with all the strength he could muster he wasn't going to relinquish control to him until he was good and ready.

Kagome kept watching as the battle raged on waiting for the outcome. She thought for sure that Sesshoumaru was finally gaining control but suddenly the gold of his eyes began to change to red again. She wished there was something she could do to help him win out against his beast but she couldn't think of one thing she could do.

She took a step backwards hoping the battle between Sesshoumaru and his beast kept his beast distracted enough for her to make her escape. Slowly one step after another she got further and further away from the white dog. Just as she made it to the edge of the forest, two red eyes turned towards her telling her that the beast had regained complete control and he wasn't happy with her behavior.

The dog snapped his teeth at the retreating female informing her that she was going to be punished for her attempt at fleeing him. He leapt over to her and snatched her up between his teeth; not hard enough to kill her but enough to cause her serious pain. 'Why is she so small?' His beast wondered to himself. When he looked upon her she was the perfect size for him but now that he had her in his maw something wasn't right. He set her back down and watched as blood soaked her clothing.

Sesshoumaru was beyond angry; his beast had harmed the girl. He used his beast's distraction to try and once again gain control.

Kagome was shocked and more afraid than she had ever been. Not that she didn't think that he wouldn't harm her but she figured if he did he wouldn't let her live. Again his eyes flickered between red and gold, and Kagome didn't know what to do. She was bleeding badly from her stomach and she needed medical treatment soon.

She suddenly heard a rumbling deep voice startlingly her; it was Sesshoumaru's. "Do not move"

She was having a hard time maintaining her upright position she was becoming dizzy with the loss of blood and just wanted to lie down. She however didn't dare move. If he said not to move it meant that his beast was using her to gain strength against him making it harder for him to gain control.

Her breath was coming in short ragged breaths as the battle waged on before her. Finally, the beast's eyes maintained the gold indicating that Sesshoumaru was winning. Slowly the he began to change back into the form that she was more comfortable with and a little less afraid of.

Sesshoumaru had finally gained control and put the puppy back into its cage. That was the last time he would ever let it have complete freedom. It had been a long time since he had to battle his beast like this and even then it wasn't this difficult to control. Once he returned to him humanish form he saw that the girl had collapsed to the ground unconscious.

He was honorable and would heal her being it was his fault to an extent that she was hurt. Although rescuing another human from the brink of death was something he'd rather not do. The last one he saved he couldn't get rid of and he only saved her in order to test the tenseiga's abilities. Would this girl be the same and follow him around as she does the half-breed? If she tried he would inform her that he would not tolerate it and send her back to his idiot sibling.

He kneeled down, picked her up, and headed back to his home. There he would put his best healers to work on her. With them healing her she would be well enough to return to the half-breed in about one moon cycle. Possibly even shorter; since she was a miko she might heal faster then most ningen.

Kagome awoke to a sharp pain shooting through her body starting at her stomach. Her eyes snapped open to find an older woman leaning over her body pressing something against her stomach. She bit her bottom lip against the sting of her injury. She had to take her mind off the pain before she decided to slap the woman and take care of it herself.

So she looked around the room to try and figure out where she was. The room she was in was a pretty basic; square with white walls. There were no pictures or any furniture other than the bed and a wardrobe. There was a big window letting in the sunlight as it set in the horizon, making the room seem even brighter as the sun reflected off the white walls. She tried to ask the woman just where she was at but the woman wouldn't acknowledge that she had said anything.

This did not make her feel very comfortable. How was she suppose to 'relax' as the woman kept saying over and over as if that was the only word she knew if she didn't know where she was? When she was about to let her frustrations be known a powerful aura surrounded her and she knew immediately where she was; Sesshoumaru's.

Just as his name passed through her thoughts he walked into the room. He didn't say anything to her he just talked to the healer who as it turned out could say more than 'relax'. Sesshoumaru then walked over to the edge of the bed and stared down at her as if it was her fault that she was there. She opened her mouth to let him know that if it weren't for his beast she wouldn't be here but her beat her to it.

"This Sesshoumaru apologizes for the actions of his beast." He gave her a nod then turned to leave the room. Just as he reached the door, he heard her whisper so low that he almost didn't catch what she had said.

"It's not your fault. Though part of me wishes your beast would have killed me."

He turned to look at her but she turned her head away from him and closed her eyes. He stepped out the door and quietly slid it closed behind him.

Now he was even more curious about the girl than ever. First off; what was she doing so far away from her group alone? Secondly; where was the half-breed? The miko was never far off from the mutt nor was he ever far off from her. Finally; why did she wish that his beast would have killed her? What had happened that would make the strong outspoken girl wish for death? Once she was well enough he was going to make her answer all his questions and sate his curiosity.