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Sesshoumaru felt a wave of Kei's jaki roll over him and turned to the window to see what was going on. He wasn't surprised to see the miko standing nearby with her strange capturing device eyes wide and mouth agape. He also should have known that because she couldn't get him to change into his true form she'd talk that damn neko into doing it.

He didn't mind that Kei changed for her but what did bother him (for reasons he couldn't understand) was the way the girl was running her fingers through Kei's fur. Not only that but those little squeals of delight he could faintly hear (and for reasons he did not want to contemplate he would much rather be the one making her make those noises) and the contented purr that mangy feline was letting off.

His whole life he hated that sound and all he could think was he wanted to do whatever it took to stop it. His beast was in complete agreement and was itching to get free and show that cat just who was the bigger and better species.

Then he heard it and his gold eyes narrowed to deadly little slits. That mocking purring voice that only he and other youkai would be able to hear and understand.

"You drool, I rule, and... oh yesss that feels good. This miko certainly knows how to get her little fingers into my fur and scratch just right. I think she likes me better than you and your mangy mutt."

Amber eyes rimmed red as he seriously considered letting his beast loose just to show that flea ridden beast who was who. However that would just be playing into his dirty paws and he was better than that. Yet that didn't stop him from answering him with a growl of his own.

"I have no need to resort to such juvenile behaviors to get her to like me; she already does."

"Aww… the puppy has a crush. How quaint." Came the answering growl.

Yes he was definitely going to kill him. "You will regret those words."

"I'm right here whenever you're ready and if you would could you keep the drool down to a minimum. I just cleaned my coat and don't much care for cleaning your slobber off of me. It always tastes like rotted deer carcass."

His red rimmed eyes began to grow darker as he watched the cat rub his face against the girl (causing her to fall down and giggle) scent marking her as his property. Now that would not do at all being that that dirty neko was removing his inu scent off of her and covering her with his foul feline scent.

It wasn't that he scent marked the girl ever but by her being in such close proximity to him for so long she just naturally absorbed it. Now that bastard was (and he knew without a doubt) deliberately erasing his inu scent and covering her with his. That would not do at all and before the girl left he was going to have to make sure that she once again carried his own scent.

It definitely wasn't because he liked her all that much; nope. He only wanted her to carry his scent just to irritate that half-breed. Plus he was sure Inuyasha had no clue in how to erase the more dominant inu scent she would carry in effect causing him to try to cover her in his own. So considering what an idiot the boy was he'd probably throw her to the ground and try to rub himself all over her earning him a whole lot of sits.

Now that would be most entertaining and worth following them when they left just to see if that in fact would happen.

"You will cease this obscene behavior. The miko must prepare herself to return to her companions."

Kei stretched languidly causing Kagome to ooh and aww over him doing so. "Jealousy is unbecoming for one of your status. Such a shameful display, dogs have no real sophistication about them. That's why your master keeps you locked away." He purred loudly which brought forth Kagome's need to once again bury her fingers into his fur just near his chin as she squealed excitedly.

Sesshoumaru's beast powered through just the tiniest to let off a deadly warning growl. The only sign the inuyoukai showed at the near transformation was his deep ambers changing to a deadly blood red.

He pressed his beast back and rumbled forth his challenge. "After the miko leaves you will regret those words."

Kei looked back locking his crimson eyes upon him. "I'm right here ready whenever you are and do please try to have some class this time. Your sneak attacks are a shameful display to your breed I can hear you coming every time; never mind your disgusting mongrel stench."

Yes he was definitely going to kill him and finally be done with it. Kei himself was bad enough but that cat with his superiority complex like he was the most royal thing to ever exist irritated him to no end. He was the lord of this castle and these lands and it was high time to remind that mangy feline who was who and who hated water.

"After the miko leaves, the clearing, nightfall."

"I'll be there little pup. Though you might want to keep the miko here so she can heal your wounds when we're done. Your whining does grow tiresome when you're injured."

"We will see who's going to need healing when we're done." He growled then turned in a swirl of white headed for his personal chambers before Kei could answer.

Some days he just couldn't figure out why he still tolerated Kei then other days he'd cut off his own arm than ever not have him in his life.


Kagome stared up at Sesshoumaru with brows drawn. "What?"

"You have a foul stench about you." He nodded curtly. "Bathe."

"What do you mean?" Her eyes narrowed deeply. "Are you saying I stink?"

He blinked slowly as he stared at her thinking it to be completely beneath him to answer her questions when he already had. "You can use the springs in the west wing."

"Your personal bath? Ooh aren't we charitable." A low mocking rumble vibrated from behind him where Kei was leaning against the wall.

"Silence." He growled right back.

"You do know she'll still carry my scent even after bathing in your personal bath." He smirked at the back of his silver head. "The only way to ensure my marker is gone is for you to physically scent mark her yourself."

He knew that and he sure as hell didn't need him to rub it in either. "I will erase every trace of you on her before she leaves."

Copper eyes widened just the slightest. "You could have just said she was your bitch in the first place."

"What are you two doing?" Kagome questioned as she watched the two youkai and noted that each were making just the slightest facial expressions... well Sesshoumaru was and Kei was just grinning knowingly. Not only that but she was pretty sure she could hear rumbling coming from one of them like they were quietly growling. Never mind the long stretch of silence the three of them were suddenly surrounded in.

"Nothing important." Kei winked at her.

"I bet." She eyed him critically then looked at the inu in front of her. "Now why do I need to take a bath now? I just took one this morning."

He was just going to have to say it and rub it in Kei's face that his cat did in fact have a foul stench about it. "You have the neko's scent all over you and it is foul." He nodded curtly at her. "Maybe if someone made their beast bathe once in awhile it wouldn't be so offensive to the nose."

"Ho aren't you the funny one drool boy." Kei snorted. "But remind me again of when your mangy mutt had a bath last? You can't even let it loose to bathe because it always seems to take advantage of its freedom. To this day it amazes me that you of all youkai in the world have such an uncouth beast."

He did actually find it odd that his beast was everything he wasn't and Kei's beast was the refined beast he wished his would be. However that didn't mean he liked to hear about it.

"What is going on?!" Kagome stamped her foot to the ground now knowing without a doubt Kei and Sesshoumaru were having a private conversation. She could hear them growling and Sesshoumaru narrowing his eyes for no apparent reason was a dead giveaway. "Are you talking about me?!"

"No, just discussing who really needs a bath around here and who doesn't." Kei answered with a grin at her. "So do you think you need a bath because my beast scent marked you?"

"No." She shook her head and grinned at him. "I mean I can't smell it and who cares if I smell like you to others?"

"Apparently someone around here cares," he jerked his head at Sesshoumaru. "and more than he'd ever let on."

"Silence." Sesshoumaru growled.

"Why would you care that he scent marked me?" Kagome questioned with brows drawn. "I mean what difference does it make when a cat scent marks then when a dog scent marks?" She questioned finding this whole thing just as interesting as everything else she discovered about youkai and their beasts.

Sesshoumaru sighed deeply through his nose not really wanting to explain especially because of the reason a cat scent marks. "She will think you to be in love with her."

Kei shrugged though the inu wouldn't be able to see him do so. "I don't mind." He answered for both of them to hear.

"You don't mind what?" She looked at the neko still leaning against the wall.

"A cat scent marks in two ways. One is to spray…"

"I know." Kagome wrinkled her nose cutting him off. "I have a cat at home that sprayed a lot before we got her fixed."

Kei grinned and nodded at her. "The second way a cat marks is to rub their face and body against things." His eyes glinted and cut to Sesshoumaru's back when he gave a small jerk of his head to get her to watch him. "They do that partly to mark territory and partly to mark out their property."

Kagome's eyes widened as she stared at Sesshoumaru who's ambers narrowed just the slightest. After all her research into dog and pack behavior it now made sense why he wanted her to bathe so bad. "You're jealous."

Kei started laughing out loud causing Sesshoumaru to growl deadly.

"I most certainly am not." He narrowed his ambers upon her. "However as part of this pack you are to carry the pack leaders scent and no others."

"Wait," she drew her brows. "what difference would it make?" She stared up at him. "Isn't Kei part of this pack and if so doesn't his scent count as being part of this pack? Though," she looked down and furrowed her brows even further. "I'm not really part of this pack being before I got here and after I leave I'll be back with Inuyasha and his pack."

"Yes I'd like to hear the answer to that myself." Kei added watching Sesshoumaru tense even more in the shoulders and continue to growl out deadly threats to him.

"Miko, the whelp has no pack. The mere fact that it is so easy for him to abandon you and your friends when the dead one is around show his lack of leadership and protection." He nodded curtly at her. "Also from the moment you survived my poison you became a part of my pack."


"Hai." He again nodded at her. "My scent lingers on you still from that day and will for the rest of your life."

"Huh." She brought her fist to her chin in thought. "Is that why Inuyasha gets irritated about being so close to me sometimes?" She stared back up at him just as confused as ever. "And I thought scent marking lasted for three days. Three days to get the scent mark to stick and three days for it to fade after being separated from the inu that did the scent marking."

"The answer regarding Inuyasha is yes." He pointed out as the temptation to smirk at the thought very nearly curled the corner of his lip upward. "As for the scent mark that you carry belonging to me it is a different scent marker. My poison was intended to kill, instead you absorbed it scent marking yourself as part of my pack. Have you never wondered why I never actually killed you?"

"Well not really until after I realized that you never really tried to kill Inuyasha either." She nodded. "Then when I did I realized it was because you considered all of us part of your pace because we reside within your territory."

"Iie, your friends and the half-breed do not belong to this pack. They have no pack status for Inuyasha is a solitary inu with no pack to speak of. You and your friends are a temporary pack that he can walk away from easily."

That's what she suspected but really didn't want to believe it. Then again the way Inuyasha would run off to Kikyo without a backwards glance should have told her he didn't care like a real pack leader would. "Yea." She agree begrudgingly but only barely so. "Alright then lets get back to this poison scent marking thing." She nodded not wanting to talk about Inuyasha and his lack of REAL loyalty to her.