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"It wasn't intentional." He nodded curtly.

"Of course it was." She glared at him. "You were trying to kill me. If that isn't intentional I don't know what is."

"Yes and you were suppose to die like any other living thing at the mercy of my poison." He pointed out. "However you stubbornly refused to die in effect becoming part of my pack. Now enough," he growled. "you will go bathe and prepare to depart once the hanyou arrives."

"Kagome," Kei winked over at her. "ask him about scent marking you with his scent."

"Silence neko!" Sesshoumaru growled.

Kagome shook her head. "No, I think I want to know the answer to that question."

"Bathe and you will have your answer." Sesshoumaru answered curtly.

"Why do I always have to do what you say to get what I want?" She demanded with a stamp of her foot.

"As long as it pertains to me you will follow my orders." He pointed out. "Now go do as you have been told." He ordered then turned and swept away in a swirl of white silk.

Kagome looked over at Kei who just shrugged at her.

"I say the sooner you do as he says the sooner you'll get your answer." He winked. "Though I do find that I prefer you to carry my scent instead of that mangy mutt's."

"I heard that." Sesshoumaru's voice suddenly echoed down the hall.

"Of course you did." Kei snorted then with a nod at Kagome followed after the inu.

Kagome sighed deeply and decided to just go bathe so she could find out HOW Sesshoumaru intended to scent mark her. For some reason she would never say out loud but she suspected it involved being liked from head to toe.

Just the thought of Sesshoumaru licking her all over her body sent a shiver up her spine. The problem was she wasn't sure if it was a good shiver or a bad one.


Kagome stood in front of Sesshoumaru freshly bathed in a new set of clothes waiting for whatever it was he was going to do. For some reason she was nervous beyond belief and couldn't stop wringing her hands in front of her.

"Are you unwell?" Sesshoumaru questioned as he watched her.

"No, I'm fine." She smiled weakly up at him. "It's just… well… you know this scent marking thing. What are you going to do to me and how bad will it hurt?"

A silver brow arched highly at that as a chuckle sounded from the feline sitting on the steps behind him. "Why would you think it would hurt?"

"Well the poison you sprayed me with was more on the painful side and you're not exactly known for gentle subtleties." She nodded.

"Silence." He growled at Kei who was now laughing out loud. "This will cause you no harm." He nodded curtly at her.

"You better hurry it up." Kei lounged back against the steps. "He's almost here."

"I am well aware." Sesshoumaru nodded curtly with a glance towards the front gate.

"You mean Inuyasha?" Kagome questioned following Sesshoumaru's line of sight towards the gate.

"Hai." The inuyoukai nodded curtly then looked back at her and grabbed her by the shoulders.

Kagome's eyes snapped wide as she stared up at him. "What?"

"Remain still." He ordered then slowly trailed his hands down her arms pressing his scent into her skin. He worked his way down then laced his fingers with hers when he reached her hands.

Kagome gasped as her heart rate accelerated to the point she was sure it was going to beat right out of her chest. "Sesshoumaru?" She whispered as he leaned in towards her and rubbed his cheek against hers.

He grunted in response and slowly turned and nuzzled her with his nose moving from her cheek to her neck.

"Really." Kei snorted under his breath which was only loud enough for Sesshoumaru to hear. "Are you mating her or marking her?" He rumbled in his chest.

Sesshoumaru chose to ignore the neko as he moved across her neck to her right side and nuzzled her pulse point. He could feel her erratic heartbeat and smirked to himself.

"3… 2…" Kei suddenly counted down. "1…"

"Kagome!" Inuyasha suddenly yelled as he leapt over the wall.

Sesshoumaru ignored the hanyou and held Kagome in place when she jerked at the hanyou's voice. "Remain still." He growled into her ear then nuzzled it with his nose. Granted his scent was sufficiently infused into her skin but this was a good chance to irritate his sibling. This was a chance he was going to full advantage of.

"Get the fuck away from her!" Inuyasha bellowed as he pulled his sword from his hip.

"Kei." Sesshoumaru growled.

Kei sighed deeply as he stood up and stretched. "On it." He smirked over at the hanyou. "You want to play?"

"Fuck no!" Inuyasha pointed Tessaiga at him. "I'm here for that bastard not you!" He pointed his sword at Sesshoumaru. A snarl suddenly tore from his lips when he saw his brother run his tongue up the side of Kagome's neck. "I said get away from her! Kagome!" He bellowed trying to get her to respond.

"Sit." She whispered breathlessly as a shudder tore through her body at the feel of Sesshoumaru's tongue on her skin.

"Hn." Sesshoumaru smirked as he pulled away and ran his hands back up the length of her arms.

"Sesshoumaru?" She looked at the inu as his fingers moved over her neck to trail through her hair.

"Maybe you should take this inside." Kei rolled his eyes. "Scent marking my ass."

Sesshoumaru removed his fingers from her hair and looked over at the neko. "Sunset." He growled.

"You're on." He smirked then looked down at the hanyou who was cursing up a storm from the crater he was in. "It's no wonder you're in the shape you're in with a mouth like that."

"Shut the fuck up already." He growled as he got to his feet. "Kagome!" He stormed over to said girl who was practically drooling all over herself as she stared at Sesshoumaru. "We're leaving." He ordered and grabbed her by the wrist.

Kagome jerked out of her stupor and pulled her hand from his hold. "Inuyasha stop being so bossy!" She bit out. "I'll leave when I'm darn well ready to leave!"

Inuyasha spun on her and narrowed his ambers deeply. "What's the matter Kagome," he bit her name irritably. "you're not done being molested by that bastard?!"

"He wasn't molesting me!" She argued.

"It didn't look that way from my point of view." He pointed a finger in her face.

"I don't know how you can view anything with your head so far up your butt." She slapped his finger out of her face.

Kei laughed at that. "Kami Kagome, I'm going to miss you when you're gone."

Kagome smiled over at him. "Well it's not like we'll never see each other again," she looked back at Sesshoumaru. "right?"

Sesshoumaru gave her a curt nod then looked over at the rest of her companions as they entered the courtyard.

"Kagome!" Shippou bounded over to her and landed in her arms. "We've been looking for you all over the place."

Kagome laughed nervously and looked over at Sango and Miroku. "Sorry." She whispered sheepishly.

"It's okay." Miroku nodded at her. "We're just glad you're okay."

"I agr…" Sango fell silent when her hand was grabbed by the neko that suddenly appeared before her.

"Well hello there." Kei smiled charmingly at her as he trailed his thumb over her knuckles. "Kagome didn't tell me she had such a beautiful friend." He winked then brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it.

Sango blushed and giggled nervously. "Thank you."

"No thanks are necessary." He looked back at her locking stares. "If a woman is beautiful she should be told so and often."

"Wow, he's good." Kagome looked up at Sesshoumaru who snorted in return. "Looks like Miroku has some competition." She looked over at said hoshi who was glaring deadly at Kei.

"Who gives a shit about them!" Inuyasha growled then stared at his sibling. "Why were you molesting Kagome; you bastard!"

"I wasn't." Sesshoumaru answered simply. "Now leave." He ordered coldly.

"Feh, fine." The hanyou bit out and grabbed Kagome by the arm causing Shippou to fall from her hold. "Let's get the fuck outta here."

"I agree." Miroku nodded curtly then grabbed Sango by the arm and pulled her close to his side.

"Hey!" Kagome jerked free of his hold. "I've told you a thousand times not to grab me like that!"

"Well if you would just come on already I wouldn't have to grab you like that!" He bit out and grabbed her arm a second time.

Before Kagome could say a word Inuyasha was plucked up by his neck and flung over the castle wall. "Wooow…" She whispered as she watched her hanyou friend fly through the air cursing up a storm. "Good throw."

Sesshoumaru nodded down at her.

"Well," she picked up her bag and slung it over her shoulder. "I guess I'll see you later." She frowned just the slightest at him.

"It's not forever miko." He pointed out.

"Yea, but, after all this time this kinda feels like leaving home." She sighed sadly. "I feel this exact same way every time I leave home to come here and it makes it really hard to actually go."

"I see." He stared down at her. "In that case once you finish your task as the shikon miko you can consider this your home in this time."

Her eyes widened. "Really?"

He inclined his head and placed his hand on her head. "As a member of my pack wherever my home is is where you home is as well."

She couldn't help but beam brightly at him.

"No go to the hanyou before he returns and I am required to put him down for good."

She couldn't help herself as she threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly. "Arigato Sesshoumaru!" She whispered against his chest before she released him and ran out to find Inuyasha. She didn't think he would much approve of her hugging him in front of everyone like that. So to avoid the possible consequences she high-tailed it out of there with Shippou following close behind her.

"We better go as well." Miroku pulled Sango along next to him.

"Miroku let me go!" Sango jerked from his hold and slapped him a good one for pulling her around like that.

"My lady Sango I was just…"

She gave him a scathing glare which instantly shut him up.

"I love a feisty strong-willed woman." Kei grinned at her. "You're welcome to come back and visit me anytime just leave your monk at home."

Sango blushed again as she smiled at him. "He's not my monk."

"Even better." Kei purred.

Miroku glared at the neko. He then snatch Kirara up who had been rubbing her head all over Kei's ankles lovingly. "Kirara have some dignity." He bit out as he stiffly left the castle courtyard.

"I better go as well." Sango bowed to the two youkai watching her.

"As you wish." Kei nodded in return and watched her as she turned and walked away.

"You're disgusting." Sesshoumaru snorted at his neko friend.

Kei looked over at him with eyes narrowed just the slightest. "Yes and you practically mating the miko right in front of me wasn't?" His eyes narrowed even further. "Now you want to tell me what all that cuddling with her was about?"

"Entertainment." He smirked as his ambers glinted. "Shall we?" He started walking towards the gate.

"Oh I get it." Kei smirked in return as he followed after him. He was rather interested in seeing what was going to happen between the inu and the miko next. He gave it another month if not week before they decided to act on their attraction of each other.