"Don't you get it Hawkeye! They're after you dammit!" Mustang just couldn't seem to make his lieutenant to reason with him. "Are you even listening to me!"

"I am sir. I am hearing every word you are saying but for this one time, I do not agree." Riza narrowed her eyes at him and crossed her arms defiantly. /Doesn't he understand I can take care of myself? Even though this little... Incident... may have slowed me down a bit, doesn't mean he has to baby me like this./

"Then... Then...ugh! Hawkeye, quit being so stubborn!" Roy was just about to loose his temper with her. "You've never been like this before!"

Riza sighed and headed for the door madly. "I'm not stubborn sir... Just self-reliant." she slammed the door and stormed down the hall.

Roy sighed and flopped down in his chair in defeat. His hair covered most of his face while he sighed and clenched his fists tightly, trying his hardest not to set something ablaze. "Self-reliant my ass."

"You know sir, you could always try being a bit softer with her you know." The colonel jumped and yelped slightly at the voice.

"Havoc... Since when have you been in here?" He groaned and rested his forehead in his palm while he tried to concentrate on some of the over due paperwork that he had neglected to finish.

"We've all been in here sir..." Fuery blinked and exchanged glances with Breda and the rest of Mustang's closest officers.

Havoc turned his attention away from the men around the table and onto the Colonel "What's gotten into Hawkeye sir? I've never seen her so... Distraught-"

Roy stood up from his desk irritatedly and bared his teeth. "Don't ask Havoc! None of you ask! This is strictly confidential between a colonel and his lieutenant! Understood!" His eyes had turned a shade of red, just like the color of his deadly art of alchemy, just from the pure anger that had well up inside him. He wanted nothing more than to scream and torch them all in one quick snap.

All of his men's eyes widen in fear and looked taken back. "y-yes sir." Fuery managed out as the rest of them nodded in fear of enraging him any further.

"Good. Now get back to work." Roy sat back down, still fuming, and gathered the stray papers that had gone astray. /Damn Hawkeye! Why can't she listen to reason!/

• • •

Riza growled as she opened the door to her room. She stormed over to her bed and pulled out a dark grey padded box that had built up dust since the last time she'd touched it. Riza popped to two clasps that held it together and grabbed the two guns out of it, making sure that they were still in working condition. Black Hayate peered around the corner with his tail between his legs, his ears still somewhat perked in curiosity. Riza put the two guns down on the bed along with the one on her belt. She stood in front of her bed with her fists clenched tightly together and shaking in rage. He started towards her cautiously and slowly, the sound of his nails clicking on the floor made her flinch and look back.

"Hayate...?" Riza blinked and tried to make herself cool off. She laid the loaded clips to guns on the bed and leaned her back against it, sliding to the floor. Hayate whimpered and watched her closely as he got closer. /It's bad when your own dog is afraid of you... I guess I do need to calm down.../Riza bit her lip and clenched her eyes shut. She rested her head on her hand and brought her knees to her chest.

/Just cool down... Maybe a walk would help... Or going to the range... Ah who cares...?/ The black and white pup's body language saddened and trotted over next to her, putting his paws in her lap. Riza just smiled weakly and pet him behind the ears, watching his tail wag back and forth like mad from the attention. "Oh Hayate... You are so lucky at times..." she sighed and scooped him up in her lap. "No worries except to wonder when I get back to feed and walk you... No fear of people looking for you... No stress from higher ups trying to badger you about useless work and help."

Black Hayate stood up in her lap and put his paws on her chest for support as he licked her cheek. Riza smiled a bit and petted the pup's head.

• • •

Roy filed the rest of the paperwork he'd been able to finish and put it in his desk. "I'm clocking out early. Havoc... Keep an eye on things around here. If anyone asks I'm not feeling well." Havoc looked up at him oddly and nodded. Roy grabbed his coat off his chair and sighed before he walked out.

"Something's really bothering him... Any of you have an idea of what it could be? I hate seeing him like this." Furey watched the colonel leave and blinked.

Havoc and Breda exchanged glances and looked at the officer, just as curious. "It has to be something to do with the lieutenant. I mean, hell... When we asked, he blew up at us."

Fuery nodded and looked back down at his work in front of him. "Well, come to think of it... He has been nagging to Hawkeye about trying to help her or something."

Breda scratched his head and though for a long moment then sighed. "Seems like we have a new case on our hands." All of the men smiled determinedly and nodded in approval.

• • •

Roy stopped himself as he was about to knock on Hawkeye's door. /Dammit... What would I say if opened the door? I might as well just say forget it./ He sighed and lowered his hand.

"Colonel?" Mustang flinched and looked over his shoulder at the short blonde turning the corner. He ran his fingers through his hair and turned to face him.

"Fullmetal... What brings you here?" he said calmly trying to cover-up his angst that had just welled up in his throat.

"We were just stopping by to see the lieutenant." Al said through the armor that he was stuck with as a body at the moment. "Is there something wrong sir?"

Ed narrowed his eyes at the colonel and nudged Al in the side. Mustang started to sweat slightly and began getting jumpy.

"Um, no. Nothing's wrong. H-Hawkeye wasn't feeling well so I was going to check up on her. Nothing more nothing less." He started nervously as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Then we'll see her with you then, I mean... If that's ok..." Ed said slightly with a smirk about his face.

Roy about fainted then and there, his face instantly flushing of all color. /Can't I have five minutes with her alone for once?/

Hawkeye sighed and looked towards her door. "And they think I can't hear them out there...Idiots..." Hayate hopped off of her and let her stand up. Riza just shook her head and found the box that she transported her guns in to the range. She packed two of the guns in the box with the extra ammunition she used for practice. "You wanna come with me or stay with Havoc and Fuery while I'm gone?"

The pup yipped in excitement and grabbed his leash from the box of his things and ran back to her with his tail wagging. Riza took the leash from him and clipped it to his collar. She shut the gun box and picked it up heading for the door. Hayate followed at her side and pawed at the door, hardly able to contain himself.

"Calm down!" Riza eyed him, getting an instant wide-eyed sit from him. "That's better." She turned the door nob and opened the door. Black Hayate had the same unamused expression on his face as his owner.

Roy exchanged glances between all of them, getting even more nervous. He gave Riza an embarrassed smile and scratched the back of his head.

Ed and Al just tried their hardest not to laugh. "Look's like she's not sick after all Colonel..." Ed gave him an evil smirk while Al turned away to laugh.

Hawkeye just sighed madly and walked past all of them, her grasp tightening on the handle of the box and Hayate's leash.