Chronologically, this story takes place four months after Mass Effect 2 and six months after Final Fantasy VII.

I don't own Mass Effect 2 or Final Fantasy VII


Harbinger and Warmonger looked over the image of the man before them. Appearing out of nowhere through the Mass Relay Network, the silver-haired man had a feeling of malice and power coming off of him that impressed even the two ancient Reapers.

"Are we able to indoctrinate him?" Harbinger asked of Warmonger.

"It was attempted, but we were unable to affect him. His mind is like nothing we have seen before."

This intrigued Harbinger. The figure was clearly human, but had a feeling like that of one of them. A being bent on destruction.

"If we cannot control him, then we must bargain with him."

"Bargain with such a lower life form as this?"

"Only temporarily. Until we are able to find a way to bring him truly into the fold. Now awaken him, so we may discourse."

Warmonger released the stasis field that had been placed on the man, and his green eyes shot open. With a fluid movement, the man flipped onto his feet, grasping the hilt of his enormous sword.

He brought it in front of him, poised as if to attack the two ancients. "Who are you, and where am I?"

"Be at ease stranger. We mean you no harm. In fact, we have a proposition, if you are willing to listen to it."

The man lowered his sword only slightly. "Then speak quickly."

The intended threat amused Harbinger. "What are you called, stranger?"

A single black feathered wing emerges from the man's right shoulder, fanning out to full length. "I am called Sephiroth. The One-Winged Angel."

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