Clan Buildings

Prompt 082: If

Author's Ramblings: No, Nanu hasn't gone nuts. This is part of the LiveJournal Prompt Challenge. Enjoy! Because I'm sure going nuts over how to do this particular challenge… Coffee time!
By the way; to understand several detail of this particular story I recommend you go back and read the others I've written under this fandom, most especially: The Ringless Saga, Beginning of nightmares, Monster in the closet, Lindworm curse… If you are not interested in reading those PM me so I can tell you exactly what's going on (in other words PM me so I tell you to go read them! LOL)


If she'd known she was rushing to death she would have never hurried Dave out of the room that morning. If she'd known what she knew now this morning she would have called her mother, told her she loved her, then her grandmother and thanked her for taking good care of her and probably even kissed him a little sweeter than she had… But what's done is done.

The blood seeping from the injury in her belly made her sob softly, as surprise was bypassed and shock started to set in. This was not how she was supposed to have died; after all she'd been through after all she'd done and said… And all those things she didn't get to do. She never had a child of her lover, she never went to a decent honeymoon… Dave still owed her that promise; to take her to France…

Becky looked up at Balthazar's blue eyes, the man was frantically looking around for someone to help then turned to look at Becky, whispering false assurances and managing a smile.

"We've gone through worse, we'll be fine. We'll be fine." He murmured, his palm pressed against her belly as the feeling of warmth spread through her. Actually no; she had not gone through worse; but Becky wasn't about to spoil the moment by interrupting the way he was murmuring none stop. Who knew, if she survived she would have something to tease him about. Blood was seeping through his fingers as the stone in his ring glow bright as a beacon in the dark. Becky turned, she could see Veronica's back, she was fighting and from the side she could see Marie running towards her. Balthazar groaned, and lifted Becky higher, as another revolting sensation hit her stomach. Balthazar raised her to an almost sitting position, stopping the need to throw up, at least for now, and giving her a better view of the battleground.

There was a shield around them, she wasn't sure who was creating it, probably Veronica herself, but it was unlikely. Veronica herself was burning in blue and red fire, hair lifting with the static created by the storm ahead. More hands joined Balthazar's and soon Becky realized that she was the freak here.

She was the only human.

And as humans did, she felt shock creeping into her system and overtake her senses.

If she had known she was going to die today she might have done many things differently.