Tsumi smiled as the took a bite into the rice cake she'd been holding onto. She'd been in the city for hours, and it was just now that she'd gotten to eat. A green shawl was thrown over her shoulders, the left half was longer and fell to her waist, while a fishnet tank top covered her stomach. She ran a finger through the holes, gently poking her skin. Her tummy growled in response, and she merely chuckled, taking another bite. A sword with a teal hilt was hidden under the left side of her shawl. On the very bottom of the hilt bore a small white crane. She frowned at the symbol, but continued to eat.

"Another sighting, there." Tightening her grip on the rice cake, Tsumi ran her tongue over her teeth. Each and everytime she would just even attempt to relax, someone would get a sight of something. Wrapping the food back into a golden cloth, she sighed, and rose to a standing. Her chocolate orbs ran over the crowd, until it set to a man carrying a rather heavy load of rice in a very very hurried direction. Up ahead, a man with teal locks stopped and turned.

"Actually I'll see how this goes..." Dropping a few coins in her informer's hand, he continued on, not questioning her actions. Three otehrs, ran to the rice, scooping and cleaning out grains, placing htem back in their bags, before thanking the 'samurai' who had saved them. However, an easy target attracts easy attention. Passersby dropped to their knees as well, scooping up as much grain for themselves.

"Leave these people alone!" The teal haired man shouted again, placing a hand on the hilt of his sword. Her pupils narrowed, 'Someone's quick to the sword..', and she stepped down from her building top. As her sandals hit the cement, she made eye contact with the boy, before continuing to walk on. Her blue skirt trailing behind her. She pulled out her rice cake once more, taking a nonchalant bite. 'People these days, hmph..samurai. The word might as well be buried along with the bones that attempted to hold that title.' She was bitter.

Ever since childhood, Tsumi had heard stories of the Samurai-how great they were, how glorious it was to hold the title, how they stood for the weak, and destroyed the strong-what a great lie that seemed now. None she'd met had lived up to her expectations. Swords? They were props, something that warned others that they were 'strong', just to have the weak cower before him. That was in no way glorious, but petty. It was now, she wondered. 'Soon, the word Samurai will be equivelant to pilfering. It seems that is all they do anymore.'

"Tsumi! Get inside. There is a meeting you must attend. Along with the young master." She stopped along with the cart next to her. Grinding her teeth, she huffed, and entered, sitting as far away from the young master as possible. Tessai, a man who wasn't all that nice looking himself, nudged her in the side. She glared at him, before lowering her head, staring down at the coach floor beneath them. She spoke through gritted teeth.

"Good day,..young master Ukyo. How are you doing?" She heard a chuckled, and let him answer before she lefted her head. 'Reduced to dirt. All because of you sister...all for you...' Her nostrils flared at the thought, and she angrily crossed her legs, pressing her cheek toward the window.

"Tessai, look~ There's a rarity..."

"That is a farm girl. The only rarity is that you are seeing such peasantry in the city."

"She is a jewel lost in the dirt, she will sparkle brightly when polished."

"Young master you can't. Your father's meeting is today."

"But look at her-"

"Then I'll go get it later, you mast attend..." Tessai trailed off. Slightly curious, Tsumi spared a glace through the coach blinds, where she caught a girl. She wore the robes and head gear of a priestess, while her mane was a dark caramel brown. She would admit...she was pretty, but something like her did not belong in Ukyo's hands. She would be spoiled rotten, then cast aside, until she served of no use...then killed. Tsumi had seen teh process before, and would continue to see it again. 'An endless cycle...'

Tsumi entered the meeeting room, and automatically strode to the left behind rice paper walls. Like she had been instructed for years, she unstrapped the sword at her waist and carried it in her left-a sign of loyalty. As she came to a corner, she places the straight down, the hilt facing Ayamaro, Ukyo's father. It was a symbol that went with a motto they held. 'He who is master wields all as tools.' Sighing, she gracefully dropped ot her knees, placing her firsted hands in her lap. Kyuzo another samurai in the building had already arrived and done the same. Settling, she listened.

"The emporer is greatly pleased with the rate of growth within the cities. Especially here magestrate. Other cities who lag behind, are told to follow your example. The emporer believes that if the merchants continue to use their resources wisely, we can hasten the war's recover, and in the process build great wealthy towers for all involved."

"Thank you envoy, you have done well. Not only ahve you brought hte usual message, but you have also showered me with flattery. Please tell the emporer that this is greatly appreciated. Treasure these words, guild leaders, our empire is entering an era of gold, and the age of the samurai is now dead. Concentrate on your businesses, and plow the land for a harvest of fortunes. That is all."

Tsumi, frowled silently, her fists shaking in anger. She knew the samurai were dead, but she had not expected to hear it, especially when there are still others who carry swords and call themselves samurai. It was useless to fight back. though, and she knew it. As Ukyo stood, szhe did as well, restrapping her sword, and bowing as he passed. She turned, and bowed once more to Ayamaro and everyone else in teh room, before following after the young master. Entering their chambers, she sat against the wall, staring disgustedly at teh lovesick girls who have 'foudn their paradise'. 'They fawn over him like he is a living god of some sort. They drown in thier own sickness as they do...' Ukyo ignored them, and sat placing some food in his own selfish lips.

"Have you fetched that girl yet?"

"Enough." Tsumi sat in the coach annoyed, and didn't even spare a glance at the girl who had been brought in. Though she was interested. When Ukyo spoke to her, she hadn't seemed the least interested in his offers, though she shook her head. She had better learn to indulge in his pleasures, or she would end up just like her. Trained to the very last nerve to learn how to fight with the sword or gun, or whatever she may find more suiting as a weapon.

"Let us go. i do not feel the need to stay in the city any longer now that you have got your...toy. Or do you see something else you want?" Ukyo huffed at her attitude, but comforted himself by stroking the girl's hair.

"No, nothing more. Let us leave." As they entered the gates of the magestrate, The girl awoke.

"You lied to me!" Her tone was angry, and Tsumi watched in awe Ukyo continued to woo her. Rolling her eyes, she watched in shock as the top half of the cart was literally split open. soon, she was grabbed by the same boy she'd seen earlier with the teal hair. "Lady Kirara!"

"Tsumi! This is your mess to clean up. Young master will be couting on you!" Ukyo and Tessei hauled their butts out of the scene leaving her behind. 'Assholes.' Bhined her, more of their little bodyguards, began to show themselves, each going after the girl...Kirara. Tsumi sat in the coach for a moment, simply watching to see what happened. Her eys focused on the battle between the bodyguards and the boy. He was mildly skilled, but had obviously never been in an actual fighting situation. She scoffed as the boy broke contact with Kirara and thrown to the floor.

"Tsumi come get her! We'll hold them off!" Smirking, she stood going after the girl, and grabbing her by the hand. Kirara fought, but she'd been too skilled in this situation. Waiting a moment, she hauled the girl over her shoulder by the waist, and slid down the ladder.

"Stop kicking me!" Tsumi threw KIrara to the floor and glared at her. "You want to live don't you! Frightened, she nodded, crawling slowly away. "Good. Then listen to me and listen close. You nee dto get away from here, but me slacking off would only cause me to get in trouble, so now, I want you to kick me off this ledge, after that, don't you dare stay to watch me fall. i will be just fine, but you are in serious danger. Do as I say, and when I fall out of view..." The girl now sat confused and began to speak slowly.

"W-why are you doing this?" Tsumi ignored her.

"Push me now!" With all her might, she was hurled off the edge of the cliff. She felt herself falling, but kept her eyes on the edge of the cliff, to see if the girl would look back, like any idiot would. She didn't. 'Time for some mojo.'