I'd like to disclaim this by saying I know all of exactly fuck all about the workings of Blackest Night, so...yeah :P Crossposted to deviantart, comments are love.

Superman was no stranger to fear, despite what others though. Invulnerable didn't mean unfeeling, and he had a thousand experiences, from wedgies before his powers kicked in, to the agonizing, sickening pain of Kyrptonite poisoning, to prove it.

Yet even the fear he'd faced upon realizing his inevitable death at the hands of Doomsday didn't match his sheer terror upon seeing Guy Gardener lauch a volley of red construct chainsaws at Bruce.

"Batman!" No. The thought of Bruce gone, before he could tell him, tell him the one thing even the World's Greatest detective had never figured out - It was unthinkable. Clark put on speed, faster than he'd ever flown in any race with Barry, Jay or Wally, so focused on Bruce he missed the soaring arc of pink energy - That smacked Batman right in the back.

Immeadiatly, pink walls came up, protecting Bruce from Guy's constructs. He took advantage of the confusion to knock out Guy, even as the ring chimed "Bruce Wayne of Sector 2814. You have the potential for great love."

Clark stared at Bruce, who somehow managed to make the pink cowl and giant, Bat-shaped cutout look intimidating. There was a lot to be said. A lot to be considered, especially the fact that, seconds before the had recieved the ring, Bruce had looked directly at Clark. But the only words that fit were words said by a wise man, long ago, in a similar situation -

"One punch." Batman nodded.

"Let's hope Black Canary took photos this time".