The Great Seduction"

Three months after the birth of Taka, their little boy.

Sakura watched Sasuke with adoration as he gently held baby Taka in his strong arms. Clothed in a traditional dark blue robe that parted gently in the chest and showed off his muscular arms, he looked soft, inviting, and sexier that Sakura could remember ever seeing him. Sasuke's paternal side had Sakura practically quaking in her bathrobe, but she ignored her desire for him to simply watch and stare as he talked conversationally with Taka. His whispered comments were never in baby-talk. He always spoke with Taka as if he were a full-grown adult, and though Sakura couldn't quite hear from the bed what he was saying, she could tell it wasn't anything of consequence, despite Sasuke's serious nature. She knew that her husband simply enjoyed talking to their son, even at the cost of looking foolish.

He looked up at her briefly, a smile in his dark eyes, before turning his attention back to the tiny boy, whose hands played gently with his father's hair. It was getting longer, Sakura noted, swooping down in the front and brushing his shoulders in the back. Sasuke's scruff also looked a little mangy and unkempt, threatening to grow into a full-blown beard in a few days.

Again Sakura didn't care, only finding the contrast of his rugged appearance with the gentleness of his actions all the more attracting. She could hardly bear the sexual tension boiling inside her, and she swallowed a lump in her throat to keep it down. Pregnancy hadn't slowed them down until around the sixth month, where she had gotten a bit too large to make love to. She had been fine with it then, feeling most of the time too bloated and fat to be attractive anyway, but she could tell Sasuke had struggled with abstinence, keeping very close to her but refraining nonetheless. Now that she had given birth, she had expected him to practically tackle her any day, but he did not. He looked at her, smiled at her, kissed her constantly, but never made an attempt beyond that.

It was driving her crazy. She could have blamed it on the hormones or how damn attractive her husband was, but Sakura had to admit that she wanted it. She was hornier than a drunk school girl, and she was determined to have her husband. Now if need be.

"Sasuke," she said lazily as she stretched across their bed, taking care to allow her own bathrobe to hike naturally up her leg and reveal pale, soft skin, "don't you think we should put Taka to bed? I'm getting..." (she sighed expressively) "tired."

Sasuke looked up to Sakura's stretched out figure and swallowed,pausing for a moment. He nodded without a word and stood to leave, bringing Taka into the nursery next door. Sakura leaned for a moment, checking to see if he was gone, and then bolted out of the bed. She moved to the mirror above their dresser and mussed her hair about, purposefully tangling the long locks together to create some more volume. Pulling apart her white robe, she surveyed her body in black lingerie, objectively thinking it was satisfactory. Though, she thought with a wicked smile, her breasts had grown at least a few sizes since giving birth, and that was sure to please Sasuke.

Hearing him approach, she lunged into bed, stretching herself out on their blankets in an attempt to look casual yet sexy. Yes, after months of abstinence, she would have him tonight. Of this she was certain!

"Sakura," Sasuke said in a low husky voice, tickling her ear with his warm breath. She allowed herself a shudder of anticipation.


"Can you move over a bit?"

Sakura's eyes snapped open. "What?"

He wasn't yet in the bed, standing over his side in customary black boxers and a gray T-shirt, the robe discarded on the side of a nearby chair. "You're on my side."

She blinked in surprise and moved slowly over, watching him as he climbed beside her into bed. He lowered his body under the sheets, his warmth spreading nicely to her side of the bed and exciting her further. She would remain undaunted by his stoniness, she decided.

"Sasuke," she said breathily, moving her arms over his body and sidling up to his side. She allowed her breasts to brush his body as she held him, "I've missed you."

Her husband sighed contentedly and held her close but not the way Sakura wanted. He was being affectionate, gentle, but not at all sexual. She could remember several times not a year ago when she would pull a similar move, and that was all it took for him to roll over and take her without another word. Now he only held her, breathing slowly as if he were about to drop off.

That was not what she wanted! He couldn't possibly be that tired! They had had a normal, peaceful day about the house, taking care of and playing with Taka, eating together in peace, swimming in the lake. After such a day it was only natural for them to be together at night.

Or did he no longer find her attractive?

The thought made her heart sink into her stomach, and all the blood rushed to her head. No, that wasn't possible. He had never, not once, shown any sign of not being attracted to her. Before Taka had been born, they had literally been all over each other. Maybe with the birth of the baby, he found her body unattractive, disgusting.

She grimaced and had a brief moment of sheer panic jut through her body. She couldn't bear to even think of it. Sasuke's body was like a pleasure factory, generating the most powerful sensations she had ever known, and she would not be deprived of it.

Rallying her iron-like will, she rationalized that no matter what, Sasuke was a man. Men, she knew scientifically, responded to stimulation. She wouldn't be denied her own husband. Slowly, gently, so that he possibly could ignore the movement until it was too late, she moved her fingers over his chest, playing it off like an innocent stretch that he ignored easily enough. But with another flick of her wrist, she began drawing tiny circles over his torso. He let out a low breath, half asleep, and leaned into her touch. She smiled devilishly, letting her hands wander down to the hem of his shirt, playing with the warm skin of his hardened abdomen. Instinctually he moved his hips slightly upward, which caused Sakura's grin to widen. Just a little lower and...

"Stop!" he gasped, snatching her hand away from him by her wrist. She was so shocked by the action that she flinched and nearly fell off her side of the bed. Luckily, he was holding her enough to keep her close.

"W-What?" she whispered, horrified. In the darkness of the room she couldn't quite see his expression, and that made her all the more scared. "Sasuke?"

He was panting slightly, laying a large hand over Sakura's cheek. "I'm sorry. Not tonight."

Sakura blinked into the air, watching as he slowly turned away from her, pulling the covers over his shoulders. She was so shocked she didn't know quite what to do or say. She felt that the situation required explaining, but she was so afraid that he wasn't attracted to her any longer that she couldn't bring herself to ask. He had just blatantly refused her, an action that had never before occurred. Not once since they'd gotten married.

She clenched her jaw and closed her eyes, trying to mask her emotions, trying to calm her chakra that threatened to spike. But she realized that such composure was impossible and she had to leave the room before she exploded into tears. It was the hormones, she thought desperately, that made her so sensitive. Rolling out of the bed, she retreated out the door, down the hall and outside into the courtyard.

She breathed a sigh of relief upon a cool blaze of wind that hit her face, scattering her hair into the night air. The courtyard looked beautiful in the sparse light of the summer moon. The water flowed lazily in the stream beside the cherry blossom tree, soothing Sakura's frazzled nerves. She knew this is where she had been kidnapped months before, but no matter how much she tried, she could hardly remember anything of the incident. The most she could recall were shady, fragmented images of delivering Taka on the forest floor with Sasuke, Naruto, and Lady Tsunade by her side. A week later, she'd awoken in the hospital, Sasuke holding their infant son in his arms.


She closed her eyes. She didn't know what she would do if he didn't want her anymore. What on earth would happen to their family? To Taka? Was there anything she could do to change herself? Make herself more desirable?

Gritting her teeth, she fought the urge to punch giant holes in the ground, roaring for an explanation. Somehow she held her temper in check.

She heard the door slide open behind her and knew that he was there. She could feel his eyes on her back, watching her.

"I'm sorry," she said in a gasping breath, trying to keep her tears in. The hormones, damn them, she thought. Everything seemed so much worse with her emotions rocking about like a ship at sea.

A pair of warm arms and a solid chest enveloped her from behind. "What?" he whispered in her ear. "What are you apologizing for, Sakura?"

She shook her head. "I- I can't... I'm sorry. I want to be what you want. I don't want our love to die."

"What?" He turned her gently around, lacing fingers through her hair to bring her eyes to meet his. "What are you talking about?"

"Do..." She raised her nerve. "Do you not want me?"

He blinked, the Sasuke-version of surprise crossing his face. "Not want you?"

She raised red eyes to his. "I know my body went through a lot with the baby, but I-"

"I always want you," he cut her off with a maddeningly straight face.



"Then-" She allowed herself a little bit of anger here. "Then what the hell!"

He pulled her into a deep hug, kissing her forehead lovingly. "Listen, I know you might not understand this, Sakura, but listen. You don't remember what happened when Taka was born. You don't remember how still you were, how..." He swallowed. "How weak. I've never been so terrified. And the idea of ever hurting you... I can't even-"

"You think you'll hurt me by...?" she trailed off. "That's why?" She felt guilty, but an enormous bout of relief flooded her system. She felt like laughing but didn't want to offend Sasuke in any way.

To her question he nodded. "So... Sakura, just for a while. We can be patient. I want you to recover fully before we're intimate again."

She slowly nodded as well in affirmation. Looking up to her husband, she gave him a small smile and kissed the frown off his face. It was a small kiss, like a peck, but it felt so nice that Sakura didn't hesitate to plant another on him, slightly longer. Then another, opening her mouth slightly. She enjoyed his arms about her, tightening slightly as she felt his warm tongue tease her lips before slipping inside her mouth. Warm heat spread from her neck, down her back and to her nether regions. She brought her fingers up to play with his hair, tugging it slightly in silent demand. More.

He gave her another long kiss before bringing her inside, putting her in bed.

And leaving her alone, turning his back and falling asleep almost instantly.

She sat up, still raging with the heat he'd left on her body, and looked icily at his sleeping form. "Of course, you know this means war."


And it truly was war.

Sakura never attempted to initiate sex, not for two weeks. Oh, but she was a wicked tease. Sasuke would awake to Sakura standing in the bathroom, clad in stringy lingerie and stretching delightfully in the morning light. She'd turn to him as if she hadn't heard him wake up and smile radiantly. "Oh, so you're up already." She'd put a hand on his chest, offer him a delicious good-morning kiss that was far too long to not be suggestive, and then leave him in the bathroom, saying something about an early morning run. He'd be left stunned, the image of her rear left to simmer in his mind while she dressed and went out.

In the afternoons, she'd disregard clothing completely, napping in broad daylight, naked except for a sheer towel delightfully hiding her rising and lowering breasts. During such times, Sasuke would attempt to leave the house altogether, but upon leaving, the image of her just lying there would pop into his mind, and he suddenly couldn't bring himself to go, not when she was so beautiful. When she would notice his presence, she'd merely sigh lazily and stretch, allowing the towel to part in suggestive places just so he could get a long look at her body. And he was expected to not lunge at her?

Yes. And he didn't. And when he left, Sakura would crack an eye and pout with raging fists in the air.

When they were out, with friends, just them, on her own, Sakura would wear decidedly sexy clothing. Black, slick dresses, hot red skirts, her hair swinging tantalizingly to and fro across her back side. Sasuke could feel the glances of other men, perusing her body, longing to do to her what he had refused. It was more than once that Sasuke had to silently intimidate those who were brave enough to stare with such ferocity. It was even driven to such a point that men began to approach Sakura with Sasuke standing not two feet from her. And Sasuke would have beaten them to a bloody pulp if Sakura had not been so maddeningly coy about the whole thing, acting as if she didn't know what on earth was going on when the men approached. She would merely smile and give them a wink. "Oh, sorry about that, boys, I'm taken." When Naruto once commented on it, saying Sakura was, "Damn fine despite being a new mama," Sasuke had finally asked her to save those clothes for special occasions. Of course, she'd act innocent. "I haven't been wearing anything out of the usual," she said with the light batting of her long eyelashes.

What was even worse were the touches she always gave him in public. They were tiny, no one noticed them. But they were Sasuke's undoing. At times under the table she'd let her fingers wander, stroking the underside of his thigh gently. She'd make swirls and dips that would go tantalizingly close to ecstasy but then pull back in the next second. Sasuke would be so engrossed in the sensation that he would forget about the current conversation at the table, forget the people at the table even, until someone would call out to him and ask why he looked like he was in pain.

He wouldn't come up with an answer, so Sakura would. "Oh, don't mind him. You know how he likes to think to himself."

Other times in public she would trace fingers over his back, place kisses on his cheeks, sometimes touch his chest but only for a moment until Sasuke was hypersensitive to Sakura's presence. It was too much to bear with her looking, smelling, and feeling so damn delectable. But no matter what, Sasuke willed himself to be strong, to look out for Sakura's health. There were times when he would catch her dropping things on accident, running into doors and walls, sleeping for hours when they were home, even though she slept more than enough at night.

I'd give her a reason to be tired Sasuke thought sadistically one day, feeling his limit approaching like a crisis. I'll make her sleep for three days after I'm done with her.

But he had to shake his head and shake the feeling of lust from his body. That was what Sakura wanted: Sasuke's sadistic and dominating nature to take control until he finally ravaged her. It wasn't what he wanted, though. He wanted Sakura to be healthy, to resume missions before they became intimate again. Sakura was also very busy with Taka and the work she did at the hospital, and he felt that adding the stress of rough (very rough to punish her for making him suffer) sex to her body might induce a collapse. It was his belief, and it kept him from having her.

For another two weeks.

Sakura didn't once stop in her silent warfare. But she realized with time that a silent war wasn't to be won against Sasuke Uchiha. He had a will of iron, just as strong as hers, if not even stronger. That meant that she had to be cool, clever. It had to come out of nowhere so he would be caught off guard. She realized that perhaps being too sexy was the root of her failure. It allowed Sasuke to build up a kind of immunity to her charms. She quickly changed tactics.

She simmered down, gradually and slowly so he barely noticed it. Her kisses were soft and sweet, her hugs genuine and loving, not sexual. They talked, lied down together, fell asleep at night, played with little Taka. Sakura wanted Sasuke more than ever, but she was patient as she was sly. He was out on one of his day-missions, one that wouldn't last more than a couple of hours but put him far enough from the house that she wouldn't have to worry about him. Tonight would be the night.

Sakura cleaned the house studiously, prepared dinner and bath-time for Taka early and put the baby to bed an hour ahead their normal schedule. This allowed Sakura the time to get in the bath herself, coating her body with soap and sweet-smelling perfumes, though not too much because she knew that it would annoy him. Then heading to Sasuke's closet, she dawned one of his bigger shirts, a feature that was sure to remind him of the habit she had had when they first got married. She had worn his clothes to bed almost every night, and when he had finally asked her why, she'd replied, "I just like it when I feel like I'm an Uchiha. Having this crest on my back means so much, I feel like I'm incomplete without it."

That night Sakura was sure was the night Taka had been conceived, but she could only speculate. The beginning of their marriage had been filled with many such nights, but there was no harm in believing as she liked. Sakura checked the time as the sun set behind the Hidden Leaf skyline, sure that Sasuke would be home within the hour. Her plan was far from simple. It required timing and the most sensual performance she would ever give her husband. Lying in bed, wrapped in his clothes, Sakura would give him the show of a lifetime, and if that didn't induce him into bed, she didn't know what possibly would.

She'd rub herself, coax him with heated eyes, moan under her own ministrations until he could do nothing but join in the fun himself. In his clothes, his long-sleeved blue shirt, she'd inhale his scent, murmur his name, call to him, and then he would most certainly be shattered. Sakura would admit that the idea of some sort of exhibition did make her nervous. It was something she'd never had to do for Sasuke before, since he'd been more than a willing enough partner, but in order to break this horrid stalemate, Sakura was willing to do something a little outlandish.

She grinned into the sheets just thinking about it. Yes, Sasuke was in for a big treat. Yawning slowly, she rolled over, one hand flopping absently on her stomach. The only problem was that she had to wait for him to arrive. It was taking longer than usual, an hour coming and going easily. Cicada bugs began to sound in the night air, the moon rising in the eastern night sky. She could see it all from her open window, but she turned away from the moonlight in the next moment, deciding it was too bright for her taste. She yawned again and pulled some covers up. There was no point in being cold.

Then it started slowly, like a thief in the night. Sleep began to take her, and she was so warm and comfortable she forgot why she was trying to fight it. Lying on their bed, surrounded by warmth and the combined smell of her husband and herself, Sakura drifted off unconsciously into sleep.

She awoke to a stirring beside her, the sound of the door to their bedroom sliding open, soft foot-falls approaching. "Sakura?"

It was Sasuke! He was home already, and her whole plan was ruined!

Sakura groaned slightly, raising herself into a sitting position. "Dammit," she muttered under her breath.

"What?" he asked.

Still half asleep, Sakura swore again, rubbing her eyes with the back of the long, blue sleeve. "Oh, nothing... I just was waiting for you to get home, and I had this wonderful idea, but now it's all ruined." She finally raised her eyes to her husband's and smiled, despite her anger at herself. "Welcome home. Are you hungry? I could fix you something if you want." She stretched slowly, getting herself out of bed, which was difficult with the overly long sleeves impeding her fingers' grasp on the sheets.

"Sakura," Sasuke said in a quiet voice. "Why are you wearing my shirt?"

A light blush stole over her cheeks at the idea she'd had earlier. "Oh this?" she said easily, "I just wanted to wear it. You know I used to wear these all time. I miss how soft they were." She wrapped her arms around herself, inhaling deeply the scent of fresh fabric with a tinge of Sasuke. "I remember when we got married how I wanted to wear these all the time because it felt so good to have them. They smell just like you, and they remind me every time I see them how good it is to know you're my family, and I'm yours. I can't explain it really. I just know that being an Uchiha, being part of this family, is the best thing I've ever done. And I'm happy I could do it with you."

She smiled softly and lowered her eyes from his in sudden thought. She might put some soup on for him, since it was somewhat of a chilly night. A sudden movement made her look back up to him, and the look in his eyes blew all other thoughts away. His expression was unreadable, the most strange expression she had ever seen on his face. "Sasuke?" she asked softly. "Are you alright?"

She reached up a hand to touch his face, and he grabbed it instantly, kissing each finger on her hand and then moving to the palm, kissing there too.

"Sasuke?" she whispered.

He put one of her fingers in his mouth and sucked lightly then continued kissing it, moving past her palms this time, drawing her closer as he kissed so slowly up her forearm, to her bicep, kissing, kissing, kissing.


With his teeth, he pulled at the sleeve of the blue shirt and brought it farther up her arm, exposing pale creamy flesh one centimeter at a time. His other arm looped easily around her waist, dragging her closer with the grace of water and the strength of a warrior. She made no move to resist as he continued his ministrations up both of her arms, his hands snaking around her hips and thighs and caressing her white panties. He could smell how clean she was, how sensual she felt, soft and wrapped in his scent. It activated an instinctual possessive strain in Sasuke's mind that had him nearly growling in her ears.

She let out unsteady drags of breath as she felt him peruse her body with his hands, teeth, and lips. He nuzzled her neck with low moans and whispers, simultaneously dragging his hands up and down her whole body in long, slow strokes. She found herself hotter than she ever had in her life but she was loathe to speed up the process. She wanted to archive every touch he made, every whisper he said and lock them away in the recesses of her mind, where they could keep her company whenever things got difficult in her life. The Sasuke she was feeling now was a rare if never seen Sasuke. Only one other time had he ever been so sensual, and that was on the night of their wedding, when she had first worn the Uchiha symbol on her back. Sasuke was the kind of man who was obsessive over family to the extent that he could only afford to reveal his most tender and exposed side when he recognized fully and completely that she shared his blood. It only to her, and only in moments like these.

He hadn't even penetrated her yet, but she felt as if they were one being.

Sliding her hands into his, she wrapped herself in him, putting her toes on top of his so they were standing chest to chest, flush against one another. His lips hovered back from her neck up her jaw, messing with the corner of her mouth for an instant before she tilted her head and kissed him gently. It was a long kiss, neither of them felt the need to breathe or move, just to feel each other.

But Sakura couldn't help it. She broke the kiss, only to nip gently at his mouth again, a light kiss. She did it again, then again, tugging on his shirt, tracing her palms up the side of his chest and back. She didn't need to say anything and didn't have to do much more.

Sasuke's reserve broke.

Scooping his wife up by her thighs, he practically attacked her mouth with his, groaning into the kiss as she wrapped her long legs around his waist for support. The shift in the weight caused him to stumble slightly, drunk from her body, scent, and mouth, and he crashed into their bedroom window, nearly breaking it. The cool glass against Sakura's back intensified as Sasuke unceremoniously lifted her shirt, sliding his hands greedily across the flesh of her torso and breasts. He moaned into her mouth at the touch before removing the shirt completely. No underwear impeded his mouth as it slid from her lips, licking down her collarbone and settling on the flesh in between her two pert breasts. Sakura gasped and dragged her fingers through his hair, as she reveled in the sensation of a fully clothed Sasuke against her nearly naked body.

Soon he was on the move again, lifting her up effortlessly and flinging her on their soft bed. He dived on top of her, as if loathe to be separated from her skin, but the force of his descent caused both of them to topple to the floor in a heap of skin, lips, and sheets. Neither seemed to mind as Sakura began to tug impatiently at her husband's clothes, moaning as his hands slid underneath her panties. She couldn't suppress the series of moans that escaped her lips through panted gasps, but not being touched for so long had taken its toll on Sakura. She felt her release approaching far too quickly for her liking and began to whimper despite herself.

"N-not yet," she begged, pulling at his clothes so hard that they began to tear. She was desperate enough to even put chakra into her hands, and the clothes wrenched free of his body without further hesitation. Sasuke hissed at the bold move but graciously removed his hand, trailing it back up her body to hold her while he pressed his lips back into hers.

Sakura was beginning to feel dizzy. She'd wanted this for so long that she found it difficult not to expire straight away, but her will prevented her from doing so. She'd been waiting for months, suffering without having him for so long, so she had to make the most of what she had now, prolong it as much as she could.

But the foreplay was almost too intense. They practically wrestled across their floor, knocking lamps, pictures, and equipment to the floor as they banged their bodies against dressers and nightstands, all the while their sheets were tangles in their feet and arms. Sakura finally managed to remove Sasuke's pants with another chakra-infused rip but not before he'd slid her panties off her hips with maddening slowness. She hated how he seemed to be in complete control while she was a tattered, hot mess underneath him. She'd have to be a little cruel, she decided.

In a swift movement, she slid from his grip, grabbing the sheets and stealing out of their door before he had time to register she was gone. She fled with a howling laugh down the hall, past the baby's room and into the main family room, where the tatami mats stretched out on the floor gave way to the open sliding doors that revealed the courtyard that Sakura loved so much. She'd planned to go farther into the house, but he caught her by the shoulder, ripping the sheets from her body and lifting her into the air once more with his strong, muscular arms. He growled into her ear, obviously displeased she had attempted to flee, and without ceremony he slammed them both onto the floor, knocking the wind from her body. He took advantage of her dazed state, lifting her hips onto his crouched knees. Leaning over her, he spoke in a voice so low and smoldering that she hardly recognized it to be his. "You've asked for it, Sakura."

He leaned forward, into her, and she gasped at the familiar sensation of being filled, closing her eyes against both the pain and pleasure. Sasuke let out breaths in hot, quick gasps, and it was then that she realized he was near his release and desperately trying to stave it off. Instantly all the pain was forgotten in lieu of wanting to torture him once more. Expertly, she shifted her hips upward then slammed them down in a rotating motion, squeezing as tightly as she could around him.

"Hahhh," he gasped, holding onto her so tightly that she was sure she would bruise, but that was nothing to his expression. His eyes were forced shut, his lips clenched as he breathed heavily. She knew he was feeling it more than he was letting on. And that simply would not do. Sakura wanted to see him on fire just as much as she was. She wanted him to get so much pleasure from tonight that he would never have the will to refuse her again. She would have that mask of composure completely crumbled before her.

She repeated the motion again but this time added a moan of pleasure as she gripped the tatami mats above her head. Sasuke echoed her, bending his back so he was practically laying over her stomach. Sakura was unrelenting, shifting herself once more and rolling her hips slowly, then quickening her pace with ridiculous control. Flexing herself at just the right moment, she felt a surge of pleasure as she earned moans that border lined shouts from Sasuke's gaping mouth. His lips made contact with her chest, kissing, licking, and biting away at the flesh, leaving a long stretch of drool on her abdomen and breasts as he pulled away from her to throw his head back. He was losing it. Finally, he was letting it all go. She could feel all the thoughts in his head drop away one by one, until he was nothing but a lover, nothing but a beast with the longing to fuck. She could see the change overtake him like a disease, devouring his mind and body until he let out a roar of primal domination and lust.

It was his turn now. He gripped her to him so tightly that she couldn't tell where she ended and he began, and he pounded into her without mercy. She found herself roaring along with him, gripping on and attempting to meet his demanding pace. He flipped her with ease, holding her legs upward as he drove into her. He screamed out sounds that resembled both growls and words, but it was impossible to tell the difference between the two. There were no more words in their vicious coupling. No verbal words anyway. There were the spasms of their bodies, the merging of their heartbeats, and their combined moans of pleasure that became as good a language as any to the husband and wife. How long they went was indistinguishable. Sakura felt so lost in her high of finally having Sasuke once more that she didn't bother to consider anything else. The house could have burned around them, and they wouldn't have known the difference.

Without warning, Sakura's stomach began to contort violently, her insides flaming up so suddenly she let out another cry of both surprise and pleasure. She shuddered, her whole body shaking, and Sasuke shook with her, letting out another final cry before they both stilled, gasping and panting in a tumbled heap, wrapped from head to toe in arms, legs, and sweat.

His skin was so hot and alive that Sakura felt she might melt under it. His arms were shaking as her held her close. Naked and heaving in the light of the moon, Sasuke continued to trail wet kisses up her neck, licking away at her flesh as if he were addicted to the taste. She knew that she heard him murmur "So good," more than once among other, rambling words she couldn't quite make out. For hours, they rolled across the floor together, sloppily making out and grasping each other. His hands were always busy, sometimes grabbing her breasts sensuously, sliding down her hips, circling her buttocks or just hovering around her neck as a guide to her mouth. Sakura found herself whispering naughty things into his ears, licking at the lobes in between spicy, forbidden words that had him groaning and biting her back.

With a devilish whisper, she planted an idea in his brain, her hands suggestively floating beneath his hips and tracing his hardened member with her fingertips. He shuddered and groaned, lost in her touch, and she trailed merciless kisses and nips down his chest, marveling at the dark spots she left in his skin. It was still amazing that one of the most powerful beings in the world allowed her to bruise him in so intimate of places.

Finally she reached the object of her desire, floating above it with hot breaths. Gingerly, she slid her tongue up the side of the shaft until she reached the leaking head, acute to how taught Sasuke's body was. The moment she touched it, his entire body moved, and she felt a surge of pride at how she could control his entire being with only her mouth.

The pride made her bold and with no hesitation, she took the entire head into her mouth, savoring the taste and throbbing heat that practically pulsed in her mouth. Sasuke groaned and gripped the tatami mats under him, breaking them from their positions in the floor as if they were made of paper. She knew Sasuke was miles from his right mind, and only his carnal desires remained inside his fevered brain. He would have never let her done this otherwise. He soon could take her slow pace no longer, dragging her up to him and penetrating her in one fell swoop. Another vicious round of pounding, ending once more in a simultaneous release for both of them, ensued. Then another when they had given themselves a moment of composure. Eventually, Sakura began to see Sasuke come down from his high, the sanity in his eyes returning, the purpose in his movements coming with it. There was also the satisfaction she could see in his eyes. It was alight and warm like a campfire, glimmering just inside his pupils.

"Sakura," he whispered finally, pulling her into a long hug. By now the sun was rising in the sky. They were both still in the main room, surrounded by the ripped sheets, leftovers of their clothes which had somehow been gathered with them, and their own bodies.

She sighed contentedly in his arms, feeling so good for the first time in a long time. "Hmm?"

"You planned this, didn't you?"

She cracked an eye at him. "Planned?"

"You wanted me to come home, see you in my clothes, sleeping in our bed, and seduce me, right? You're very clever, Sakura."

"To tell you the truth, I had something else planned," she admitted honestly.


"I was going to give you a show."

No response, but she could feel him tighten slightly.

She leaned in closer and whispered in his ear, "I was going to give you a show that not even you could resist."

"Maybe you can give it to me some other time," he said back, the flickering of lust crossing his eyes. "But as for now, I'll give you the credit for tonight. You were a great seductress."

She laughed and cuddled in his arms, tracing a finger across the slight marks of his stubble. "Well, I'm an Uchiha. We're all amazing."

He smiled at her, a breathtaking, sincere smile. "Yes, we are."


So, this was the first in what will hopefully be many of the one-shots following Origins of the New Uchiha. If anyone has any requests as to what they would like to read about, do tell because I work better with prompts. Thank you for reading, once more.