Chapter 1

Tickles, BUSTED! And Proposing.

Molly and Arthur Weasley, followed by their six sons, entered Harry Potter's house. None of the Weasleys had seen the youngest of their clan, 19 year old Ginny, but since Harry was her boyfriend they guessed she was here. Sure enough, the moment they opened the door, they were met by loud laughter, which sounded a lot like Ginny. They went to the living room, and found 20 year old Harry tickling Ginny. Ginny was laughing so much she was nearly crying.

"Okay," Ginny gasped, "stop. Please."

Harry chuckled and let go of her. When she calmed down, she gave him a glare. But everyone knew she was just kidding around. Everyone rolled their eyes at the playful young couple, and walked past them into the kitchen.

After a few minutes, Ron broke the silence. "What are they up to?" he wondered aloud. "They haven't said anything to each other. We would have heard. Unless they've put Muffliato on the door... And why haven't they came through here yet? They know we're here, they saw us come in."

"I'm sure they're just enjoying their time together," said Arthur.

"'Enjoying their time together'? What do you mean by that?"

"Ron, no, not like that -"

But Ron opened the kitchen door so everyone could see into the living room. Harry and Ginny were lying on the floor. You have to admit, it did look bad. And their assumptions were absolutely right.

Harry was lying on top of Ginny, snogging her like his life depended on it. His hand had sneaked its way up her top, and although they couldn't see his hand, it was obvious what he was doing. Ginny's arms were around Harry's neck. She was kissing him back with just as much passion.

"MATE!" Ron yelled. Harry jumped away from Ginny. He saw the Weasleys standing in the doorway, and he turned bright red. The worst thing was, there was a bulge in his trousers. It was obvious what that was.

"Excuse me," Harry mumbled. He rushed out of the living room, and everyone heard the bathroom door close. Ginny sighed angrily at her family.

"Thanks," she grumbled. She too was blushing. This was strange, as she hadn't seemed very worried about whether they got caught when she had tackled Harry just a few minutes earlier. It had been Harry who had been worried.

"Your family are right through that door," he had hissed at her, but after a little...persuasion, she had got him to do what she wanted.

Now she stood glaring at her family for scaring Harry off. After a few minutes, they heard Harry call to Ginny.

She went to him. "You okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Can I ask you something?"

"You just did, but go ahead."

"Marry me."

Ginny gasped, then composed herself. "That's not a question."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Fine. Please will you marry me?" Silence.

"Ginny? You don't have to if you don't want to, you know."

She looked at him in disbelief. "What are you on, Potter? The one thing I have wanted for about nine years, for Harry Potter to ask me to marry him, and he's worried I'll say no to him?"

" that a yes, then?"

"No," she said sarcastically. "I just let you down even though it's the thing I want most in the whole world! Of course it's a yes, you big idiot!" She laughed and threw her arms around him. He chuckled and spun her around. They shared a passionate kiss, then went through to the kitchen, still embracing each other.