To be honest, I just felt like being silly. I don't know where I stand with the Naruto fandom. It was my first fandom and I love the characters, but I don't know. I feel like I'm not as excited as I was before. Still, funny ideas come to mind like this one where I just have to write it down. After all, Sasuke deserves to be funny and made fun of, just like everyone else.

Disclaimer: Do not own Naruto.

Sasuke scowled indignantly as he stared into the basket of newly-cleaned laundry. Though he hated doing laundry, he usually had something to console himself with when he folded the clothes. However, once again, he found his relief missing as he stared at the pair of beige, shapeless panties in his hands. 'Granny panties,' he thought with an angry, disgusted shudder before throwing them back into the basket. And it wasn't the first time he'd been without his reward either. If memory served him right, he hadn't seen any of his prize for weeks now.

Affronted, Sasuke inwardly stamped his foot. He felt robbed. He'd been a good boyfriend: loving, devoted, eager to please in bed. Even with his slight possessive streak (he was just watching out for her, that's all. He didn't care what she said. Yamato was giving her the eye.), he was a good boyfriend. He did not deserve this punishment placed on him!, he roared internally when suddenly, an idea struck him. Maybe they were already in her underwear drawer.

Instantly the laundry basket was in his hands, being quickly carried up the stairs to their shared bedroom. As he ran, fingers clutched tightly on the lip of the plastic bin, his heart raced in his chest. He could already feel the sinful sensation of lace and cotton underneath his fingertips.

Under the pretense of placing back her clothes for her, Sasuke slipped through the door. Dropping the basket on the bed, he quickly ran over to their dresser. His hands already opening the drawer level with his stomach, he pulled it open, nearly ripping it from its track in his haste as he searched through the layers of folded clothing. Bras and shirts flew to the wayside in Sasuke's mad search for his treasure, but again it was the same granny panties. The best he could find was a pair of white bikini-cut panties with pastel polka dots. Where were her lace thongs? Her silk panties? Hell, he'd even settle for a pair of cotton briefs!

Bemoaning the loss of his girlfriend's collection of sexy underwear, he hadn't noticed his girlfriend's entrance. Even when she cleared her throat to announce her presence and the fact he'd been caught, Sasuke couldn't even muster enough energy to fake innocence, instead turning to her with a look of utter loss and distress.

"Sakura, what…what happened?" He made it sound like an absolute travesty. A truckful of puppies being killed in a tragic collision with equally-adorable kittens could not compare to the sense of confused emptiness he felt as he grieved his one-admitted weakness.

Sakura merely rolled her eyes. "Well, you kept ripping up my underwear whenever we had sex that I didn't want to waste the money anymore."

Utterly flabbergasted by Sakura's blasé response, Sasuke couldn't even force himself to pick his jaw up from the floor as she walked out with a brief comment that he had to fix her drawer again. Staring disbelievingly at the door, he only had enough energy to turn to the pile of shabby underwear before closing his eyes and silently grieve his loss.