Out of the Future

Chapter 1: To save the past

My name?

What does it matter?

My designation?

None of you're business.

The year?


My mission?

To go back into the past and save my mother

The threat?

A new breed of bio weapon manufactured by Cerberus.

Cerberus is an unknown branch of Manticore discovered when I was sixteen, it's located on a private piece of land somewhere near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Time travel; sounds impossible right?


Cerberus has been working on the technology for the past eleven years and the bastards have finally done it. They want to go back and kill my mother and prevent my birth.

But I can't let it happen. And I won't.


May 3rd, 2043

Two shadows crept along the steely grey facility. Their eyes adjusting to the dark quickly. After checking that the guards had moved along, they gracefully leapt the high fence and made their way to the Cerberus compound. They entered stealthily through an air vent along the side of the building, and moved deeper into the labyrinth.

"Twenty minutes," said a male voice.

"I know," said the female crawling in front of him.

At last the two dropped into a deserted hallway and made their way along the corridor.

"Are you sure Logan gave us the right directions?" asked the female.

"I have complete faith in him," said the male

They rounded a few corners, and then the girl stopped abruptly causing the boy to run into her.

"Guards," she said.

"Let's do it."

With lightning speed and cat-like grace the two X9's jumped the guards and knocked them out cold.

"Eight minutes," said the male looking at his watch.

"So let's steal their clothes and get in there already," said the female

"You ready for this?"

"Never," she said, "we'll get back right?"

"If it all goes like we planned," he said.

"And what's the likelihood of that?"

"They've always come through for us before."

"You're right," she said putting her curly brown hair under the guard's hat, "let's beat this bitch!"

"Ladies first," he said.

The two entered the room in front of them, using the guards their keycards and hiding their unconscious bodies.

As they entered the room, they were almost blinded by light. Guards and scientists were all over. The two kept their heads down to cover their faces. Then they saw it.

Two separate machines each with a glowing blue center surrounded by a metal rim.

"That's it?" asked the girl silently.

"That's it."

Two well built woman wearing different coloured business suits, stood at attention in front of an older man, the woman looked identical.

"Koiohla, Mizsima what is you're objective?" he asked them.

"To assassinate and eliminate the rogue X5, designation 452, named 'Max' of the year 2022," They answered simultaneously.

"Good prepare to depart," he said.

"Get ready," the male said to his partner.

"You two!" the director addressed them, "proceed with the codes."

"Ready?" the male whispered as they passed the director and the two women and walked over to the time machines.

"Sir," said Mezsima sniffing the air.

"What is it soldier?"

"X9's, here," she started to look around.

"Get ready to bolt," said the male punching in the access codes given to him by Eyes Only and quietly drawing his gun. The female did the same.

"We're close," she said.

"Those two!" said Mezsima snapping her head to look at them.

"GO!" he shouted pushing her towards the machine.

"Stop! You'll damage the machines!" shouted the director.

Jesse and Rachel raced through one of the glowing blue orbs only to hit the cold cement of a street a couple seconds later.

"Did we make it?" asked Rachel pulling off her officer guise.

"I think so," said Jesse picking up part of a discarded newspaper, "May 3rd, 2022, we made it."

"And soon those psycho's will be coming after us," said Rachel, "let's hurry."


Pronunciation: Koiohla: Coy-ō-la

Mezsima: Meh-sh-ee-ma

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