Out of the Future

Chapter 25: All's well, that End's well

"We're going home," said Jesse as he watched Rachel and Ft. Max walk towards them.

"How are you doing kid?" asked Ft. Max giving Jesse a hug

"Well I've been, shot, stabbed, and beaten," said Jesse, "though not necessarily in that order."

"I'm just glad you're both not dead."

"You wouldn't be here if you couldn't get us home right?"

"I'm taking you home."

The three from the future turned to face the others.

"So, you're me huh?" asked Max.

"In about twenty years."

"Has time been good to you or what?" said Alec, "you still look amazing Maxie."

"Who was that directed at?"

"Both of you."

"Asha couldn't be here?" asked Ft. Max.

"She was needed on an assignment," said Logan.

"It would have been neat to see her with blonde hair again."

"I knew it was dye," said Max thinking nothing of it.

"So I guess this is good-bye," said Logan, his sentence bringing everyone back to the matter at hand.

"Just for a while," said Jesse, "though the next time you see us, we'll probably be in tiny baby form."

That got smiles from all around.

"We should go, everyone's worried about you two."

"So I guess I'll, well, someday," Rachel stumbled along, "I'll be seeing you." Rachel hugged Max tightly and then Alec.

"I am really going to miss you," he said.

"I know."

"Bye Dad," said Jesse, they hugged.

"I'm going to miss hearing that."

"Mom already knows," Jesse whispered quietly.

"I thought as much."

Rachel and Jesse went over to stand on either side of Ft. Max, who pulled out a little black control and a white envelope. The envelope she handed to Alec.

"Your loser self wanted you to have this, whatever it is," she said.

"Still calling me names?" he asked grinning.

"Always," said Ft. Max.

"You can't tell us anything else about the future can you?" asked Max.

"You've already seen too much of your future already," said Ft. Max.

"Am I happy?"

"Friends and Family, a spunky daughter and an ass of a husband, can't get better than that," said Ft. Max. Rachel and Jesse linked arms with her, and after pushing a few buttons the wind picked up and in a blue flash they were gone. The last thing they saw was Rachel and Jesse waving at them.

"Gone," said Logan walking to the spot the three time travellers once stood, "just like that."

"Husband, huh?" repeated Max glancing at Alec.

"You don't think I could make you happy?" he asked.

"Hey Alec what'd she give you?" asked Logan looking at the white envelope Alec was still holding.

"The front says: 'For My (Alec's) eyes only (that does NOT mean Eyes Only-there's a difference Logan, so shut up'" read Alec.

"It does not say that last part."

"Yes it does! My envelope is telling you to shut up, and as it's only for me I'm going to read it later," he said stuffing it into the pocket inside his jacket.

"That's not fair, let me read it," said Max hitting him in the arm.

"No, it's mine Max, get your own!"


Seattle, 2042

A blue rip twenty feet in the air opened up and three bodies came flying out of it. The laws of gravity pulled them to the ground, they were able to land on their feet thanks to their feline DNA.

"I hate the landings," said Max.

"How'd we get up there?" asked Jesse.

"Your father didn't work that kink out. Just be glad it was only twenty feet and not a hundred."

"Home. We're home, we're home!" laughed Rachel, "we're finally home."

"Let's get to the penthouse, everyone's waiting," said Max.


"How long do you think it will take?" asked Alec who had started pacing fifteen minutes ago.

"Well there are a lot of variables Alec, for one time there may vary, Koiohla could still be alive, the kids could be dead, but they aren't, I hope," said Logan, "would you please stop pacing you're wearing a hole in my carpet."

"And knowing you it's probably an imported pre-pulse carpet."

"Are you making fun of me?"

"You have to ask?"

"HEY!" shouted Asha clapping her hands together loudly, "would you two stop it, we may very well be waiting another two weeks until they get back. Take a breath."

"I'll be able to breathe when they're back no sooner no later."

"Yeah you guys have so much to worry about," said Alec, "I mean it is after all, MY wife and MY daughter everyone seems to want dead. Jesse didn't HAVE to go. But he and Rachel have been best friends since Jesse could walk not to mention the fact that he's in love with her and…"

"Can't say I didn't see that one coming," muttered Logan.

"Can I just ask you one thing though?" asked Alec.

"Go ahead," said Logan.

"What the hell do Guevara women see in Cale men?"

Logan just stared at Alec, before he sighed and shook his head.

"What?" asked Alec.

"HEY!" voices, feet, and a front door opening was heard.



Logan, Alec, and Asha rushed to the front door to see Rachel, Jesse, and Max coming in.

"We are so home!" said Jesse making his way to his parents.

"I was starting to think I'd never see you again," said Logan. He and Asha had Jesse in a tight hug.

"I so missed-ow! Watch the stomach."

"What happened?" demanded his mother pulling on his shirt, "What the hell happened to you!?"

The scars that still adorned his abdomen were still present.

"I got skewered."

"Poor baby," said Asha hugging him again.

"You were almost killed?"

"Well Rachel almost died three times!" said Jesse defensively, "I only could have almost died once!"

"Twice," said Rachel, her voice sounded a bit muffled from being caught between both her parents, "Ray White shot him."

"In the shoulder, it was a graze."

"We don't know what happened to him," said Rachel, "Dad, uh, Past Dad said he just disappeared in a blue flash of light."

"Yeah, he came back here," said Logan.


"Max and Alec went to check out Cerberus, it was just after the place went up in flames…"

"What made it explode?" asked Rachel

"Always interruptions," he muttered, "When you and Jesse left, one of the shooters hit something."

"So how'd you get the technology to come get us?"

"I'm getting to that, anyway Max and Alec were looking around its charred remains for anything that could help us find you when *poof* Ray White."


"Blue light, he just showed up, your parents beat him unconscious…"

"Now when you say beat…"started Alec

"And I really don't want to know how they got any information out of him…none of the White's were really talkers."

"Says you," muttered Max, "what?"

Logan was giving her a look

"So when he disappeared in the past, he came back to the future?"

"Guess so."

"Oh, can we go home now?" asked Rachel turning to her parents, "I just want to see my room again and jump on my bed."

"We slept on floors and in hospital beds," said Jesse, smiling at Rachel, who smiled back..

"You can tell us all about it on the way home," said Max putting an arm around her daughter.

"We'll see you guys tomorrow," said Alec as he and his girls left out the door and moved down the hall, thenonto the elevator.

They were finally home.


Logan's Penthouse, 2022

"Kind of quiet isn't it?" asked Logan.

"Threat's gone, kids are gone, we're here alone, of course it's quiet Logan," said Asha, "did you get into that disc he left you?"

"Yeah, couple hours ago, it has some really good stuff on it, detailed, organized, we're headed for a war."

"Transgenics Vs. Familiars I know, but it sounded like we won."

"Nothing's set in stone, we could get too over-confident and they might win."

"I don't think so," said Asha, "Max will take the Lead in it all yes but she's seen a part of her future, a part of herself in Rachel. She knows what will be at stake and that will make sure she doesn't get too cocky, Max will fight for her family like she always does. What happened in the future doesn't matter, it's what we do now that does."

"You saw Jesse before he left right?"

"I don't know how I knew that he'd be going today, I just felt it, so we said good-bye earlier to avoid complications."

"When are you going to tell Max who you really are?" asked Logan.

"When the right time comes," said Asha

"And when's that?"

"When she needs me, I'll be there."


Space Needle, 2022

Max sat in her favourite spot on top of the Space Needle overlooking the city of Seattle. With her enhanced hearing she heard Alec behind her before he spoke.

"I thought I'd find you up here," he said.

"I heard you come up."

"You okay?"

"I'm fine, just thinking about things," said Max.

"For example?" He sat down beside her.

"I had short hair," she said.

"Which looked pretty hot."

She cuffed him in the arm and smiled, "You think?"

"Of course, and it looked like it was still long enough to cover your barcode."

"Well duh, I'm not stupid like you are."

"And here come the insults," he grinned.

"They're gone," said Max, "it's so weird, a future daughter."

"Our future daughter," said Alec, "you know it was bound to happen sometime."

"Excuse me?"

"Well, we ARE breeding partners, and what better way…"

"Finish that sentence and I'll throw you off the roof."

"Just saying Max."

"Can you even imagine us as parents?"


"Encourage much?"

"Can you see us as parents?"

"Asked you first."

"And I answered you," said Alec.

"So you think we can't do it?" asked Max.

"Didn't say we couldn't, I just can't see us with a baby," he said, "you know with the diapers, and the crying, and the feeding, we're soldiers Max."

"Right. Soldiers. Rachel isn't even going to be around for another couple years anyway."

"Yeah, and we know she's coming, I doubt our future selves got a sneak peak into their future."

"So I guess we'll never know how our future selves got together."

"So how did we get together?" asked Alec.

"I haven't decided yet."

"No hurry, though it'd be nice if you put a rush on things."

"If I didn't know you were just being you, I'd ask if you could fly," said Max.

"Nothing like a swan dive of the Space Needle to really get your heart pumping!"

"So what did that letter say anyway?" she asked.

"I'm not telling," said Alec. He reached inside his jacket and pulled out the letter; taunting Max with it by holding it above her head.

"Come on, give it!" said Max lunging for it. Alec pulled it out of reach everytime she did, "Alec give it here, or I will seriously hurt you."

"If I give it to you, what are you going to do for me?"

"Nothing but break your jaw."

"Oh you are so not reading it now!"

He yanked the paper out of Max's reach a last time and went to put it back in his pocket. Max took this opportunity to tackle Alec and wrestle the paper out of his grip.

"Max this is cheating!" he said, throwing her off and rolling out of the way of her next attempt.

"I said give it!"

"What are you seven?"

Max tackled Alec to the roof's floor once more, this time however, Alec lost his grip on the paper and it went flying towards the end.

"Stop, stop, stop!" said Max as she slid over to it, the wind started to pick up and the letter went over the edge. The X5 made one last attempt to grab it, but was pulled back by Alec before she went over the edge.

"Why did you grab me? I almost had it!" scolded Max slapping Alec's hands off of her.

"And a close up of the cement with it."

"You think it landed close byyyyy, ooh! There it is! I see it!" Max was looking over the end, using her 'transgenovision'.

"Woah, woah, woah, hold on Max you're not…"

"Going to get it?" she finished his sentence, "of course I am!"

With that said, Max quickly shot past Alec and headed down the tower. Alec went over to the edge and quickly found where it landed.

"Great, now she has a couple seconds head start."

After a beat, Alec was chasing after Max down the Space Needle; this game was finally starting to get good.


Down on the pavement below a small piece of paper waited, gently fluttering around whenever the wind picked up. A slight gust forced the paper around and it words faced towards the black, star-filled sky:

It was heat, she loves you, don't screw it up.

The End.


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