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Summary-Harry Potter's not the only one Voldie is after. Once word gets out that the jewel is completed and back in the modern era, both the good and evil sides of the Wizardry community are in a race to either protect or abuse the small bauble and Kagome gets situated in a game of tug of war… Which side will she choose?

Setting- AU starting at final battle. Mix of the fourth movie/book, Goblet of Fire. Summer before term starts, and Kagome's 14, not 15. And I'm having it so that Harry arrives a week before they go to the Quidditch match for the World Cup, instead of the day before.

Pairings- Kagome/Harry. . Really faint Harry/Cho (sorry! Haha) Going with the books/movies as much as I can on this one guys.

Disclaimer:I do not own, nor claim to own, anything pertaining to Inuyasha nor Harry Potter. Just the ideas that pop into my mind ;)


Everything around her was dark, pitch black. It was as if she was floating listlessly through a void, unable to move, to speak, to do anything. As if she was stuck in her mind, aware, but unable to control her own body.

It felt as if she was drifting aimlessly for hours, or was it days? Maybe years even... Time wasn't something she could quite grasp here in…wherever she was.

Her memories were the only things that were comprehensible. The last thing she could remember was the battle, the final one was all she could deduce, unless Naraku had pulled another possum trick again.

This time, she didn't think so. It felt... strangely final this time...


They were all gathered together, their allies. There were those who would fight, and those who would stay on the sidelines, to help those in need.

The battlefield turned out to take place where it had all started, in Inuyasha's forest not too far from the Bone Eaters well; a fitting place to end things.

The fight was long and dreary, harsh for both sides; substantial losses for both good and evil. In the end though, it came down to one against three; Naraku against Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, and Kagome.

Many of their various allies were dead – Kouga, along with Ginta and Hakaku, included in the death toll.

Sango was to the side, cast from the battle with a dislocated shoulder and a broken leg. Miroku was unconscious beside her, most likely half-blind from the slash across his left eye, with the antidote for the miasma already in his system as he slumbered. Kirara was in her normal form, twitching in pain while Jinenji scurried to treat the heavily bleeding gash across her abdomen. Shippo wasn't far, a small scratch on his forehead but otherwise unharmed as he watched the battle, wide-eyed and trembling.

It wasn't long until the battle took a turn for the worst; Inuyasha was killed.

With a tentacle to the heart, a few choked words of parting for Kagome to stay alive, for Sesshomaru to protect her, and for the both of them to kick Naraku's ass, Inuyasha tossed his sword to his brother, the light flickering out from his golden orbs. The taiyoukai caught the sword, fully expecting it to burn his flesh off.

It came as a surprise when it didn't; it came as an even larger surprise when Tetsusaiga transformed into its full glory.

But, then, that was also when things looked up for them in a way.

The tragic loss flipped the lid on Kagome's powers and essentially her control, practically ripping it off. Kagome froze as wild, raw energy spilled out from her in a waterfall rivaling the Iguazu, silently screaming in agony from the loss. The energy seemed to wrap around her, building up like a time bomb waiting to explode.

Naraku stood there stock still, rendered motionless from sheer amount, the sheer power of it, weighing down on him.

Everyone just remained frozen, mesmerized by the power display.

Sesshomaru, however, was jolted into action suddenly, something inside him tell him to act, that it was time. With a quiet murmur of "Wind scar!" he slashed in Naraku's direction just as Kagome's influx of energy seemed to explode around them.

Just as the wave of energy hit Naraku, so did the Wind Scar. And then, there was another explosion of energy.

With just one scream of agony Naraku was reduced to dust, his piece of the jewel floating in the air in a haze of purple energy.

Everyone watched as Kagome's semi-conscious body, still enveloped in a bright blue glow, seemed to be lifted in the air by an invisible entity. Her chunk of the jewel ripped from the necklace it was strung on. The tainted portion of the jewel seemed to be called to its other half as it zipped towards it and its guardian.

Entering the cloud of pure energy seemed to purify the tainted jewel as it came closer, and within the next second, the Shikon no Tama was whole again.

Those watching barely had the chance to breathe as the jewel zipped towards Kagome before light exploded into glittering bits of specks. The light turned brighter and brighter, blinding them as it enveloped Kagome in a bubble, and the next thing they knew she was gone as it took off for the well at the speed of light before dropping into it.

Kagome Higurashi no longer inhabited the Feudal Era, nor will she ever again. Anything associated with her vanished, every trace of her wiped away, as if she was never there.

The only thing remaining would be the memories she left behind.

I opted out of writing a whole play by play of the final battle. We all know how it's gonna pan out: Naraku dies (usually). It's cliché enough that I started it off with the final battle, I know, but oh well. But I kinda like how I did it, more reflective and mysterious I think. Kinda feel bad for killing off Inuyasha, Kouga, and them. Lol. But every battle has its casualties and it makes it just a little more realistic.

Anywho, hope everyone liked it, despite it really not being much! There won't be much Harry Potter influence till the second chapter, I think lol.

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