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Her red hair and bold nature taunted her. She just could get her out of her head. It was strange that someone smaller than her, someone who seemed like such a no body could torture her mind so much. A smiled formed on her face as she thought of how much fun it was to boss the little red head around. Heck, it was fun to boss any Miator around.

Despite what people may think of her, for instance a devil, a slut, a troublemaker filled with greed, no one could dispute that she wasn't true to her school, true to the white Spica uniform. She thought on how she had been always second best next to Otori Amane. However, she was well respected in her school, or maybe she was more feared then anything, but people still greeted her with smiles.

She was a little angry at Tamori Shion for overlooking her brilliance for the brilliance of Otori Amane. She had to admit, she liked the girl, but she cursed herself for falling into the trap of anyone who took a look of the Prince of Spica. She didn't like the fan she was wondering the path of being part of the crowd, when she felt like she was meant to shine apart from the crowd.

A smile spread on her face as she thought on her lover Momomi. They were alike in many ways, being devious was one of them. She loved having someone who she could manipulate to do what she wanted, but it was more than just manipulating that she liked about the girl. It was the fact she felt like she an equal or at least someone who could filled the void of her lonely heart.

Yes, indeed she was lonely, but she would never admit it. She felt like no one truly loved her. Sure, she may be a daughter of a wealthy business man, but he was never home. Her mother died when she was very young. Except for a maid here or there to tend to her, she never really made any friends. The fact is she grew spoiled, by her father showering gifts at her feet. She learned at a very young age she could always get what she wanted and no one questioned her morals. Those who worked for her and her father were just too afraid to confront the young woman for fear of losing their employment. She could have cared less.

It wasn't until she entered Spica did she truly found her first friend Momomi, but that was only after she tried to make friends with Amane, because it seemed as if they could share the same interests, such as Athletics. However, Amane brushed her aside and she ended up becoming friends with the girly Momomi. A frown appeared on her face as she thought of how being with Momomi was fun, but also tiring. Being the bitch (a/n: I don't like to use language) she was, grew tiresome. Getting what she wanted didn't feel right anymore, but she just to addicted to it and Momomi encouraged to continue down the path of darkness and loneliness. For once she wanted to be with someone would encourage her to be a better person. Thus her mind went back to the red head.

The red head's passion just came out of nowhere and blew her away. No one had ever talked with some much self-righteousness to her before. It ignited a flame in her, something she never knew she could feel. She flinched as she recalled the near fatal incident. If Shizuma hadn't put herself in harm's way than the little red head would have probably face her doom as the scenery came crashing down towards her.

After being surprisingly scolded by Shizuma, for the arrogance she and Momomi had in pushing the red head into the back drop, she started to feel guilty and ashamed at her behavior. Yet she couldn't show her anguish, especially towards Momomi. She knew that Momomi wouldn't understand. Swallowing she sat up in bed and looked at the time. It was nearing morning sunrise and she hadn't slept at all that night. Her mind was kept on the little red head. Leaving Momomi in bed, she walked over to her chair and sat down. She felt like she had to do something, so she began a letter to a certain someone. After finishing the letter and putting it into and envelope, she snuck out and went to deliver the letter to the person of her thoughts.


Normally she was a heavy sleeper, but when morning came she found a strong need to get out of bed. As she stood up to stretch, she noticed a cream colored paper on the floor by the door. Curious she bent down and picked it up. On the envelope she noticed her name on it. Being curious still, she took the letter and went to the bathroom with it. After opening the letter, while doing her business, she began to read.

To: Aoi Nagisa,

I feel as if I have no right to talk to you, much less write to you, but I feel a need to do so. I would like to apologize for my earlier actions in almost causing your life to be taken away. I must admit, I am arrogant and see myself as some sort of sun, but I'm wrong. I'm not the sun here, you are. You shine brightly and every time I see you in brightens my day. You have a good heart and a noble spirit. I don't except your forgiveness. I just wanted to let you know, I'm so sorry.

Yours truly,

Kenjo Kaname

Nagisa was taken aback from the letter. She felt such sincerity from the letter that her eyes began to tear up. Because of the letter and her big heart, Nagisa freely forgave Kaname and she wanted to let the girl know.

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