A/N: Here's the conclusion of the story and man, I'm glad I'm done. I should say that when I writing this, I realized it was kind of a Pride and Prejudice type version of Strawberry Panic. Of course it wasn't my intention to write it like that. As for how my story was like Austin's, I have Kaname being like Mr. Darcy and Nagisa as Elizabeth, but not as sassy. Shizuma was like . Tamao was like Jane and Momomi was a combination of Mr. Bingley and his sister. If you don't see it in this story like I do, I totally understand.

Of course as I was writing, I was thinking I could have done it more of a Romeo and Juliet type story since Nagisa and Kaname came from rival schools, I somehow couldn't see them as star crossed lovers. Besides Kaname would make for a bad Romeo or is it Juliet as Spica would definantly be the Capulets and Miator the Montagues. Actually Kaname would make for a good Tybolt. As far as Juliet, it's a toss up between Amane and Hikari. Romeo on the other hand could be either Nagisa or Shizuma. Of course, I'm not planning on writing a story like that; I was just saying this story could have ended up like it. Oh, the most concrete element in tat type of story would be for Chikaru to be Friar Laurence.

Well enough of my ramblings and on wards to the end of the story, which is pretty much an epilogue.

About six years later…

Nagisa was sitting down on the sofa in the living room of her spacious flat she shared with Kaname. For the past six years, they had lived in love for each other. They had shared over a year of bliss while on Astraea Hill along with one heck of a terrible year apart, since Nagisa was only a year younger than Kaname. They finally were reunited when the red head joined the blunette at college. She was going to live in a dorm room, but Kaname insisted that they share an apartment. Nagisa gave in. From that time they both had graduated. Kaname had started taking over for her father, while Nagisa was trying to start her own bakery. The blunette had offered to lend her money, but the red head refused any help because she wanted to do it on her own. The older girl didn't question anything further.

"What do you have there?" asked Kaname's voice as she walked into the living room from the bathroom.

Nagisa looked up from the card in her hand to see her lover naked with dripping wet hair. Some drops of water trickled down her skin, causing the red head's mouth to water. Realizing her actions, the red head shook her head and stared back down at the card, "It's a wedding invite."

"Oh," asked Kaname as she sat down next to Nagisa, drawling her into herself. "Who's it from?"

"Tamao," replied Nagisa.

"Really? I guessed your sister finally popped the question to Momomi." During the time she was in school, Nagisa's parents made less and less contact with her. Feeling dejected, but confident in her decision, she finally accepted Tamao's invitation to be adopted into her family, who warmly welcomed her into their family. Before it could be official, they had hunted down the Aoi's for their agreement. Sadly, they couldn't have been happier to get rid of their daughter. It hurt Nagisa, but she was able to get over it with help from her new family and her girlfriend.

Nagisa giggled from what Kaname had said and nodded her head.

"What's so funny?" asked an amused blunette.

"Well, Tamao said she was going to propose to her three days ago, but I never knew the results until today, but that's not the funny part. The funny part is having the wedding invitations so soon. I think Tamao must have made them ahead of time."

The older woman smiled, "It would be so like her to do that."

They sat in silence for a moment just enjoying each others' company, until Kaname spoke up, "Hey, guess who I ran into the other day?"



"Oh, how was she?"

"Same as always," replied Kaname. "She's running her family's company and enjoying life. Did you know she's been having an on again off again relationship with Chikaru-san?"

"You don't say."

"Yep, it's true."

"Did Shizuma-sama say anything about what Chikaru-chan is up to?"

"Only that she's one of the top rising fashion designers."

"Oh, that's right; I did read something like that the other day in a magazine. If I recall from the article, she works in the fashion company Miyuki-san owns."

"I bet Miator's ex-student body president hands are full."

"What do you mean?" asked Nagisa.

"Well, her rival company is Shion-san's."

Both girls rolled their eyes and laughed until they calm down again. Nagisa took Kaname's left hand in hers and looked at their ring fingers. Both of them wore a gold band with the word 'always' engraved in the ring. With a smile on her face, Nagisa asked, "When do you think we should tell Tamao and Momomi?" Over time Nagisa and Momomi came to a truest, but they were still awkward when they were around each other.

Kaname placed her lips on the red head's bare shoulder, "We'll wait until after they're married. Until then, you'll remain my secret bride."

The red snuggled more into Kaname, "I could live with that."

After a moment's silence, Nagisa's wife spoke up, "Nagi?"

"Yes, Kana?"

"Love, I couldn't help but like this."

"Like what?"

"You and me, lounging around in only our birthday suits," the older woman replied.

"What are you getting at?" asked Nagisa as she faced her wife.

Kaname traced her love's nose with her finger before explaining, "What would you say about being nudists in our own home?"