A GENTLEMAN AND HIS MISTRESS – Fan Fic Season 2 TV-Vampire Diaries

- Lovely Vero -

Writer's note: Jamaica my dear readers! Yippy (LOL)…Sorry for the over the top excitement – But I've been dreaming of this part of the story…since ever! It will be set for certainly 2 to 3 chapters. If you are not cracking a smile or a laugher in this chapter, then I did not do my job correctly! So nice to see the main trio so relax, if even for a short moment! ;)

It was the biggest joy writing this chapter, I've traveled a lot in the Caribbean, and also had in the past, two work contracts there…Let me tell you that every part of my past deep feelings and love for the Caribbean islands were in this chapter, and will be in the other chapters as well. I left the heavy stuff out of this one…because I wanted it to be a lighter – funnier – sexier, chapter…Enjoy!

Music inspiration: Shake Senora / T-Pain, Pitbull & Sean Paul – I shot the sheriff & Red red wine / Bob Marley

Winner of the contest: ILoveMyCookiesII – Congrats to you, Rebecca!

Idea: Elijah & Katherine on a roof top (or) beach.

Chapter 14


- PART 1 -

London - Airport, 12:30 p.m.

"Do I really have to drag you behind me like a child? You are acting like a spoil brat, Katherine?" Elijah asked her, while dragging her reticent self beside him, with a firm grip on her right forearm, along the terminal corridors of the London Airport.

"If you could get your hand off my arm, and let me have a bit of dignity by letting me walk normally by your side and not pulling me like a slave, I would certainly appreciated more!" She lashed out at him, while trying to squirm herself away from him.

"Now, wait…slave you said? It has a nice ring to it actually…" He repeated to her, while stopping his walking pace and slowly turning to look at her in the eyes. "That could be considered…" He added sarcastically, while tilting his head to look at her, with a big smirk on his face.

"Go to hell!" She murmured to him, while approaching her face at a near inch of his, making him cracked a smirk even bigger than his last.

"No, not hell…But another destination…" He replied to her, while forcefully putting her hand in his, and continuing to walk and dragging her along, creating a mix range of sensation of anger and pleasure, while feeling his fingers interlacing with hers, and shivers hitting her entire body.

"Damn you, Elijah!" She angrily mumbled to him, while resentfully keeping her walking pace beside him, and sighting from time to time at their joined hands, feeling an intense fire reaching her cheeks. Gosh! She hated not being in control of her emotions with him… "Where are we going anyway?" She asked again, making him smirk one more time.

"You never give up, do you, Katherine?" He asked her, to which she pulled her tongue to him. "Give up…" He continued saying: "…acting like a child!"

"I like to have my own freedom, Elijah…You should understand that…You are far worst than I am when your own freedom is at stake!" She responded to him, while noticing the appreciative smiles of women, who were looking at him in the airport. He was wearing a designer jeans, with top quality brown leather shoes, a black polo t-shirt, and a top class leather blazer, looking perfectly relaxed and polished at the same time, and she could not stop glaring at him, like a stupid teenager girl…Though all things consider, that faultless way of dressing himself, with the most exquisite clothes, was very delightful for her eyes.

"Perhaps, but I am not the one who's been tailed by my brother at the present moment, and who the life is in danger, immortal and all…" He replied, while looking a short moment in her direction, and taking a small VIP corridor to a private room, before pushing a door, and entering a lounge room, filled with calm and cozy feeling, comfortable leather arm chair, a modern futurist bar, and what seemed to be top class restrooms for the most outstanding VIP customers.

Elijah let go of her hand, while nodding to her to follow him, and taking a few walking steps to reach the bar and the barmaid standing behind it.

"Welcome sir, Madam." The top class barmaid said to them, while nodding his head. "What can I serve you and your wife?" He added to them, with the biggest smile, making them both startled at the mention, and turning their heads at the same time toward the noise of a loud laugh coming from a passenger who was wearing a very sophisticated Fedora hat, and reading his newspaper while sitting on one of the leather arm chair.

"Two glasses of white wine, please…" Elijah responded with amusement to the barmaid, while seeing Katherine take a few walking steps toward the passenger, and pulling the newspaper away from his hands.

"I knew it was you!" Katherine busted at Charles Brownston, while seeing him covering his mouth with his hand to retain his hilarity. "What is so funny, Charlie?" She asked him, while angrily crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"Oh, Miss Katherine…" He said to her, with a fake astonished look on his face, while crossing his arms in front of his English winter coat, adding. "How completely unexpected to see you in this airport of all places…As for my amusement, I was reading the comic section of my English newspaper when you so delightfully pulled it away from my hands. And at that moment, I realized that my beautiful and peaceful day just took a turn for the worst! "

"You knew all along that we were leaving and you probably know where?" Katherine continued lashing at him.

"Well…Miss Katherine, are you accusing me of hiding information from you?" Charles asked her, while tilting his head and looking at her falsely innocent.

"Madam, your husband asked me to bring this glass of wine to you…He added that this will help you relax…" The barmaid said to her, while respectfully bending in front of her and handing the glass on a platter, making Charles giggled even more.

"Thank you….But he is not…" Katherine started responding to the man, while taking the glass of wine, and before being cut in her sentence.

"Oh sweetheart…No need to bother this nice man…" Elijah sarcastically said to her, while very sliding his hand on her back, around her waist, and kissing her right cheek. "Thank you!" He added to the barmaid, while sliding very discreetly a bill in his hands, and taking a sitting position near Charles, while taking himself a complimentary newspaper in his hands.

"Thank you sir…" The man responded, before walking back toward the bar.

"I want to know where we're going…Assuming that you are bringing your warlock ass with us!" Katherine continued to angrily ask Charles.

"Well, Miss Katherine, I, for myself wanted to know why I can't ever get peace while reading my morning newspaper, but unfortunately, God was not willing to explain his reasons to me…" Charles responded to her, while seeing Elijah cracking a smile behind his newspaper.

"Fine…You'll be doing this trip without me then, Gentlemen…" She screamed at both of them, before turning on herself, while hitting the high heels of her boots on the floor with anger, and walking toward the exit door of the lounge room.

Charles raised one of his eyebrows, while smirking at Elijah, seeing him closed his eyes and shaking his head, before hearing him say in a calmer voice than what he was feeling:

"If I was you Katherine, I would think hard before passing this door. I swear, I will bring your beautiful ass back here, and will carry you in that plane on my shoulders if I have to do it…Your damn choice woman!" Elijah said to her, making her hold her hand on the door handle, while closing her eyes, and grinning at his saying.

"Now…" Charles said, while taking his newspaper back in his hands. "…Suddenly, this day is looking brighter to me!" He added in laughter, before seeing Katherine turning back on herself, to seat beside them, with the biggest pout on her face.

"I don't even know if I need warm clothes or not?" She mumbled in her teeth. "I was not allowed to make my own luggage, because this cavern man took care of everything!" She continued rambling in anger, while pointing a finger at Elijah.

Elijah lowered his newspaper, rolled his eyes, and exchanged a rapid look with Charles who seemed amused by the temper scene that Katherine was giving in front of them.

"Master Elijah, unfortunately, I could not even be of any help in this situation…" He said very politely to him, with a smirk on his face.

"Sirs, Madam, we'll be boarding the first class, in a very short moment…" A tall, blond, and beautiful stewardess said, while approaching them, and glaring a little more than necessary in direction of Elijah, before heading back to her boarding desk.

"Thank you!" Elijah said to her, with a seductive smile, before saying to Katherine. "Fine…We'll be landing in Jamaica, Katherine…" Elijah said to her, while closing his newspaper, and putting it on a small coffee table. "…I have a small estate on the Island." He added to her, before turning to look at her, and finding an empty space on the leather arms chair. "Where is she?" He asked to Charles, with an open mouth, while looking frantically everywhere for her.

"I believe that Miss Katherine is already in line in front of the boarding gate that will be heading to Jamaica, and she is smiling…Thank you God, for a little bit of peace!" Charles replied to him, while holding his need to burst into laughter, making Elijah smile. "You could have told her before, and spare us the agony of her whining, why, oh why?"

"Well….I could have, but what fun would it be for me then?" Elijah sarcastically replied to Charles, while smirking and winking at him, raising himself on his feet to reach Katherine's standing position.

Chester City, One week after the fire, 3 days prior their departure

In front of Elijah's Manor

The manor's staff members parked their cars in the upfront alley, while walking silently to reach a meeting spot, near the fountain, in front of the burned Manor.

It was a blue sky, sunny and mild winter day. The chirping of the birds in the trees was filling the quiet conversation and greetings among the groups of individuals, who were standing side by side.

Elizabeth reached herself the group, while smiling and giving greetings to them, before reaching Charles's standing position, before nodding to him, and standing beside him, while sadly taking at the Manor.

"How are you?" She whispered to him, while turning her head to look at him, adding. "I was worried about you, Mister Charles…Since…Well, since the other night, and…"

"I'm good, Elizabeth…How are you? How's Max?" Charles asked her, while avoiding looking at her in the eyes, and trying to change the conversation.

"Oh, that dog is adorable…And Max seems happy for the time being with the children and…" She said to him, while holding her sentence for a short moment, and lowering her head, before adding. "…That dog presence is filling a big empty space in the children's heart for now, till I hope, very soon, Max will come back to his real home!"

Charles turned his head and looked at her, while lowering it a moment after, and keeping his silence. Katherine walked to reach them, while kissing Gardie on the cheek on her way, which was standing near the maids, and squeezing his hand in silence.

"Elizabeth…" Katherine greeted her, while putting a hand on her right forearm, and smirking while adding. "Charlie…"

To which, Charles replied in a mocking tone of voice: "Miss Katherine…"

"Miss Katherine! It's so nice to see you…" Elizabeth replied, while smiling at her, and putting her left hand in top of hers. "How are you holding up?" She added to her, to which Katherine shrugged her shoulders.

"It is sad to look at it…More so that I've caused this all mess…" Katherine said to Elizabeth, while giving a glare at the burned Mansion in front of her.

"It is not your fault, Miss Katherine…" Charles said to her, while turning his sight on her, and tilting his head, adding. "…Stop blaming yourself for it! It gives nothing to the end result!"

"No, of course it is not…" Elizabeth approved, while putting her right arm around Katherine's shoulders. "It's the wicked actions of a troubled and bad man, Miss Katherine…Never blame yourself for this" Elizabeth added while shaking her head in negation to her, to which Katherine smiled timidly back, at her.

"How's Max?" Katherine asked Elizabeth.

"A happy dog, surrounded with children's love…" Elizabeth replied to her, with a small laughter.

"He's here?" Charles asked Katherine.

"He went to see the horses in the stable…" Katherine replied to him.

"Where are you going to live after, Miss Katherine?" Elizabeth asked her. "You can be thinking of leaving England now, or thinking of living in a hotel for ever? You are more than welcome to come live with me and my children, for the time being…" She told her, while seeing Katherine shaking her head in negation.

"He told me we'll leave soon" She told Elizabeth, while shrugging her shoulders. "I even don't have any choices in the subject, or, the right to speak my say…He's watching my every move, even when I go to the restroom, he is behind me!" Katherine said to them, with an angry tone of voice, while crossing her arms in front of her chest, in a protest gesture.

Elizabeth turned he head and smiled at Charles, who was smirking himself at Katherine outrage.

"Oh….Miss Katherine, Master Elijah only wants to protect you the best way he can, you should not be resentful to him for that…" Elizabeth told her, while shaking her head in negation and smiling at her.

Katherine took a few steps to reach Charles standing position, seeing him keep his stare in front of him, with his chin elevated toward the sky, while not giving her the time of the day. She raised her right hand on his crossed arms in front of his chest, before making her fingers softly sliding and caressing the fabric of his coat sleeves.

"No…" He said to her, without even knowing the reason why she was seductively playing with him, to her devious advantages.

"But, Charlie Poo Poo…I'm sure you most know what the bigboss intentions are, and where he wants to bring me, aren't you?" Katherine said to him, whit a sad pout on her face, while raising her fingers on his upper arms. "And, I promise I won't repeat it to him, if you tell me…I Pinky swear!" Katherine added to him, while beating her eyelashes to him, making Elizabeth put a hand on her mouth, to stop her giggling.

"Elizabeth, do you think it is a robin bird on the tree branch in front on the Manor?" Charles asked her, while totally ignoring the manipulative and seductive ways of persuasion from Katherine.

"Well…" Elizabeth answered to him, with a small laughing tone in her voice. "I believe it is a robin bird, Mister Charles…And a beautiful one!"

"Grrr…." Katherine angrily mumbled in her teeth, while detaching herself from Charles, and stamping her foot on the parking asphalt, before crossing her arms angrily in front of her chest. "I thought you were my friend?" She, in a last attempt of persuasion, asked him, with false teary eyes.

"Well, Miss Katherine, I did not see the announcement of our friendship in the morning newspaper…So, you must be mistaken..." He responded to her, while smirking, and winking at Elizabeth.

"You're impossible…" She replied to him, while turning her sight to the Manor, and seeing Elijah walking toward the small group, before stopping in front of them, creating a death silence in the group at his arrival.

"Thank you for coming…" He started addressing himself to the group who was standing in from of him, before lowering his head for a second and rubbing his gloves hands together, making Katherine be affected by his turmoil…He was a proud man, and was feeling sad and ashamed by this situation…But, he was putting his own feelings aside, and was not thinking of himself at this moment, his priority was his employees, and Katherine was extremely touched by his unselfishness present actions.

"After the inspection, I was told that the fire damaged nearly seventy percent of the square footage of the Manor." He added to them, hearing the exclamation of surprises and sadness among the people present in front of him, before continuing "The part who was the less damaged was the kitchen, and the staff quarter….Nevertheless, I decided to re-build entirely the Manor…This house is my home, and for a lot of you…It is yours also!" He announced to them, with the biggest smile on his face, while locking his eyes with Katherine's, before seeing her lowered her head and blushing.

All the employees started to scream and jumped around, while hugging each other, cheering their joy, before being stopped and asked to listen with a hand gesture form his part.

"The re-construction will take place in the next six weeks…A team will be present night and day, while efficiently and rapidly re-build the Manor, during that period, you'll be fully compensated with the entirety of your weekly salary." He announced to them, hearing more cheering and hands clapping a second later, adding. "Now…I perfectly know that this past recent fire event had put all of your lives in danger and …I would fully understand if you would want to resign of your present job position. If this is the case, you will be compensated with a very generous departure check!" He said to them, whilewaiting for their answers.

Elizabeth looked around while exchanging smiles with the employees present, before taking a few walking steps in front of her, joining her hands in front of her chest, and saying:

"Mister Elijah, I will talk on the behalf of everybody present in front of you today. We all agreed that it is a joy to work for you in this wonderful Manor…And none of us want to leave our present work position, therefore, you'll have to endure all of us a little bit longer…Because, we'll be all by your side when the Manor will be re-opening its door!" Elizabeth proudly said to him, before hearing cheering and hands clapping coming from the entire staff group present in front of him.

"Thank you…" He said to all of them, while being touched by their dedication, before turning his sight in direction of Katherine, to smile at her.

"I'm glad for you!" She whispered honestly to him, to which he nodded his head to her.

A wall of intense heat took them by surprise while getting out of the plane and walking to the footbridge, before taking the steel stairs to reach the land, after so many hours of flight. Katherine walked on the landing strip toward the small customs entrance of the airport, before stopping her pace, and reaching to take a hair clip inside of her big boho leather bag, before raising her long curly hair in top of her head, in a bun, while turning to look at Elijah, who had stopped himself to get rid of his leather jacket, while holding it on his shoulders with one finger.

"JA-MA-ICA, baby…" Katerine said to him, swinging her bottom in tempo rhythm from right to left in front of his eyes, while making Elijah smiled; she was beyond cute when she wanted to be!

"Katherine, stop swinging your ass this way!" Elijah said to her, in a mocking tone of voice, while putting one of his hands on her right hip, to hold her movements.

She approached him, further more, before putting her hands on his chest, while continuing to swing her bottom on a silent beat in her head and starting singing:

"I shotthe sheriff, but I didn't shoot no deputy….Bob Marley, and Jamaica Baby!"

Elijah smiled at her. He had never seen her so free and happy the last few weeks. She returned his smile, before taking a look behind Elijah, at Charles, who was directing his walking steps toward their standing position, while noticing the most atrocious tropical, short sleeves shirt, on him, and with on his head, a man straw hat.

"What in hell are you wearing?" Katherine asked Charles, while bursting into loud laugher, and bending her body upfront, holding her stomach to stop hurting from the laugh contractions.

Elijah turned on himself, and took a quick glance at Charles, before bursting into laughter himself.

"Charles, what are you wearing, for heaven sake?" Elijah asked him, while trying to hide his hilarity, by putting a hand in front of his mouth.

"Well…I am so sorry, Master Elijah, if I did not dress properly to your taste and obviously neither to the taste of Miss Katherine…" Charles replied to him, while giving a mad look in her direction, which he rapidly noticed that she could not stop laughing at this point. "…But I thought this was a proper dress code for a tropical destination!" He added to Elijah, while nodding his head.

"In the 80' maybe…" Katherine responded to Charles, while continuing to laugh out loud.

"Master Elijah, Please…I beg you, make her stop!" Charles asked to Elijah, while rolling his eyes, and holding his carry on, and trench coat in his hands.

"I'm sorry, Charles." Elijah replied to him, while lowering his head a short moment, to retain his laughter. "You look fine…It is at best, very bright and colourful…" Elijah said to him, while looking at his man shirt. "…My only concern is to become blind from looking at it!" He added to him, while laughing even more.

"Oh stop, please!" Katherine asked him, in continuous laugher, while doing a high five with Elijah, who was laughing as much.

"Oh, how nice, Master Elijah…you are, now, both of you mocking me, like two young children…and I believe that I have reached a new level of hell…If this was even possible…It was obviously not enough that I had to come in a hot tropical country, when I can't basically stand the heat, and that I will probably be bitten by an army of mosquitoes, and how can I forgot, the pure joy of looking like a lobster in a short amount of days…But more so, to be in the charming company of Miss Katherine 24 hours a day…I believe my life is now complete!" Charles mumbled angrily in his teeth, while passing beside them, and walking to reach the airport custom entrance door.

"Charlie? Don't be like that…" Katherine screamed at him, while walking beside Elijah, who was shaking his head and smirking. "We love your shirt, we swear!" She added to him, in laughter.

"Oniel…" Elijah called a Rastafarian Jamaican man, while passing the exit sliding door of the airport, approaching the said man, and handing his right hand to him, before hugging him, with Katherine and Charles on his footsteps.

"My man…Maassster Elijaaaaahhhh…It's been too damn long!" The man responded to him, with a vivid Jamaican accent, while returning his hug.

"Yes, it's been too long…" Elijah responded, with a smile, to Oniel. "…Everything is in order?"

"Yes, Yes…Of course my man, you know…In here, we take it easy, no need to over stress…" The man responded to him, adding. "…The estate and the house are fine, the last hurricane did a bit of damage…but, we took care of it!"

"How's Thamika?" Elijah asked him.

"Aww you know, Thamika is Thamika…Always screaming all day long on the rare man specimen that I am…Pfff…" The man responded to Elijah, while rolling his eyes, and showing a disapproval hand gesture, before looking suddenly at Katherine, taking a few walking steps to reach her, while adding. "Thamika is my fifth wife! And who's this angel who had suddenly fallen from the blue tropical sky?"

"Oniel, I present you Katherine Pierce…" Elijah said to the Jamaican man. "…And, standing beside her, Mister Charles Browston, my butler in chief back in England, and a good friend of mine…They'll stay with me at the estate."

"Pleasure, Oniel…" Katherine said to the man, with a sarcastic smile.

"Pleasure is all mine, tropical princess…" Oniel responded to her, while taking her left hand in his, and hand kissing it longer than necessary, before turning his sight to Charles, while opening his eyes widely. "Nice shirt my man….But no need to scare the elephants in here, there are none in Jamaica!" He added to Charles, who closed his eyes, and shake his head in disbelief, making Elijah and Katherine turn their own heads, to hide their amusement.

Oniel asked all of them to follow him, while pushing a luggage cart, with their all their bags on it, toward a near parked jeep, before opening the car trunk, throwing their luggage inside, and launching the car keys to Elijah.

"Ready for a wild car ride, Master…" Oniel sarcastically asked him.

"Always…" Elijah responded to him, with a smirk on his face, before taking place on the driver seat of the jeep, while taking a quick glimpse in his mirror to see Katherine and Charles, taking their sitting position on their passenger seats.

"What do you exactly mean by a wild car ride?" Charles asked Oniel, while pushing his straw hat up in the air to help him see better.

"My man if I was you, I would take off your hat from your head!" Oniel said to Charles, with a small laugh.

"We're heading where exactly…" Katherine asked Elijah, while watching him put the key to start the engine.

"Were heading toward Clark Town, then we'll turn in direction of the ocean…I have a small estate there, with a private beach…You'll like it, Katherine." He said to her, while glaring and smiling at her in the mirror, while slowly getting out of the Airport parking.

"You like Bob Marley, tropical princess?" Oniel asked Katherine, while sliding an old tape, and raising his arms in the air, to follow the beat of "Red Red Wine".

"I adore Bob Marley…" Katherine responded to Oniel, while raising her arms in the air also, and singing the lyrics. "You should sing with us, Charlie…"

"Yes, how lovely that would be…" Charles responded to her, in a mocking tone of voice, while rolling his eyes. "…And we could also hold hands at the same time!" He added sarcastically, while grinning and seeing Katherine passing her tongue at him.

Elijah took the main route, before raising his sight in the mirror and say to Charles.

"Charles, get your hat off of your head…"

"Why? Isn't it some kind of speed limit on the Island?" He asked Elijah.

"Some kind of what…Speed limit?" Oniel repeated with a loud laughter, while turning to look at Elijah, who was smirking himself. "Man…Maassterr Eliiijahhh, your friend is hilarious!"

"Hang in there!" Elijah screamed, before pushing his feet to the max on the speed pedal, making the jeep front wheels raise in the air, while Charles's hat fly away, before landing on Katherine thighs.

"Your hat, Charlie Poo Poo…" She mockingly said to him, while handing it to him, and raising her hands in the air, before screaming from the top of her lungs: "Wooooooo!"

The small, isolated, estate near the beach was breath taking by its beauty! A small ground alley, with palm lined, and bushes tropical flowers led them in front of a two floor, English colonial style, white and blue, tropical mansion.

Oniel got out of the jeep first, before screaming from the top of his lungs:

"Thamika! Woman! Master is here…Where are you?" He said, while placing himself in front of the front door, standing with both of his hands placed on each side of his waist.

Elijah, Katherine and Charles got out of the jeep, while exchanging amused glances.

"Why are you screaming this way, Oniel…You think I am deaf or something?" A Jamaican, curved woman replied to him, while appearing on the porch, and pointing a finger at him, before wiping her hands on her apron, turning her sight on the visitors, and exclaiming with an open mouth, before running toward Elijah: "Oh, my master, my master, my master…"

"Wow!" Katherine said to him, while shaking her head in disbelief, and crossing her arms in front of her chest, before adding. "There is actually a woman on this earth who is worshipping you!"

"Katherine…Behave!" He responded to her, before hugging the Jamaican woman in his arms, and adding with a big smile on his face. "Thamika…It's been too long!"

"You said it, Master…" She replied while hugging him back, before striking him with her kitchen towel, one second later. "And that is absolutely unacceptable! You promise the last time you came that you would come back more often in the future!" She added to him, in a mad tone of voice, leaving Katherine and Charles, mouths and eyes open.

"Can you forgive me, Thamika?" Elijah asked her, while making poppy eyes.

"Ohhh…Who could refuse a face like this one, Master…No woman could!" Thamika responded to him, while gently slapping one of his cheeks, and turning her attention to Katherine. "Where are my manners? Who is this lovely woman, Master?"

"Thamika, let me present to you, Katherine Pierce and Charles Brownston…" Elijah said to her, with a hand gesture.

"Welcome to Jamaica, Miss Katherine and Mister Charles…" Thamika told them, with an enthusiastic hand shake.

"Nice to meet you, Thamika…" Charles said to the woman, while shaking her hand.

"Nice shirt!" Thamika replied to him, with a sarcastic smile, while opening her eyes widely at the sight of the fabric, before turning on herself and walking toward the house, saying: "I prepared one of my special shrimps Jamaican dish…Come, come inside, you must be tired after your long trip…And mister Charles? Maybe you want to change before eating?" She sarcastically said, making Elijah and Katherine hold their laughter one more time, before seeing Thamika addressing herself to Oniel, with both of her hands placed on each side of her hips, and a mad expression on her face. "What are you doing there, while not moving a finger? Trying to catch flies? Move! Enter the luggage!" She screamed at her husband, while seeing a recalcitrant Oniel moving slowly toward the jeep trunk.

"This woman…We'll be the death of me!" He said to them, while nodding his head.

"I thought it was the previous ones?" Elijah responded mockingly to him, while taking his leather jacket in his hands, and pushing Katherine in front of him, with one hand on her waist.

"The previous ones were a pain in my ass, Master, but this one…Wooooow! She is giving me migraines!" He mockingly answered Elijah, while shaking his hands and his head from right to left, with laughter.

"I need to feed, Elijah…" Katherine whispered to him, while approaching her lips of his right ear, before stopping her walking steps toward the entrance of the house, and putting her right hand on his chest, before realizing her gesture, locking her eyes with Elijah's, and blushing slightly.

"Inside…We'll have everything that we need." Elijah responded to her, in a whisper, while keeping his stare in hers more than necessary, nodding and caressing very slowly her waist line, where her tank top was showing enough skin for him to do so, before confirming with a smile. "They know, Katherine…No need to worry, it is also my home here, you can relax…"

Katherine was leaning her body on the white outdoor ramp, standing on the big patio, in front of the ocean, watching the sunset, feeling the wind on her face, blowing her hair, while smelling the salty air of the sea. She was wearing one of the long sundress that she had found in her luggage, in a lovely shade of orange, was bare feet, with her sunglasses placed in top of her head. You can leave it to Elijah, to have impeccable taste for dressing a woman, that was certainly a given for that man.

She slowly turned her head, before noticing him at the far end of the patio. "Damn he is sexy", she thought to herself, while blushing and turning her head to look at the beach. He was watching her, and slowly walking to reach her standing position. He had took a shower, his hair were still wet, and scattered all over the place. He had changed his clothes also; he was now wearing a light beige, almost white, cargo pants, that he had rolled the bottom edges on his calves, with on top, a whiter than white shirt, that he had left on top of his pants, rolled the sleeves on his upper arms, and opened the buttons on his muscular chest, and he was also bear feet.

God! With this tropical setting, and his way of looking incredibly hot…She was wondering how she could resist the temptation to be intimate with him. But she needed to keep her head and thoughts as cold as ice. Since the fire, things had been kind of awkward between them.

She timidly smiled at him, before turning back her sight toward the beach and ocean.

"It's beautiful…." She simply said to him, while nodding her head.

"Yes…" He replied to her, while leaning his back on the ramp, and crossing his arms in front of his chest.

But, what was really beautiful to Elijah was the sight of her at this present moment. The rays of the sunset were illuminating her face, strands of her beautiful curly hair were scattering and flying in the wind, her bare skin was glowing, and showing up her lower naked back, her round and perfect breasts were stretching in a perfect way the front fabric of the dress. He had to close his eyes to forbid himself to touch her at this moment.

"Master Elijah!" They heard Oniel calling him, from the pathway, on the right side of the house. "Thamika and I, we're heading back home, Master…She left you fresh salad fruits for this evening, as snacks…And you know where to find the red elixir?" He added, while winking at Elijah. "And one more thing if Mister Charles needs to go shopping for new shirts…I am available to drive him to town tomorrow…Because, he could seriously scare someone…Man, that shirt is ugly!" He said, with a hand gesture.

"Thank you, Oniel…" Elijah responded, while laughing, and hearing Katherine burst into laughter at his side. "I'll give him your message….Have a nice evening with Thamika!"

"Ok master, see you tomorrow…Good night, tropical princess!" Oniel said, while waiving at them.

"Good night, Oniel!" Katherine responded to the Jamaican man, while waiving back at him. "They are nice!" She added to Elijah.

"Yes…They are good people…" Elijah responded to her, with a smile.

"How…" Katherine started asking to him.

"Oniel was attacked by a shark, many years ago…I was near the ocean at that moment, and therefore the accident…I saved him with my blood…Nothing humanly possible, could have forbid his death to happen at that point in time…" Elijah started explaining to her, with his hands placed in both of his pants pockets. "…Since then, he decided that he would owe his life to me…And, he took care of this estate and house, with along the way, in his life, a bunch of different wives…Thamika is his true soul mate, though…They've been together the longest."

Katherine nodded to him, with a smile, before turning her sight to the sea and asking:

"What are we really doing here, Elijah?" Katherine asked him, before quickly glaring at him; she needed to find out what his plans toward Klaus were? By any means necessary…Even seducing him, if she needed to do so! Though, for one strange reason, she felt strange about it…Usually, she always find that way of handling man, the best way to obtain what she wanted…But nothing was easy about Elijah…And, most of the time, he was seeing right through her.

"Relaxing…Remembering that even if life hit you hard, there are still beautiful things in the world that need to be appreciated…Cultures, countries, beauty of nature…" He replied to her, while shrugging his shoulders.

"You're right…" Katherine responded to him, while shrugging her own shoulders. "…But, I meant, why here? What are your plans, Elijah?"

"The Manor is under rebuilding construction for several weeks to come…I thought this would be the best get away to forget the England winter…" He said to her, while nodding his head, and looking at the beach. "…And, it will give a bit of harder time for my brother to find us..." He added to her, while glaring at the ocean.

Katherine turned his head to look at Elijah's profile, while studying his facial expressions. He seemed relaxed, and in control, nothing was showing.

"I'm so sorry, Elijah…" Katherine truthfully said to him, adding. "…It was never my intention to brought all this misery on the Manor's staff, Charles, Elizabeth….and you." She added, the last word in a low whisper, making him turned his head to look at her with surprise.

"My family gave you enough turmoil in the past, Katherine…You don't need to feel sorry!" He responded to her, while timidly smiling back at her.

"Then, I am sorry for hitting you the last time in the stable…" She said to him, while holding her laughter.

"Mm…You are sorry, are you?" He sarcastically replied to her, while narrowing his eyes and staring at her, adding. "Why am I not able to believe you entirely? If I had been a human man, you would have castrated me for life!"

"Good thing you're not human then, and that everything is still in place where it should be, and when you will need it again…" She, mockingly and seductively, replied to him, while smirking and raising one of her eyebrows.

"Are you mocking me, young lady?" He asked her, while crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"What if I am, what are you going to do about it?" She asked him, with a devious smile on her face, while taking a few steps backward.

"Are you challenging me, Katherine?" He asked her, while taking a few, calculated, walking step toward her.

"Maybe…" She responded to him, before turning on herself, taking a few walking steps on the stairs, that was separating her from the beach, and starting to run on the sand in direction of the sea, while raising her skirt in her right hand, and giggling none stop, before feeling two strong hands encircling her waist, pulling her back in full contact with his chest, before seeing Elijah put his right hand under her knees, and raising her, two seconds later, in his arms, while turning in spirals.

"That's not fair!" Katherine responded to Elijah, while keeping her balance by putting both of her hands on his shoulders, before encircling her arms around his neck, feeling his muscles tighten under her fingers, and adding in laughter. "You totally cheated, Elijah…"

"I totally did not…" He responded to her, while shaking his head, and bursting into laughter with her. "…You started the game, Katherine, you always do…I don't even know if you are realizing it…You run, and then you want to be chase…" He added, while smiling at her, and locking his eyes in hers. "…When will you stop running?"

Katherine blushed, while keeping her eyes in his, sliding one of her hand in his hair to grab it, and slowly approaching her face from his.

"I'm not running now…" She whispered near his lips, in full play mode, making him raise one of his eyebrows, while tightening his arms around her.

"No, you're not…" He responded to her, while feeling her fingers gently caressing his face. "…But, for how long?" He added to her, in a whisper.

"I can't swim to the next shore, can I? If this is what you are asking?" She mockingly answered him, her lip murmuring in top of his.

"Mm…." He murmured to her, while brushing his lips on her, without really kissing her. "But, if you could, you would!"

"Not necessarily, it's nice in here…" She continued murmuring to him, while passing one of her thumbs on his bottom lips. "You…Me, in your arms…The sunset, the ocean... while trying to find ways to go against Klaus…Together, against all odds!" She added to him, while seductively sliding one of her hand, under his open shirt, slowly caressing his muscular chest.

"Yes! It is so nice…" He responded to her, while passing the tip of his tongue on the length of her bottom lip. "…And you know what would be nice, also, love…" He whispered to her, while slowly kissing the corner of her lips, creating a range of sweet shivers in all her body. "…If you could stop playing me for a fool, Katherine!" Elijah said to her, in a calculated tone of voice, before dropping her body from his arms, like a bag of potatoes, on the sand under her.

"Ohhh…." She exclaimed herself, in pure shock after her fall, while putting her right hand behind her bottom to rub it, and saying to him in an angry tone of voice: "Damn you, Elijah…I hate you!" She screamed at him, more hurt in her self-esteem than anything else, while hearing Elijah laugh, waving a hand at her, and seeing him walking toward the Ocean, before angrily taking a hand full of sand, to throw it in front of her, raising herself on her feet a second later, brushing the sand on her dress, and hearing a loud laughter behind her.

Katherine turned on herself, to noticed Charles who had taking a sitting place at the patio table, while holding a cup of tea in his right hand.

"What is so funny?" She screamed at him, while walking in the sand and reaching the patio.

"Well, Miss Katherine, I suddenly realized that this vacation trip could be actually enjoyable for me…" He responded to her, before putting his cup of tea to his lips, and drinking it slowly, while giggling and remembering her fall in the sand.

Katherine approached Charles sitting position, while sitting beside him, and reaching for her sunglasses on the top of her head, before dropping them on the table.

"He is treating me like a brainless woman who can't do anything by herself, and just need to obey him blindly…" She said to Charles, while crossing her arms in front of her chest, with a big pout on her face.

"Mm…" Charles mumbled, while tasting his tea. "…This tea is actually very good…" He added more to himself, while seeing Katherine turned an angry look at him. "Oh… Were you talking to me, Miss Katherine?" He mockingly asked her.

"Really, Charlie…" She asked him, while giving him the "Katherine mad attitude".

"Miss Katherine, you are both very stubborn individuals…Who never give a chance to the other one…How do you want this relationship to work, if neither of you bend, a little bit, in front of the other?" He asked her, while raising one of his eyebrows.

"It's not a relationship…" Katherine responded to Charles, while shrugging her shoulders, and shaking her head in negation, keeping her pout expression, before taking in a right hand, a slice of pineapple on a silver plate placed on the table.

"Whatever you want to call it then…I won't even go there…" Charles responded to her, with a hand gesture, while taking his cell phone from one of his cargo pants pocket, and looking at the caller name on his screen, before putting it, the screen facing the glass, on the table and not answering it.

"I don't want to be left outside of his plans to go against Klaus, Charles…I want to be a part of it!" She said to him.

"And you perfectly know that he will never allow you to be in the middle of it! This thing between him and his brother, has been between them, since centuries now…It will not die, only because you will be placed in the middle of it, to fight it with us…Actually, Miss Katherine, believe me when I say, that you are presently just a plot device for Klaus to mark a point against his brother!" He explained to her, before asking. "Now, as for you so gracefully falling into the sand, a short moment ago, what was that all about?" Charles asked her, while smirking.

"I was trying to …" Katherine tried to explain to Charles.

"Playing him to your advantage, to obtain what you wanted from him…Am I right?" Charles asked her, with a sarcastic smile on his face, while tilting his head and looking at her.

"What if I was?" She responded to him, while pouting even more.

"Well…If you were, you can't be mad at him, to respond to you, by playing your game…" Charles responded to her, while rolling his eyes. "…Did you ever consider being truthful to him? Showing him your good intention, and meeting him half way?"

Katherine looked at Charles, while shrugging her shoulders and not knowing what to respond.

"We…We have the past, Charles..." Katherine mumbled in her teeth.

"Oh yes! The past…The "We won't talk about that" delicate subject…" Charles said to her, while crossing his arms in front of his chest. "Tell me something, Miss Katherine…Do you hate Master Elijah?"

"No, why would you think that?" Katherine answered him too quickly, without even noticing the easy trap, that Charles had just so easily placed, for her to put her foot so easily in it!

"Why would I think that? Let me see…I don't know, maybe because you repeat it so often to him!" Charles said to Katherine, with a sarcastic smile on his lips.

"It's complicated between us, Charles… The past can't be erased so easily…And, at the same time, I …I've seen wonderful qualities in him, these past few weeks." She answered him, while lowering her sight.

Charles kept silent for a while, sometimes putting a seed in someone head was all that the person needed to think, as he thought to himself that Miss Katherine could finally realized her deep feelings for Master Elijah.

"I noticed…" He started saying to her, while lighting a cigar, and adding. "…That Master Elijah is calling you Katherine since the fire, and not Katerina anymore…Maybe, it is his own way of letting go of the past…and letting you know at the same time… what do you think, Miss Katherine?" He asked her, while taking a few puffs of his cigar.

Katherine shrugged her shoulders at Charles, while staring at the ocean.

"I don't know…" She answered Charles, before adding. "But…It feels weird every time I hear him pronounce the name Katherine…But, it is very nice also..." She added to him, while blushing.

"So, he made an effort…Why don't you give a bit of yourself in return?" Charles asked her, with a sarcastic smile on his face.

"You know that you are a pain in the bottom, Charlie…" Katherine answered him, while pulling her tongue to him.

"Right back at you, Miss Katherine…" He responded to her, with a small laughter, before seeing his cell phone vibrate on the glass table, while leaving it there, and taking another nervous puff of his cigar.

"Are you going to answer that?" Katherine asked him, while watching Charles's reaction, and adding. "It's been the second time; your phone is vibrating without you answering it…"

"It's nothing important, Miss Katherine…" Charles responded to her, with a hand gesture of dismissal, while blushing.

"Well, if it's not important, why won't you answer it now, to get rid of the person who's trying to reach you…Instead of hearing it vibrate every minute?" Katherine asked him, to which he shook his head again to her. "Ok, that is enough…Give me the damn phone!" She said to him, while snatching it away from the table, and rising on her feet.

"Miss Katherine, give me back my phone, now!" Charles screamed at her, while raising himself on his feet, and trying to snatch it back from her hands.

"Woo, Charlie, what is twisting your boxer that way?" She asked him, while trying to look at the screen, before being chased around the table by Charles. "Is it a woman?" She asked him, with a laugher, while turning round and round, around the patio table, adding. "Charlie is having a secret girlfriend?"

"Miss Katherine, I'm warning you…Give back the phone to me!" Charles angrily asked her, while trying to reach it, before seeing her taking it out of his reach, while looking at the last sender.

"Oh my God…" Katherine exclaimed to him, with an open mouth, adding while looking at the cell screen. "It's Elizabeth who's texting you! You snaky man! Spill! What is going on between you two? Why are you avoiding her calls?"

"Oh…." Charles mumbled in his teeth, while putting both of his palms hands on the outdoor glass table, bending his upper body, before lowering his head, in pure desperation. "...You're going to torture me with this, aren't you?" He added to her, while nodding his head.

"Probably…" Katherine responded to him, with a laughter, adding. "Let me see: Charles, I hope you arrived safely in Jamaica, and that you will take that vacation to rest and enjoy yourself…Please, give me some news, I worry about you, give my regards to Miss Katherine and Master ElijahThat was message 1, the second one: You can text me whenever you want I am always there for you if you need to talk, please know that, yours truly, Elizabeth. Woo, Charlie….Elizabeth has a crush on you!" Katherine said in a mocking tone of voice, while making a funny dance, and showing the biggest smirk on her face, before handing his phone back to him.

"Oh God…Please, Miss Katherine, spare me the torture of hearing your voice in my ears." Charles said to her, while taking his phone back from her hand.

"Miss Katherine…" Katherine imitated the voice of Charles, adding. "…Master Elijah made an effort, you should give a bit of yourself to him….What a bowl of shit, why don't you take your own advice?" She asked him, while crossing her arms in top of her chest, raising one of her eyebrows, and grinning at him.

"Good evening, Miss Katherine…" Charles replied to her, while passing beside her, and sliding his cell phone back in one of his pants pocket.

"Yes, Charlie…Run away! Because you are every bit of a coward than I am, and you are afraid of showing your true feelings…" She screamed at him, while seeing him pass the arch of the French doors, shaking his head in negation to her saying, waving his hand, and entering the house without answering her. "…And you should know that I will keep coming at you with this subject every day!" She added to him, in laughter.

Katherine decided to troll the entire colonial house, while taking the tour of every room. The night had dropped his curtains of darkness on the ocean, with a sky filled with stars, and a bright full moon in the sky. She arrived in front of a half closed bedroom door that she pushed entirely to enter inside.

She took a few walking steps, before noticing Elijah's leather luggage on the floor, then turned and scattered her surrounding to look at the decor of the bedroom. A gigantic canopy bed was placed in the middle of the room, with on each of the four extremities, a white veil attached to each wood pole of the bed. A hand made crocheted white bedspread, with beautiful lace details, was folded at the feet of the bed, with fluffy bed pillows, and many smaller decorative cushions that were showing beautiful pastel tropical colours, with a numerous tropical designs on them.

A gigantesque wooded wardrobe, with rattan doors, was taking the space of the right wall, while an exquisite wooded desk, with on its desktop a laptop, and a comfortable leather chair, was filling the space on the other opposite side wall, with a plasma TV placed directly on the wall.

Katherine took a few more steps, and reached the two French door in front of the bed, before opening them, and moving forward into the balcony, while witnessing in front of her eyes, the most breath taking ocean view of her all life. She put her hands on the balcony ramp, while closing her eyes, and feeling the softness of the wind caressing her hair, and hearing the waves crashing on the beach. She then turned on herself, and glared at the canopy bed, before a second later closing her eyes, and having the vivid vision of their two naked bodies entwined, with the breeze of the ocean caressing their skin. She opened her eyes, and shook her head, while trying to put these erotic images away from her mind.

She had decided to enter back in the bedroom, when she suddenly noticed the small ladder referred on the outside wall of the house, on the right side of the balcony door. She got rid of her sandals, before raising her dress skirt on her thighs, and climbing on the roof.

She finally reached the roof, while passing one leg after the other over the gutter edge, and raising her head to look at her roof surroundings, before noticing a comfortable rattan base outdoor bed.

"Oh my God, Elijah…You're unbelievable!" Katherine said out loud to herself, while giggling like a school girl, before springing herself on the outdoor bed, and turning in the middle of the cushions, while finally witnessing the night sky above her, filled with stars. This was simply perfect!

"You're enjoying yourself, Katherine?" She heard a voice asking her, before jumping out of her skin, straightening herself in a sitting position with a hand on her chest, while noticing Elijah who was standing in front of her, both of his hands in his cargo pants pockets, with a smile on his face.

"You scare me!" She said to him.

"It was not my intention…I saw that the balcony doors were opened, and then I noticed your sandals placed in front of them, so I figured you were on the roof top." He explained to her, while taking a few steps to reach her sitting position on the rattan bed, before sitting beside her, looking at the night sky, and rubbing his hands nervously.

Katherine sighted at him rapidly, while blushing, and feeling extremely aware of his proximity, while sliding her bottom to get out of the bed, before feeling his right hand gently grabbing her forearm.

"Stay…" He asked her, in a whisper, while looking straight into her eyes, and adding. "..Please, Katherine?"

She nodded her head, while sliding her body back at her initial place, on the cushions, seeing Elijah doing the same and turning his head to smile at her, before taking her hand in his to pull her with him in a complete lying position on the bed, elevating his knees and putting his feet on the edge of the bed.

"Look at the stars in the sky…" He murmured to her, while showing them to her with a hand gesture and adding. "…I feel the most connected with the universe, when I look at them." He added to her.

"It's beautiful…" She responded truthfully to him, while smiling and relaxing herself.

"Look, Katherine…Do you see the bunch of small ones, with the very bright in the middle?" Elijah asked her, while showing her with his right hand.

"Yes…" Katherine responded to him.

"This is the Draco constellation…it took me a while to finally recognize it in the night sky...It's actually Oniel, who show it to me for the first time…It was one of the rare one that I did not knew about…After 1 000 years on this planet, it was like a rare gift that I received from above." Elijah explained to her, while smiling at the sky.

Katherine turned her body on her left side, while sliding one of her hand under a cushion, and looking at him, he turned his head to look at her, before copying her lying position, and locking his eyes with hers.

"It's hurting me when you're putting me down, while always dropping me on the floor or the sand to make a point that you're the man, Elijah…And I said it metaphorically speaking." Katherine confessed to him, with a timid smile on her face.

Elijah looked at her with surprise, before raising his hand, and putting a strand of hair, behind her left ear, before caressing her cheek.

"Ok…" He simply responded to her, while nodding his head, and adding. "…And, you need to know that I would never put you down intentionally…I have too much of respect for you…you are a very strong, independent woman, and sometimes more stubborn than I can handle, Katherine…It's making me crazy when you always have to play seduction game to have your way, and are not honest about what you really want from me…" He confessed to her.

"Ok…" She responded to him, while shrugging her shoulders.

"Because…" He continued, while taking a pause, and lowering his sight away from hers. "…It makes me think that you only used seduction and sex to have your way with men, and that you don't see that it is possible that I truthfully want to protect you…And truthfully want to share moments with you, like now…" He added to her,while caressing her hair, creating all range of shivers in her back.

"Ok…" She simply responded to him, while blushing, and processing his honesty with what he just had said to her. "Why did you stop calling me, Katerina, after the fire, Elijah?" She asked of him, while taking his hand in hers, and interlacing her fingers with his.

"Because I wanted to let you know that I was trying to put the past behind us…And, was respecting the woman that you had become." He responded to her, while feeling a nervous lump formed in his throat.

Charles was right, thought Katherine, while feeling a tear appear in her eyes, he was trying to reach out to her, in his own "Viking macho Original man" kind of way, and she was feeling lost in all the intensity of feelings that she was experiencing with him at this moment. She never had this kind of exchange with any man in all her human or vampire life, and it was scaring her more than anything, that Elijah was able to touch her this way.

"Thank you…" She murmured to him, while putting his fingers to her mouth, before kissing their tips one by one.

"So…" He asked her, while slowly pulling her in his arms, before sliding his hand on her bare back, in circular slow caresses, making her close her eyes, to fully feel the intensity of the moment, before hearing him murmuring in her right ear. "Is it a game now, Katherine?"

"No…" She whispered back at him,before opening her eyes, andtouching his face with her right hand, while murmuring in top of his lips. "…It's me trying to let you know, that, tonight…There are no more games…I only want to be with you, Elijah." She whispered to him, while feeling an intense fire hitting her entire body.

Elijah bended his head near her neck, before slowly tasting her skin, with the tip of his tongue, in circular slow motions. She raised her hands on his shoulders, before grabbing his hair, helping him bring his mouth in a closer proximity of her skin, while hearing him moaning pleasurable manly sounds of satisfaction. He raised his head to drown his eyes in hers, before avidly crashing his mouth on hers, while tasting the sweet nectar of her lips, and interlacing his tongue with hers, in intense, continuous and passionate exchanged of kisses, while openly showing their physical desire for each other.

She lowered both of her hands on his shirt, before tearing it open, hearing the buttons breaking away from the fabric, while giggling and rubbing her hands frantically on his naked muscular chest.

"You greedy woman…" He murmured to her, in top of her lips, in a laughing tone of voice, while straightening his body in a sitting position, and pulling her with him, in his arms, before adding. "…I loved that shirt."

"You'll buy another one…" She mockingly responded to him, while kissing his jaw line, and feeling his back muscles contract under her hands, before lowering her kiss on his neck, shoulders, pushing him back in a lying position on the bed, before bending her head and slowly kissing his chest, in intense and erotic caresses, in a mix of kissing, licking and biting, while on the same time lowering one of her hand and rubbing his apparent lower bulge, feeling him hardening even more under her hand.

She suddenly raised her upper body, while keeping her eyes locked with his, sliding the straps of her dress away from her shoulders, in a seductive way, before rolling the upper fabric of her sundress on her waist, while standing bare breasts, in front of him, making him glared at her half naked sight, with a powerful desire in his eyes.

He raised himself on a sitting position, while capturing in his mouth the forbidden fruit, and eagerly tasting one of her nipple, in a mix of sucking it hard and passing the tip of his tongue on its hard tip, before giving the same intense pleasure to the other one.

"Elijah…." She screamed from the top of her lungs, while forcefully grabbing his hair with one of her hand, feeling her feminine center humidifying even more.

She suddenly, and without any notice, pushed him away from her, before stepping away from the bed, and eagerly looking at him, while raising the fabric of her sundress on her naked chest, and passing a rapid hand through her long hair, and saying to him in a whisper: "I'm sorry!", before running away from him, leaving a tormented, speechless, and half naked Elijah, on the roof top of his Jamaican beach house.

It took a moment for Elijah to collect his own thoughts. He had no idea what just happened to Katherine on the roof top? And more so, what could have made her run away from him? And he was, for the first time of his life, feeling completely helpless in this situation…He finally entered his bedroom, and angrily threw his man shirt on the floor, while putting both of his hands on each side of his waist, before passing a rapid nervous hand on his face and hair, before startling with surprise at the sight of a naked Katherine who was standing and waiting for him beside his canopy bed, with the light of the moon reflecting on the smoothest of her skin.

"I want you, Elijah…" She murmured to him. "…I'm sorry, I just froze…You have that effect on me…But, I can't leave you." She honestly confessed to him.

"Oh my God…You're so beautiful!" He whispered back to her, while taking a few walking steps to reach her.

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