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Okay so this Fanfic is about of course Bonnie and Damon. I just love the stories about Bonnie and Damon in 1864 together because their just something so romantic about a white confederate soldier and an African American woman falling in love that gets me so excited so enjoy! Oh and I disclaim.

Summary: So here's a little summary to get you through this story. This is set in 1864 (duh) and Bonnie is a witch from Salem, whose family have been hunted down and killed by witch hunters. After her father dies she has to move to Mystic Falls, Virginia to live with her cousin Emily and her husband Christopher. She must work as a servant on the Salvatore's estate. There she meets Damon Salvatore the landowner's eldest son who fights with his father daily, and must compete with his younger brother for a woman they both love. The threat of vampires loams over the town of Mystic Falls, can the town's people defeat the menace or will they be destroyed?

Chapter 1

Salem, May 13 1864

Dearest journal,

I feel my days of freedom will soon be over, unfortunately after father's tragic death I am left an orphan and now I must travel down south to live with my cousin Emily and her husband Christopher. I will have to live the degrading life of a servant but at least I will be free of this awful sadness that has me in its clutches or at less I hope so…

I am sure that in Virginia I will find some adventure and companionship.


Bonnie Bennett


After a long and tiring ride on the train Bonnie Bennett stepped onto the train platform of Richmond, Virginia. She looked around the busy platform; hundreds of busy people were getting on and off trains. They were all too busy in their own lives to notice a young woman standing alone with nothing but an old looking toatbag to carry. Bonnie searched around for Emily she just wanted to get this whole thing over with.

She looked up and down the platform, and then she suddenly caught sight of a dark skinned man dressed in servant's clothes and holding up a sign that read: Bennett.

Bonnie smiled softly to herself; this must be Christopher she thought as she pick up her skirts and ran over to him.

"You must Bonnie; my Emily has told me so much about you." Christopher said with a toothy grin.

"She also told a lot about as well through her letters that she sent me." Bonnie replied as she grinned back at him.

The two smiled awkwardly at each other for a second before Christopher added:

"It's a long ride all the way back to Mystic Falls from here so we should leave now."

Bonnie looked up at the sky she could see that the morning light had turned to a scorning noon sun without a cloud in the sky.

"Well let's get going." Christopher said as he took Bonnie toatbag for her then he began to walked out of the train station.

Bonnie could never understand or get used to Southern hospitality, but she quickly followed Christopher out of the station.

They followed a small dirt road until they reached an old looking wagon which had a gorgeous dark brown horse strapped to it.

Bonnie immediately fell in love with the horse, she had never owned one or even ridden one but when she was a little girl whenever her and her father would ride in someone else's carriage she would always fantasize about being able to ride the coach horse through an open field.

"This is my pride and joy Cameron my sweetest horse." Christopher said proudly as he gazed lovingly at the horse.

"Don't let Emily hear you say that." Bonnie joked playfully as she softly stroked Cameron's brown muzzle.

Christopher threw Bonnie toatbag on to the wagon then proceeded to jump up on to the coach men's bench. Bonnie jumped up and sat right next to him; Christopher grabbed the reigns and led Cameron down the road.

Bonnie took this chance to take in the scenery. Down south there were a lot more trees and greenery then up east in Salem. Bonnie breathed in the fresh forest air that she never got to have near the salty coast. After a little while Bonnie decided to make conversion.

"So what's it like working for the Salvatores'?" Bonnie asked. She wanted to have a feel for what her job will be.

"Well we're very lucky for here in the South Mr. Salvatore doesn't keep slaves but our pays can be very low. Although Emily's Mistress, Miss Pierce is very generous it's because of her pay we could afford old Cameron here." He answered respectfully.

Bonnie had heard of Miss Pierce Emily; she was the vampire that had hired Emily to do her magical bidding. Bonnie was disgusted with all vampires but Christopher spoke about her with such respect it shocked Bonnie. Emily must have still not told him about the supernatural world yet, Bonnie thought. She knew that Christopher was just a regular human with no special abilities and he didn't even know that Emily was a witch. Bonnie guessed that Emily didn't tell him to protect him from their world.

"So you'll have to get your hands dirty when we get there." Christopher joked with a crooked smile.

Few hours later they finally trotted into the main street of Mystic Falls. Even though it was a small town there were still a lot of carriages bustling around the street. Bonnie looked all around her memorising the stores and peoples' faces since she was going to live there for the rest of her life she wanted to know how to get around.

"Where's are we going?" Bonnie asked as she noticed that Christopher was leading them out of the town.

"Our house is on the Salvatore property in one of the guest houses because we must stay with Miss Pierce and the property is far out in the wilderness so it only takes another hour or so." He answered.


Finally they pulled up to a huge white mansion and a huge property that was complete with an iron gate. The gate doors swung open for them; there were lots of people working outside the mansion no doubt working on the lawn.

Christopher stopped the wagon near the side of the rock filled drive way where another servant came to take the reins from him. Christopher jumped off the wagon bringing Bonnie's bag with him before he helped Bonnie off herself. Bonnie looked around the first part of the Salvatore estate she had to admit it was very extravagant looking.

"The guest house where we are staying at is this way." Christopher said leading her away from the mansion.

Suddenly the big wooden front doors of the manor went bursting open and two young men came running out of it; one of them was holding a ball while the other chased him. Bonnie noticed that one of the boys seemed to be her own age and the other older. She closer at them; the older one was tall and sleek but also seemed to muscular as while. He had curly raven black hair that seemed to fall in his face and he had ice blue eyes that were twinkling in amusement at the game they were playing. The other was a bit stockier and shorter than the other but seemed just as muscular. His hair was a coppery brown that was blowing in the wind and his were a stormy gray and seemed focus at the task at hand which was trying to take the ball away.

Bonnie watched in amusement as she the two tussling on the ground, then the older of the two looked up to see that both Christopher and Bonnie watching them. He grinned and stood up straight.

"Ah Christopher I see that your back from getting Emily's cousin," He paused to look at Bonnie "Are you her then?" he asked her but before Bonnie could answer Christopher did it for her.

"Yes this is Bonnie Bennett she'll be staying with me and Emily; and doing odd jobs around the place." Christopher said he seemed to step in front of Bonnie like he was shielding her from both boys.

Just like my father used to do when I was around boys back home, Bonnie thought she suddenly missed her father so much.

"Oh well I suppose that's all well and good, I am sure that we will meet again." The older blue eyed one said as he nodded good bye and turned back to the younger and they continued to play their game.

As Christopher began to lead Bonnie away she turned to him and asked:

"Who were those boys?"

"Those boys were the landowner's sons Stefan and Damon Salvatore. The younger one who was sitting on the ground is Stefan and he's courting Miss Pierce, they're a fine match up if you ask me. And the older one who was speaking to us is Damon he's an arrogant, lazy, womanizer so I want you to stay away from him." He answered simply.

Bonnie didn't think he looked like a womanizer in fact to her he acted like a gentlemen in his own odd way.

Bonnie looked around her it seemed that Christopher had led her down a trail until they reached a fine looking house. Suddenly the front door of the house swung open and an excited looking Emily came running out of it. Emily was a rather short woman her dark skin had a glossy glow to it and her brown eyes shown with intelligence. Bonnie's spirits lifted and she ran into the arms of her beloved cousin.

"Oh Bon I'm so glad you made it here safe." Emily said they ended her hug.

"Well Christopher made sure of that." Bonnie stated with a grin.

Emily stepped over to her husband and gave him an affectionate kiss on the cheek.

"I'm sure he did." She said softly which made Christopher blush a little bit.

"Well we should get you settled then." Emily said as she stepped away from her husband and began to walk up the steps of the house.

Bonnie quickly grabbed her bag and followed Emily. The older woman opened the door to the house and Bonnie walked through it. She had to admit even for a guest house this place was incredible it was probably the most expensive looking house she had ever been in. At the front entrance was a long hallway and its walls were painted a nice white colour and flooring was a dark birch wood paneling. There was a wooden coat rack standing close to the door and farther down the hallway was a small wooden side table which a bouquet of flowers had been placed on it.

"Wow this place is pretty amazing." Bonnie cooed as she looked around.

"If you think this place is amazing you should the main mansion." Emily said with knowing smile.

"Well I think I should show your room now." Emily said as they walked down the hallway to a series of doors.

Emily opened one and led them both in to a simple cream coloured room with a small bed which looked very uncomfortable and a small window that overlooked the forest. Although it was a very plain room it was still the best room Bonnie had ever stayed in.

"Well I'll leave you to unpack I'll call you when dinner is ready then we'll discuss what kind of work you'll be doing around here." Emily said as she left closing the door behind her.

Bonnie sighed as she looked around the room. She gently unpacked the petticoats from her toatbag and set them in a small wooden bureau that was propped up against the west side wall but she kept her family's spell books in her bag because she wanted them to be kept secret from everyone else. She needed something to be her own.

Once she was finished her tedious task she decided to take a little nap since she had been awake for past 48 hours. She pulled back the covers from her bed and quickly lied down.

Living in Mystic Falls was defiantly going to be interesting her.

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