This is my first FanFiction story, please be kind! I appreciate constructive criticism as this is un-beta'd. My approach is relaxed based up the Twilight books so lovingly created by SM, with my over-active imagination thrown in to mess things up a little. I know that some Twi-hards may not like the inaccuracies but it allows me to be flexible and learn my lessons. It's not meant to be a mirror of the SM books as I don't have a wolf in sight, Bella's parents are together and just for the hell of it, Bella and Charlie are British! (I am, so indulge me please). I hope you enjoy the story and be patient with me as I neglect my family to sit up at all hours (when possible) to pour out my imagination. I have read many stories on this site and can only dream to live up to them.

Please review and bear in mind, I'm a FF virgin and have feelings.

Introduction: An angel is born

Seventeen years ago I was born Isabella Swan to Charles and Renee Swan. I chose them, chose to be their child. It had been many years that I had encountered a couple so in love, having experienced so much loss in their lives and being truly sincere and kind human beings.

They had suffered heartbreak in the form of repeated miscarriages of a desperately wanted child, endured long periods of hardship from financial burden of university loans, fertility treatments and infrequent work, and then there was the sorrow of losing both sets of parents to illness and old age.

Some humans believe in a higher power, a God that controlled all beings and decided the fates of these mortals. Other humans chose not to believe as they couldn't comprehend how a God that was supposed to love all beings could in one hand give life and on the other, take it away - even from the most undeserving innocent being. The balance and justification of this conundrum was argued over many centuries. How could God let rapists and murderers walk the earth, yet allow innocent people, children even, to die of starvation or cancer?

It is not my place to question my makers decisions but am allowed to act on them as I see fit. Little do they know that I am allowed to destroy the evil creatures and humans that roam this earth,. I can alter their fate and set in motion events which will cause them to be punished for their actions in a manner fitting of their crimes. At the same time, I am allowed to assist in the aid of others less fortunate than the average being, those suffering and in pain. I have been witness some of the worst atrocities and some of the most beautiful events in human history.

I have existed for several hundred years, a creation of upset in balance between good and evil. Given the opportunity to walk the Earth by my creator, I now choose to walk among this delicate balance of good and evil, rather than standing by in omnipotence as an observer. I can truly be a saviour to the good and a nemesis of evil. I have powers that only exist in superhero movies and have used them countless times since being created. I am relatively new to this life compared to others of my kind, but we are all born with a mature mind and sense of purpose to make the loved ones around us feel truly cherished.

Humans around me benefit exponentially from my abilities. I have to be careful in what I chose to show. Exposure is not an issue, people just don't make the connection that they have been 'touched by an angel', but they do wonder. I can make people do as I wish, read their thoughts, control their emotions and see the future, all of these abilities allow me to keep my true being hidden. I do have other abilities, physical abilities which are extremely useful but I have to keep these hidden more so as no human on earth is as fast, strong or unstoppable as me.

My ageing is slower than humans, I choose to age as part of the act of being human. I shall not grow old enough to die, my parents will die one day and then I can choose to be reborn or to stay human indefinitely. I am an angel. The only way I can be killed is by a vampire, immortal against immortal. I have the ability to destroy other creatures which are deemed 'mythical' by humans, but which I know are all too real, such as vampires and demons. I have the power to change a vampire back to human being if I choose to give this gift but it comes at a cost. I have yet to meet any vampire worthy of redemption so doubt that this day will never come.