gomen nasai ne, minaasan

Kasumi's Addiction

Correspondent: Nabiki Tendo
Ace Cameraman: Akane Tendo

"Good evening." Nabiki grins at the camera. "Some of you have wondered, exactly what drugs our dear older sister is on. After all, everyone has their breaking point, but the angriest Kasumi ever got was in Volumn 17 when she was berating me for playing with Ranma's feelings and calling him a coward.

"Even in the Kasumi Gets Angry storyline, when the rest of the Tendo family decided to make
Ranma a sacrificial lamb and throw him in as the convenient target for what everyone else assumed would be a homicidal maniac Kasumi, all she did was poke Ranma in the forehead and say not to do it again!

"Well," Nabiki points at a locked dresser drawer, "we shall see tonight what Awful Secrets
Kasumi has hidden from the world, what drugs or evil vices she has that make the little ditz..." Nabiki blinks as she reads the cue card, somehow not remembering writing that part "...um, so curiously ambivelant, as if she didn't have a brain in...the world."

Nabiki glanced out the window. There was Ranma, keeping an eye out for Kasumi as
she'd told him to. Nah, he was a coward...he couldn't have.

"Now, the secret shall be revealed, because I have stolen her key!" Nabiki held the key up with a flourish then unlocked the drawer. "Ah hah! Oh..."

"Those look like Belgian chocolates?" Akane's hand reached into the camera's field to snatch one of the little foil wrapped containers.

"Are they, or are they just cleverly disguised? Let's find out!"

"Hmm. You can tell this isn't that cheap off-flavor Japanese chocolate."

"Ooo. Reese's PB cups..."

"Umm." Akane stopped. "Nabiki, that window isn't open a crack is it?"


"Where's this cold breeze coming from?"

The camera goes to Nabiki's face who is looking at something behind the cameraman with a "Oh censored" expression on her face.



Ranma smiles as he watches two sisters getting hammered into LEO. "There's no wrong way to eat a Reese's. Unless it's Kasumi's."


just looking over some old stuff
of mine, and noticed that in three stories that
i'd made Kasumi a chocoholic. For whatever
odd reason, nobody ever told me that was
OOC for her...


epilogue: "Oh, by the way, Kasumi, thanks for helping me work on my handwriting."

"Thank you, Ranma, it was a REFRESHING experience..."