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Xiaoyu stood before the giant building, large letters read "Mishima Ziabastu" and guards surrounded the building. Suddenly becoming sheepish the girl considered turning around and leaving but knew that something had to be done. After the last time she saw Jin and saw how much the demon was taking over, she wasn't sure if this would be the same person she knew long ago. "I have to try." She thought. The girl marched up to the guards. "I am here to see Jin Kazama." Xiaoyu placed her hands on her hips and stood firmly in place. One of the guards looked at her then pressed a button saying something into his headset. Nervously the girl stood there feeling the bravery slowly draining with each passing moment. That was when the man finally responded to her.

"Mr. Kazama is not in, move along." Xiaoyu felt tears well up in her eyes while she turned around to leave, that was when a well armored limousine pulled up in front of her. The soldiers scrambled to where it was parked lining up to attention while carelessly shoving the flower aside. Over the rustling she could hear his voice, franticly the girl pushed through the crowd yelling his name. She finally saw him and before she could reach him a guard grabbed her thrusting a gun to her head.

"Jin!" She screamed. "Jin, it's me! Xiaoyu! Please I must speak with you!" Tears flowed freely from her eyes making his image blurred after repeating a few times she finally closed them falling to her knees realizing that her friend was no more, when she was lifted up and escorted into the building. The building was grand on the inside much fancier then what it appeared to be on the outside; marble floors and beautiful statues lined the walls depicting battle scenes and fierce some creatures. She was led to a golden elevator where the soldier handed her off to another that stood at attention never glancing at her. Her mind was filled with all sorts of thoughts and fears as they rode up and up; each floor passed with not even a flinch from the soldier beside her. At last the doors opened and the soldier turned to her and bowed as she left from the elevator.

Xiaoyu entered a dark room with a pathway that was lit with candles on high holders and red carpet under her feet; she couldn't see much past the candle light. There was a large door at the end of the candle way where another soldier looked her up and down before walking away from the opening doors. She held her hand to her lips trying not to quiver as she made her way into the room. The doors closed behind her and a single lamp lit up a large black desk with a chair facing away from her. It was silent for a long time as she stood there not knowing if she should speak first. If it was the same pensive Jin she knew then she would be there forever is she didn't say anything but before she could speak the silence was broken.

"Why have you come here?" His voice was cold.

"I needed to see you Jin. The world has been sent into chaos since..."She thought of how to word the next sentence. "Since the last tournament," He didn't respond for some time and remained with his back facing her. "I have been worried Jin, at the last tournament you seemed to be losing your battle."

"Do you feel this way because I harmed you?" She was shocked to see him turn around. Jin rested his head on his folded hands with his elbows on the table. "You are right I wasn't myself at the last tournament. I was locked by deception that showed me how careless I was. Now everything is clear. I am myself and no longer have any distractions from my goal." He stood with his hands behind his back as he looked down at her for some reason the blossom couldn't bring herself to look him in the eyes. It was the fear of what she would see that overcame her and kept her eyes to the ground. "I did not lose my battle Xiaoyu, I won finally. I am no longer at the mercy of my emotions and can bring the end to the Mishimas."

"At what cost Jin?" She brought their eyes together feeling the stinging of emotions rushing to her face. "To be as heartless as your father?" She brought her arms down creating fist at her waist as the tension spread throughout her body. "I know your fears; you told me that you never wanted to win this battle by becoming like the rest of your lineage. You said that you wanted to keep yourself through it and never let go of what your mother taught you."

"My mother never wanted me involved in this. Those were her fears that I would become enveloped in destroying my blood like my father and lose myself in the process but she didn't know that would one day her teachings would become my greatest folly. I will destroy them all." He walked over to the glass window overlooking the vast city he placed his hand on the glass looking over his shoulder but not at her. "Myself included one day. We must all atone for the chaos we caused with our cursed lives and all we have hurt." Jin punched the glass lifting his head up to ceiling for a moment before turning back to face Xiaoyu. "The demon used you against me all along. He eroded me almost to the point of breaking but thankfully he told me the truth and I told him to take away the love that made me weak."

"What? You can't be" She stuttered from the shock of what she was hearing. "I don't believe you! How could you?" It suddenly felt hard to breathe she could feel her legs give out below her, Jin caught her but let go immediately to sit beside her on the ground.

"You couldn't be involved any longer. It was the same trick he used to get my mother pregnant, he toyed with my father's heart and used his charms to seduce her. There was no way you would have ever known, she didn't. Mother told me of how she fell in love with my father and how their love made me but it was nothing more than cruel ruse on them both. Father found out and never saw her again because of his disgust for how he let the demon use him for such a purpose." Jin led her to a leather chair on the other side of the room as he spoke. He walked over to the wall and pressed a button that instantly started a fire, lighting up where they sat. "I will destroy our cursed people and rid the world of us. You would only have gotten hurt, more then you already have. Or worse used as a vessel to continue this cycle. It had to be stopped. I had to regain control." Xiaoyu sat with her legs hugged up to her face she didn't know how to respond to what was happening.

"I can't believe this, I won't. Jin I thought," She caught his eyes again only adding to her dismay for his eyes were no longer sad. His eyes were unreadable and empty when she used to be able to tell any mood Jin was in just by catching a glimpse of those brown eyes. Repulsed she quickly broke off the contact. "I thought you loved me. I thought that one day we would be happy together."

"Someday you will be happy." She heard him stand up returning to his desk. "But it won't involve me. You will be well off." The sound of high heels began to echo through the darkness. The next words from Jin were so horrendous that it struck Xiaoyu speechless. "I have asked a woman for her hand in marriage. It is nothing more than a business plan, she was rendered sterile by an accident and I have no feelings for her despite her best efforts. But either way I have made plans with her and she does not appreciate tardiness. Forgive me but our meeting will have to be cut short."

She couldn't move. Her heart felt like it was going to bust through her chest any moment. She did her best to hold in the body rocking sobs while walking away from him, she only glanced at the passing women for there was only one goal, to get out.

The doors closed behind Lili but she seemed undeterred from where she was heading. That was when she saw him, the beautiful devil himself sitting at the desk. "Once this is all over and you are dead everything will go back to father." She smiled at her fiancée and sat on the desk. "Whose heart did you break now?" She chuckled glancing at the large purple diamond that twinkled on her ring finger.

"It was old friend from a time I would rather forget." He looked up at her as the blonde spun on the desk facing him with her legs on the arms of chair. Jin grinned knowing what she had in mind.

"Are you going to accompany me to the bedroom now?"

Xiaoyu ran as fast as her legs would carry her to the elevator then remembering the soldier, she looked and found the flight of stairs. All the way down she sobbed, her body wouldn't stop shaking, the tears wouldn't stop flowing and the conversation they had wouldn't stop replaying. She reached the doors and felt refreshed by the outside but couldn't tame the heartache. "I know it is for the best but no! How could this ever be for the best?" Her mind screamed wanting so hard to be heard. "How could I have felt something so profound and real if it was all for nothing? I can't believe it! I won't!" Not looking where she was going suddenly she ran into what felt like a wall but was surprised when the wall had hands.

"Forgive me." The man said as he looked down at the hurt flower. She looked up at him and jumped back completely startled by who she saw. "I didn't mean to frighten you. Are you alright? What seems to be the problem?" His eyes were blue but had a familiar sternness and the way his sandy blonde hair spiked up made her start crying, she buried her face as much as she could into his hard armor. He patted her head unsure what to do with troubled youth in his arms. "Uh there, there young miss, there is no reason to be upset the world is in turmoil right now but don't worry everything will be set right I promise." He touched her face wiping away the tears. "He is truly evil for starting this war and it will not go unpunished." With that he began walk passed her. Xiaoyu turned around and found that he had vanished.

Xiaoyu sat on ground with Panda by her side she just stared off into space remaining as silent as a potted plant, her world seemed dull since the last encounter with Jin. She couldn't feel anything but sadness and when the memories would flood her mind of happy thoughts her heart would ache after acknowledging there would be no more with him. Panda made a grumble noise trying her best to cheer up her friend but despite her best efforts nothing seemed to break the shell that encased the flower.

"Well maybe you will be better off," Miharu went to the kitchen to make some herbal tea and now returning with the sweet brew. "With him being possessed or whatever, Xiaoyu I think you should take this as a good thing. Jin harmed you in so many ways that I am sure sooner or later something serious would have happened." She handed her a pink cup with flowers on it and kept the purple one with bunnies. Xiaoyu continued to do nothing though now she gazed down at the brown tea and watched as the tea particles swirled around the bottom. "He did do things to you that could never be forgiven too; remember that I spent a couple of weeks with you in the hospital after the fourth tournament. Also the last one you spent some time in that place too with me and Panda the whole time. He can't control himself and then you have to jump in to save him. Yes it's a cute romantic moment but at what cost? To leave you hurt every time but with the glory in your heart that you are somehow going to rid him of his demons?" The redhead touched her friend's cheek lifting her chin up. "It's time to move on." She smiled looking to the giant bear with a nod. "You have us!" They both came in to give her a hug.

"You guys don't understand!" Xiaoyu jumped up pushing their arms away angry at what her friends were suggesting. "I have never felt this way before about anyone! When he touched me it was beyond magic. I wanted to fight for him even though I knew he wanted nothing more to do with me. I wanted to fight! All the other guys in my past I was able to just let go but not Jin! When he held me I felt complete, I felt like I didn't need to search anymore! How can I give that up? How can I tell the next guy "oh sorry you are second place for me" it won't work." She began to cry. "Why did this happen? I didn't know that you could love someone with your entire being and for them feel to nothing for you in return." Miharu and Panda looked at one another unsure what to do when they heard a crash and saw that Xiaoyu had thrown the cup against the wall. "What did I do wrong?"

"Is that why you and Hworang didn't work out?" Miharu watched as her friend turned around with look of hopelessness standing silently for a long time before speaking.

"We both knew it wasn't real. He told me about the promise Jin and him made together and despite our best efforts it became too painful for it to continue. He still sends me nice things every now and then with letters of encouragement." She paused for a moment. "I guess I should say it wasn't real for me. He told me one night after the fourth tournament that Jin made him agree to take care of me if anything were to happen to him." She chuckled wiping away more tears from her face. "At first he took it as making sure I was looked after then he began to touch me gentler and never wanted to see me unhappy. I wanted it to work desperately but Jin lingered in my thoughts and I knew he could see it. So one day I told him I was leaving, he didn't even look at me he just sat there and said "see ya" I saw him at the last tournament but nothing really happened between us just a sense of hurt while we spoke briefly." She helped Miharu clean up the mess she just made. "I am sorry Miharu; you must think I am the worst friend ever huh?"

"Yes, but if we weren't friends then why would I ever want to be here in the first place? Don't worry I am always going to be willing to put up with you and your crap Xiaoyu." She smiled dropping the broken pieces into the garbage and grabbing her friend in her arms with the giant panda joining in.

"Thanks guys, I do appreciate you being here."

A chapter that has to do with Tekken 6 and all the crazy things that will happen in it.