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His body shook and more electronic sparks flew off of him, he looked lost or that he had suffered from a great loss. "Wretched, it is all that I am," Hissed the hurting creature, his body barely even appeared human anymore; he sat on his knees holding himself. "Why would you ever choose me?" A muffled sob escaped his lips. Xiaoyu took a step forward, she gasped as she began to notice Jin's claws digging into his skin. Hurt fumed from his body as a deep wound engraved itself into his heart when he heard her words of hatred. She couldn't believe the amount agony she could cause to another person in yet there they were standing in together and the damage seeped through his skin.

"Jin, I didn't mean it." She reached out to him grabbing his arm and pulled him to her. The aroma of iron was almost heady as she held him hoping he would believe her. The broken man struggled within himself wanting to tear her apart and destroy the pretty face that ripped him so.

"Disgusting slut," He shoved her to the ground and felt a sharp throbbing in his chest.

"That's right, Jin all alone in this world. It is just you and I now. Cause her as much pain as she has caused you, as much as losing your mother has caused you. Let every infraction in your life come forth and dominate the pathetic wench before you," The devil laughed enjoying how perfectly this had all played out into his favor. "Make her cry just for us."

"I would have killed every single person in this planet just for you," Jin seethed through his teeth while staring down at her. She couldn't bring herself to look at him; all she could do was nod in agreement to his demeaning ranting. He picked her up by the arm lifting her to his face. "And you would throw it all away for nothing!" Screaming at her with such disgust in yet unable to demolish the sweet angel of his nightmares, a stream of tears ran down his face as he wiped them away shamefully and tossed her back to the earth. Spreading his giant wings into the air and back down he took off into the sky sending a gust of debris through the air.

When it all settled she opened her eyes and saw that he was gone. Xiaoyu cursed at herself for what she had said and all of her insufferable thoughts toward Jin. A painful screech brought her back to reality. Lars woke up and tried sitting up but awkwardly fell back to the ground, his face distorted from numerous injuries. Kneeling down she propped him up cradling his head in her arm. "Lars," Xiaoyu's eyes hurt so much from crying that they had come to the point that tears didn't flow from them anymore. Pulling out a handkerchief she began to wipe away all the blood and dirt from his face; she grimaced at the sight. He winced as the cloth went over his tender skin.

"Sweet pea, you don't have to stay here with me." he coughed and tensed up before slumping back in her arms.

"I want to," She smiled. "It's the least I can do for everything that you have gone through," Guilt ravaged her conscience while doing what she could to tend to his wounds. "I can't leave you,"

"I know where your heart resides," Doing his best to smile though all that came through was a crooked showing of his teeth following a loud groan from the effort. "Gloomy doesn't suit you sweet pea." Reaching up the blond caressed her cheek. "Make your dreams come true," Gesturing for her to leave the young man began to sit up off of her lap. "Go now before I change my mind and marry you," Xiaoyu didn't budge. "I mean it, I will love you and hold you and never let you go." Shaking her head up and down agreeing to his demand then completely forgetting his injuries she sprung onto him. "Ouch! Too much! Too much! I am serious you really don't want me putting my arms around you."

"Am I interrupting?" Came a deep voice from behind them making the two freeze like deer in a headlight. A dark man wearing tight leather clothing and white hair stood looking at them through black sun glasses.

"Who are you?" Xiaoyu asked helping her friend back up.

"You have a greater purpose," He responded. "My name is of no importance at the moment. I know where Jin is heading and I can take you to him." Folding his arms across his chest the man leaned on one leg.

"What do you mean?" The perplexed girl asked. "Where is Jin going and why are you saying I have a greater purpose.

"He is heading to the desert and I know that only you can persuade him to end the chaos so that once again the world will know peace." Pausing for a moment to signal in a helicopter he continued. "Now let's go."

Jin sat alone at the temple in the desert. The ground rumbled beneath him with a strong power brewing under the stones. "She has forsaken you. The next time you see her tear her limb from limb, I promise you will feel better. Look how weak she has made you, now you fear death and why? You are not even human; you are way more than those inferior creatures below your feet. Crush their skulls and bathe in their blood." The devil snickered in his ear feeling the cracks in his soul opening with each moment as they passed. Soon he would be no more and a new hell would be raised once he got his chance to destroy Azazel. "Accept the nothingness and your pain shall subside. Soon her abandonment will mean nothing and you will be free."

"I don't want to forget her," Clenching his teeth together a horrendous scream came from him as he began to rip out his wing. "I want to live, I want to be human," His lip quivered while he whispered. "And I want to be with her," Falling over blood gushed out of his back and pooled around him, he held onto his back doing his best to keep himself from fainting. He cried out tearing the other from his back, looking at the hunks of feathers on the ground, tears drained down his face as he huddled in holding his knees to his chest.

Leaving Lars was hard but in the end when the paramedics came to snatch him up, she eventually had to let go and watched as they carried him away. Her body was still a bit on the weak side but the dark stranger and she sat down in the helicopter, the world went quiet for a while when she shut her eyes. "Wake up we are here." The man awoke the sleeping girl as they landed. "It's up to you stop the madness and end it all." He looked up at her. "If you need help don't worry I will be there."

"My name is Ling Xiaoyu by the way." She held his hand while he helped her down.

"Raven," They shook hands before Raven took off of the helicopter and disappeared. Although her body ached, she felt nicely rested from her nap and set out into the giant walls to find where Jin was. Walking up to the walls she covered her eyes while gazing up, the sun was hot and burned her back.

"Well now what?" She thought while looking around to see how she would get in. Approaching the door, she hesitantly knocked. "Well it was worth a shot." Sighing, the girl turned around and began to walk away from the doors to find another entrance. With a loud crack the doors began to move aside. "I wonder, well it doesn't matter. Alright, you can do this." She told herself and made her way back and into the opening. Upon entering the doors closed and crashing behind her. The stone walls were so high that it was dark all throughout what she discovered was a temple. Taking a couple steps forward she noticed something on the ground. Kneeling down she saw a black feather, reaching out she picked it up and could feel a sticky fluid come off of it. Continuing to examine it farther she realized it was blood. Fearful she began to run forward holding the feather in her hand while frantically searching for the owner. When she stepped out of the shadow of the walls she could see something near the doors to the temple. Taking a deep breath she pushed on though terrified of who or what it was.

The closer she got to it the more it began to take shape and the more her body began to build regret for all the things that had transpired previously. When she was within feet of him she gasped at the sight of gore all around him. He was hunched over holding his head and she could see his back had two mangled nubs sticking out of the smooth skin. She could feel his anguish radiating from his body and it made her heart hurt to know that she was the cause. Stopping she did her best to create the right thing to say but knew it wouldn't play out the way she would intend. Jin stirred from her movements. "Leave this accursed place," His voice was hoarse and had an odd supernatural tone to it. "And its cursed people to their demise." A little disheartened but undeterred the pink girl continued to draw near that was when he turned to face her. "Be gone!" He ordered with a gust of energy. Shielding herself the best she could, Xiaoyu stood her ground.

"I "Her voice trailed off. Jin stood up with a slight curve to his stance. Even when standing at an angle he still towered over the blossom. "I'm,"

"Enough!" He spat.

"Please Jin," she reached out taking his hand in hers.

"I must end this now! I must destroy Azazel." Closing his eyes for a moment he began to emit an aura of red. "I must destroy myself."Prying his hand from hers he reached it up and pressed it to his chest when speaking of killing himself. "I can't live like this any longer. The evil I have perpetrated can never be undone." Turning away from her he could feel the urge to rip her to shreds ached throughout his body, his breath became heavy from the effort it took to keep his body still. "Let this fallen angel pay for his crimes and burn in the hell fire. I was an abomination from the beginning of my wretched life. I will not let this thing within me create another. "Xiaoyu continued to stand before him, her eyes never leaving his. "I am terrified to end it all but I want you so much, this devil has corrupted my basic instincts and distorted them amazingly to the point that I can't even trust myself anymore. What are my own thoughts Xiaoyu? Nothing seems real anymore." He put his hands around her neck. "Nothing but the thrill of your flesh being squeezed under my fingers," Pulling her close to him and taking in her aroma before kissing her and clenching tightly to the point that she couldn't breathe. "And the taste of your demise." Letting her go, Jin turned away screaming in the air as he thrashed his fists into the ground. "Urgh just go you have always been a distraction. Nothing but poison, I could feel it seeping into me while I kissed you, an intoxicating liquor of love. Why?"

She lay on the ground coughing while trying to grasp onto the lack of air she had. What could she do? How could she end this? "Jin," Rolling onto her belly before getting back on her feet, Xiaoyu moved toward him wanting to find a way to find him.

"Why not finish her off?" The demon whispered.

"Tell me!" An enraged yell came from Jin before he slapped her across the face. A manic smile turned his face from lost to something more terrifying. He became blank while waiting for her. "You can't because it wasn't real! Like I have told you before, our "love" was nothing! He played us well; now see what it has done? Look what I have become, this feeble man and you lost in the dream. It was so easy for you find something real, forget the delusion that was us and go." Jin turned away and left the flower wilted on her knees.

It became apparent that this could be her one and only chance, Xiaoyu followed him."Jin!" She called out to him; he didn't listen just kept walking forward. "Don't do it!" Her whole body moved from the force it took to belt out those words. He paused for a moment but couldn't bring himself to face her with the knowledge of what would happen if he were to. But his heart melted within moments of feeling her tiny arms embrace him from behind and the words that followed. "I'll," She stuttered while she breathed in deeply. "I'll stand by you. Please you can't do this." Letting go of him she watched as he turned to face her. "It was real. I don't care what you believe because it was real for me, every heart flutter, every heartache, every moment I loved you is as real as I am. I will not believe that you have felt nothing for me. Or else why would I still be here? Why haven't you killed me yet?"

"I," Speechless Jin paused while trying to silence that nagging burden in his head. "I can't," Was all he could muster out when felt her lips on his left cheek then on his right. Jin struggled within himself not to rip her skin apart, feeling her so close, it was almost throbbing in his veins while keeping his hands by his sides.

"I adore you, I have always adored you, and from the moment we met I knew that I wouldn't ever be devoted to anyone as much as I am to you." Xiaoyu smiled. "That's why I will always stand by your side." Jin's mask broke and a sorrowful laugh came from him with tears of delight running down his new face.

"Jin, I swear I will obliterate that girl if you don't," Devil couldn't just stand by and let all of his work amount to nothing, he had to win. He was so close to his goal that at this point it would be such a waste to have it end, he couldn't let Jin go. "I am in your bones boy, I have your soul in my hands and I will not let this all go to shit just because you have found love."

"Thank you, Xiaoyu." Finally breaking from the fiend within, Jin wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her as tightly as she was. He cried, feeling all the torture subside while gazing down at the girl who released him from his shackles.

"Jin!" The devil screamed pounding inside of his body wanting to beat his host into submission but nothing would break Jin's newfound strength. "I swear I will drag you to hell and make you suffer you pathetic mortal." Finally Jin grimaced while letting go of Xiaoyu, she held onto his arm not wanting to let go. But he could still feel the demonic energy of the Azazel and he knew that he had a duty to destroy the monster he brought into this world. A blond woman dressed in black and wearing sunglasses came over to them.

"Nina, take her." Jin grunted while shaking off the devil's influence, he began to notice that it got easier, each time he could feel the demon's force he could shake it off with little penalty. Slowly his own strength became brighter then the devil in his head and before long there was no whispers in his head.

Xiaoyu pulled against Nina doing all she could get away from her and stop Jin from doing what he was about to."Don't make this hard little girl." She pointed a gun to her back. "Don't worry I would never kill you but I swear you won't get far with one of these in your leg. He has to do this. There is no other way out of what he started." A burst of rock and energy came from beneath the earth with Azazel coming from the center. His monstrous form emitted light from every inch. He looked like an old Egyptian god; animal like in yet having a somewhat human form. Standing firm in his decision to kill this evil and in full control of his own, Jin gave a battle cry while charging up his body with the energy he would need to decimate. Unable to understand why he would still choose to leave her Xiaoyu screamed and pleaded for him to stay but Nina had her orders and dared not to defy them. A flare of red came from Jin as he rushed out at the monster with full force.

"It's time to end this!"

"I exist in a higher plane than your earthly laws." It spoke in a deep voice that entered all the minds that were in the area though the language was in one no one spoke. "No one can stop me!"

"No one except me!" Jin yelled.

"Fool, you will destroy yourself as well!" It retorted.

"So be it!" Jin cried while jumping into the air and crushing his fist into the monster's chest. Deeply he embedded his hand inside of the creature and they both fell into the hole the beast came from; a bright beam of light came from where they fell. The silence was deafening. Shaking her head over and over, Xiaoyu finally broke free and ran to the crackled earth. "Devil, you said you drag me to hell well it seems it is I who brought us both there," Jin thought while he became engulfed by the burning light. He smiled seeing Xiaoyu's silly face she would make every time she couldn't stand his stern face any longer.

"Jin!" Sobbing Xiaoyu fell to the ground gazing into the abyss. The woman came up behind her. "Why did this have to happen?"

"What's done is done." Nina responded matter of factually. "Jin put everything he had into this one moment. And he knew that it would take even more then his everything to leave you." Helping the girl up Nina stood looking into her eyes. "Come one let's go." She led Xiaoyu to the helicopter. Watching the temple get smaller and smaller in her view, closing her eyes she caught an image of when they first met.

"Hi, I am Xiaoyu." She reached out her hand to him. Looking up at her from his book he politely took her hand.

"Jin, Jin Kazama." The first time she looked into his sad brown eyes and felt her heart melt at the depressing sight. Quickly he went back to reading. While walking away she never knew that he smiled while watching her back as she departed.

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