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Now, if you didn't already read the summary, YES this is a self-insert. In my honest opinion, there just aren't that many ToV SI's, and the one's that I've found...well, most of them suck. The only one that I've found that is actually really good is by Sylph Writer. Go check her out sometime.

So, in order to give this AWESOME game some justice, I've decided to write my own.

Hopefully, it won't suck.

Positive reviews are always accepted, but I really wouldn't mind some criticism. Also, if you notice at ANY point that my character is turning Mary-sue, LET. ME. KNOW. Or just whack me with a big stick.


Btw, if some people are confused and are coming back and looking at this chapter, yes, this is K.A.Y. I changed the title. XD

Disclaimer: I do not own this awesome game.

Chapter 1: Whisked Away


Gaaaaah. Fucking snowy days. I love them to death, but they need to quit making me sneeze.

I sniffle as I walk down my street, pulling my black pea coat further around my body. Snow falls around me silently, a steady stream of white flakes landing on my head and shoulders. It's kind of late for snow, since its March now, but I'm not complaining. Snow is nice.

The snowfall began when the buses arrived at school today, and hasn't let up since. We actually had to be let out early, because of how much snow had started to pile up. It would be worth it if there would be a snow day tomorrow, but today's Friday, so there's no chance of that happening.

I stop on the side of the road for a second to re-adjust the strap or my bag, as it's digging into my shoulder again. Curse my teachers for giving me so much homework. I had to bring home all of my textbooks just so I could get it done during the weekend. And I NEVER do that.

Concentrating on walking again, I slowly go back to humming along with 'Overcome' by Creed, which is softly playing through the ear buds stuck in my ears. Doesn't matter how cold a day is – if I can listen to my rock music, I'm a happy camper.

I begin to walk a bit faster when I finally turn onto my rock-filled driveway. Only one trip to the garage to get the spare house key, and I'm out of the cold!

As I walk over to the garage door, I take the ear buds out of my ears and place them back in my coat pocket with my MP3. Which is kind of hard, seeing as the cold weather has frozen the wire stiff. I have to rub the wire a bit before I can get it to bend.

I pull my black pea coat further around my body as I punch in the number sequence for the door into the little black box, pressing enter. When the lifting door opens about half-way, I duck underneath it, grab the key from its rack to the left, and hit the button on the inside to then close the door. All in about three seconds.

You tend to move fast when you're freezing your ass off.

I run back to the side porch of my house, leaping over the two steps and through the door onto the covered porch room. Out of the snow, so now I just have to get out of the cold.

Brushing the snow off my head, I take two steps over to the side door, place the key in the lock, and unlock the door, ignoring my dogs freaking out on the other side. I have to jiggle with the old doorknob a bit before I'm actually able to open the damn thing, but finally, I'm able to open it, quickly stepping inside, and closing the door with a sigh of relief.

'Kay, so, I'm in my house. Alone with the doggies. I should get started on my homework, but…eh. That can wait. I want to play me some Assassin's Creed II.

I don't even bother to takes off my boots or coat as I make my way to my place of inner sanctum- the basement. I do take a second to pay attention to the dogs (all four of them), before heading through the dining room to the basement stairs.

I stumble at least twice due to the dogs all crowding at my feet for attention, and I make sure to open the backdoor for them on my way down the carpeted steps, so they can pee. I also make sure to flip on the light switches about half-way down the stairs, so I can see where I'm going. Why they put the light switches there, I will never know.

Ah, giant plasma TV, I have missed you so! I plop myself on down into the armchair in front of the TV, grab the remote off the floor, and press the power button. Then, I use the wireless controller to turn on the Xbox 360 as I turn the TV to Video 2.

While the logo for the 360 plays on the screen, I place my bag, which I never put down on my way in, next to my feet on the floor. Then, I turn back to the screen to play my game. I smile when the Xbox automatically signs in to my Xbox Live profile, almost as if it knows I'm here. Don't know why it does that, though. I relax a bit as the screen loads, then scroll up until I'm able to see what game's in the console.

…Wait, that's not Assassins Creed II.

Stormie, I hate you. So much.

I throw my head back and groan in annoyance. I keep telling her to put back my games after she's done with hers, but does she listen to me? Neope. She just does her own annoying thing.

When she gets back from her after school thing, I'm totally kicking her skinny booty.

I look back at the television with a glare, seeing what game she left in there this time. Tales of Vesperia...that's the game that she made us drive all the way to Belton to get, isn't it? My dad ended up getting lost and we wound up driving around for an hour trying to find the stupid GameStop...that was friggin' annoying.

Ah well, nothing that I can do to fix my little sister's mental capacity. I'll just take the game out and play Assassin's Creed II.


...Right after I get a snack.

I make a sort of annoyed 'pfff' sound before pulling myself up from the armchair and turning towards the staircase, dropping the controller on the floor as I walk (look at my lazy ass). I lug myself back up the carpeted stairs, turning to the right at the top to make my way into our small-as-heck kitchen.

After giving my cat Sagwa some attention and a couple of scratches behind the ear, I grab myself some of Mom's Asiago Cheese bread from the counter, immediatly devouring it.

Mmmmm. Cheesy.

As I eat my (stolen) bread, I'm startled when a sudden high-pitched whine assaults my ears, almost making me drop my precious snack.


"The hell?", I say aloud, sticking a finger in one of my ears to stop the sudden ringing. What the hell, did a speaker blow downstairs? It wouldn't be the first time that's happened around here (damn computer speakser). Still holding my bread, I give my cat one last pat on the head before trekking down the stairs again, to find the source of the noise.

After that...things kind of get unclear. I don't really know what caused my memory to fade at this point, but I'll try to stay on track.

I remember getting to the bottom of the stairs, then I looked over in the direction of the TV. I think I heard someone talking...and me yelling something…but I'm not so sure what it was...there was a flash of light afterward.

I remember the sensation of falling, then suddenly being propelled forward. There was heat all around me, and I was being tossed around like a ragdoll. It felt like I was burning up. Nothing but blue all around me.

I think I remember screaming.

Then, it all stopped when I hit something. Hard. Whatever I hit, I ran into it from behind, and my back exploded in pain, wrenching a cry from me. That part, I definitely remember. I don't think I'd ever felt pain like that before.

I can't remember seeing anything, because my eyes were closed at that point. I remember hearing someone screaming, a lot of shouting, and running feet. I wasn't really aware thought. All I could feel was the pain in my back. I remember feeling someone pick me up.

Then, everything disappeared.

...Yeah, really blunt way to end a chapter. Still, not too bad.

Reviews are always welcome, and I would really appreciate some criticism!

Next time: What up with the weird castle?