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She was sixteen all of them were except her cousin. She loved life at that exact moment. She had a boyfriend, wonderful friends, rocking fans, perfect grades and a awesome band. Nothing could make it better. Too bad she was jinxing it. She had long indigo hair that reached her hips a heart shaped face. A small curved nose was placed in the middle of her face and pale white skin. Her eyes were round and pale just like her face with a small lavender tint. She smiled softly. She was around five feet a small girl for the age of sixteen, but she was okay with it. She was really developed as some males would say, but she was okay with it because she had the most wonderful boyfriend ever. Sasuke Uchiha was her boyfriend. She was very shocked when he asked her to go out with him after all she was a tomboy. They both have been good friends since they were freshman in high school they were now sophomores. Everyone especially Sasuke's fangirls were shocked to find out that they were together. They walked hand in hand and dare she say it they were happily in love. They loved each other both and she knew he loved her just as much. She smiled as she looked around the table looking at her good friends. Sasuke with his dashing good features long bangs that were spiked in the back the color of black with a blue shine. Pale skin just like hers and a smile he only showed to her as his coal black eyes shined at her. Her bother next to Sasuke his hair brown and long just as long as her back in a low ponytail. He had the same features as
Hinata they could be mistaken as twins, but his eyes had a tint of gray. He smiled at a joke Shikamaru said about women being troublesome. His usual argument of the day. Shikamaru had his hair up in a ponytail that resembled the top of the pineapple. She smiled as she looked at the three.

"So Neji are we going to have practice today?" the young girl asked as she smiled at her cousin who rolled his eyes at her.

"Of course we do Hinata! You know how bad we practice to get to gigs to see our fans. Oh. I forgot to tell you we have one scheduled in two weeks." he said as he gave a small grin towards the couple. Hinata smiled, but what both of the Hyuuga did not see was a small frown on Sasukes face.

The weeks winded down and soon the band would be playing at a small venue for a famous band. Sure most of their fans came for the other band, but they came for them as well. Most of them to see the 'hot' guys and Hinata was okay with it; all of her fans loved her as well and that's what made her happy. She was getting ready as Neji started looking around hectically.

"Hinata have you seen Sasuke!" he nearly shouted as he started panicking. Hinata hit him on her shoulder.

"Calm down. He just might be late" Hinata said as she went and talked to Shikamaru who had a small frown on his face and a lazy yawn.

"Whats wrong with him. He knows we need a bassist! He can't be late." Cried her cousin as he looked at the clock. The show starts in a few minutes.

"Hinata Why don't you get ready." said Shikamaru as he leaned on the wall looking at the many people back stage as well as the popular band that's playing. She smiled softly and gave a nod.

Hinata did not know what to do. She knew Sasuke was never late to a gig when Neji offered a ride he declined. What was weird was when she left him that night she last saw him he kissed her the most violent kiss she had with him. She didn't know what to think of that, but she kissed him back with open arms. She smiled as she thought of the moment she then started to fix her hair in the dressing room the venue gave her and the band. Then suddenly a knock at the door she jumped up. She knew it would be Sasuke, so she ended up running to the door.

"Sasuk-" she said as she ran into a vase of red and white roses she looked confused as she looked at it. The bouquet was amazing in it she saw a card addressed to her. She looked at it as she smiled; another fan sent her something. She read the card and as she read it her heart stopped and tears fell.


I'm sorry. I love you so much and I didn't want to leave, but we ended up moving. You know how my father is with his work. It was bound to happen someday. I'm sorry. Seriously I am. I wanted to be there, but my father decided to have us move tonight. I hope you do well. I love you. I will never forget you. You were the best girl friend I have ever had...


Hinata did not know what to do they had lost their bass player. She had lost her boyfriend. She took the envelope and threw it on her dresser causing a little ting noise as she threw it. Something was in the envelope; she looked opened it up seeing a small Uchiha necklace she held it as it was in a small silver chain. The crest pure silver with red and white paint making the fan. She smiled as the tears fell from her eyes. She held it and placed it around her neck. She went out as she was rushed on stage with a terrified Neji and a calm Shikamaru. She went and smiled at the crowd as she went to Neji.

"Sasuke quit the band and he broke up with me" She said softly to him his eyes grew wide.

"WHAT!" He shouted Shikamaru then went to him and sighed

"Troublesome" he said as he scratched his head. "I thought he would stay for this gig." He sighed. "We can play the acoustic songs. They don't need a bassist, so it would work well. Oi! Bring a piano in here!" He shouted to the crew and did as they did what they said.

"Young blood spills tonight, Let me in, Neji you got to play the acoustic version of Broken frames, Then give you my all. I will play the piano Hinata you just sing." They all nodded as Shikamaru went to the piano Neji switching his guitar. The crowd was confused as they looked at the members of the bands noticing Sasuke was gone. They all seemed to be understanding their situation.

"Ano...our bassist just informed us he quit" Hinata said softly as she smiled at them a little. "But we still got great songs, so shall we get on with our show?" She said as the crowd roared.

Hinata did as she was told and sung the songs and smiled at her crowd; even though they knew the situation they were very supportive of the band. It was their last song and she was going to sing "Give you my all" She had wrote that about Sasuke and she sang it to him on his birthday for his birthday present. He loved it, but no one but them knew the meaning over it. She looked at the crowd as the music started to flow. Neji playing the guitar, Shikamaru on the piano, a friend on the drums and Hinata on the bass even though it was hurting her more. She opened her mouth to sing. ((A/N This song is called Give you my all By Eyes set to kill If you want to listen to it. I DO NOOT! OWN IT!))

"Glass hailed from the sky that night
I couldn't hide to save my life
Standing drenched in open wounds
You took my hand and pulled me through" Hinata sang as she tried holding the tears back. Her pale eyes fighting not to cry.

"I want to give you everything I'll give you my all
Because you gave me, you gave me" Hinatas tears fell she kept singing though

"your lips a gentle kiss
The medicine to cure my pain" Neji then went into a small riff as they all started to sync in

"Listen to all of this glass shatter
It pierced my ears and made them bleed
Now it sounds so beautiful, cause you're beautiful you're beautiful

I want to give you everything I'll give you my all
Because you gave me, you gave me your lips a gentle kiss
The medicine to cure my pain" She sang once again tears on her cheeks as some of the crowd saw that they were real tears some of them cried with her as she sang while the lighters of males were swaying in remembrance of Sasuke.

"I want to give you everything I'll give you my all
Because you gave me, you gave me your lips a gentle kiss
The medicine to cure my pain" Hinata couldn't help it she fell on the floor on her knees and sobbed into the mike. She looked at the crowd her eyes brimmed with tears. Neji and Shikamaru both went and ran to Hinata. Hinata was crying in both of their chests.

"He's gone. He ended it." She whispered in the mike as she cried her hardest. The love of her life had left her.

"I'm sorry...T-This will be O-our L-last show" She stuttered into the mike. As Neji and Shikamaru both got her off of the stage as she sobbed and looked at the crowd. Music to her was something she might not ever do again...